Solar, Wind, and other "Free" Energy

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To demonstrate the effect of Solar Power. Kit comes with a mounted Solar Cell 3-1/2" x 3-1/2", with terminals. A motor, a LED, a Rechargeable Battery and an Ammeter are mounted on a base 8" x 4-3/4", each with its own pair of terminals. When the Solar Cell is connected to the base and power generated from the Solar cell, on exposing it to the sun, is given to either one of the components, it begins to function. This demonstrates that Solar Power can be converted to Mechanical Energy, Light Energy, Battery Power and Current.


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Free Energy Magnet Motor Engine

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U.S. energy production, consumption has changed significantly since 1908 liquid fuelsproductioncrude oilconsumptioncoalrenewable


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Technologies | Free Energy

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The climate is changing when it comes to people’s interest in alternative energy technologies. A combination of on-going wars in the Middle East, fluctuating fuel prices, and rising pollution levels are waking people up to the need for new energy solutions.  While everyone agrees that locally produced energy supplies are desirable, most “experts” still maintain that they are not practical when it comes to supplying a significant share of society’s energy needs.  But other experts believe that local energy production on the supply side and effective energy conservation on the consumption side can easily reduce the energy needed to power our civilization by 50%, RIGHT NOW!  So, what is the truth? The truth is that society is a complicated phenomena and that technology is only part of the equation.  There are dozens of technical solutions available that use energy from the local environment or conservation methods to produce all of the energy benefits we are used to enjoying at a much lower cost.  The real question is “why don’t we use them?”  The real answer to this question is that the profits from using energy like that would go to a different sector of society.  To learn more about this side ...

The Howard Johnson’s permanent captivating motor

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The Howard Johnson's permanent magnetic motor created on 03/04/98 - JLN Labs - last update on 01-02-01 The Johnson's permanent magnetic motor uses the principle of a constant imbalance of the magnetic forces between the rotor and the stator. This permanent imbalance of the forces must be always maintained in the same direction during the complete revolution of the rotor (0 to 360 degres). By this way, the only source of energy will be the magnetic energy from the magnets. I have made a closed loop simulation with the QuickField software, but it is not necessary in this case because, as you can see in the QuickField picture below, the magnetic configuration is periodic. The magnetic configuration is reproduced every 45 degres. I have noticed in my design that the shape of the little curved magnet (the magnet actuator) is very important and also the gap between the rotor and the stator. In most cases of configuration (shape and gap), the rotation stops, because the magnet actuator blocks on a reversed magnetic field density. I have checked this with the QuickField simulator, and this causes to me some difficulties to find the correct setup. Today, I think that I have understood how to tune the Johnson's motor. In this picture below, you see the global setup of this permanent magnetic motor. You will find below an example ...

Directory:Perendev Permanent Magnet Patent Application …

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Directory:Perendev Permanent Magnet Patent Application ... Patent Application Download Patent WO2006045333A1 (PDF, 23 pp.) Not Awarded Note by Mark Goldes of Directory:Magnetic Power Inc, May 22, 2006 Patents are issued by individual countries. The PCT is a way of applying to several countries at once. All such patents are published 18 months following filing. This is merely the publication of his application. There is no approval implied. The documents at the end indicate his application has been challenged as being a perpetual motion machine, which no patent office in the world will patent. The name of his firm does not help his case in this regard. I wish him every success. The world needs this technology urgently. Abstract The invention provides a magnetic repellant motor which comprises: a shaft (26) rotatable about its longitudinal axis, a first set (16) of magnetics (14) arranged about the shaft (26) in a rotor (10) for rotation with the shaft (26), and a second set (42) of magnets (40) arranged in a stator (32) surrounding the rotor (10), wherein the second set (42) of magnetics (40) is in interaction with the first set (16) of magnetics (14), wherein the magnetics (14,40) of the first and second sets (16,42) of magnetics are at least partially magnetically screened so as to concentrate their magnetic ...

El engine magnético de Perendev | La mentira esta ahi fuera

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El pasado día 28 de Noviembre Sergio, un lector de este blog,  me dejaba un comentario en el artículo que escribí sobre los motores magnéticos. Me indicaba en el mensaje el enlace a Perendev Power Holding, una empresa que tiene ya a la venta generadores magnéticos de 100 kW y pronto pondrá a la venta motores de 300 kW. La web tiene un aspecto de lo más confiable. Aparecen las fotografías de las personas implicadas en el proyecto, direcciones, teléfonos y precios. Lo primero que me llama la atención es la cantidad de energía generada. 100 kW es mucho, y 300 kW ya ni digamos. Uno de los reactores nucleares de la central de Ascó generaría la misma cantidad de electricidad que 3300 de estos aparatos. Se me hace raro pensar que si la generación de electricidad por medio de dispositivos magnéticos fuese una realidad y que ofreciese semejante eficacia, las compañías eléctricas no estén investigando esta materia. Lo segundo que me llama la atención es el precio del dispositivo. El más barato tiene un coste de 24.700€ en concepto de renting por 5 años, que se paga por adelantado (eso sí), y tras este periodo el usuario está obligado a contratar un servicio de mantenimiento de ...

آموزش ساخت ژنراتور ساده(تولید برق رایگان) – فیلم آکا

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آموزش ساخت ژنراتور ساده(تولید برق رایگان) - فیلم آکا  آموزش ساخت ژنراتور ساده(تولید برق رایگان) - فیلم آکا - فیلم '); $('.afs_ads').show(); timer=setInterval(function(){ step++; if(step==timeli) { clearInterval(timer); $('.afs_ads').hide(); jwplayer().play(); } else { $('.progressbar').css('width',(step*(100/timeli))+'%'); } },1000); } function showads(tp,link,addr,timeli,s) { var m=''; if(tp=='iframe') m=''; else m=''; console.log('show ads'); $('.afs_ads').html(''); $('.afs_ads').show(); $('.closeads').click(function(){ $('.afs_ads').hide(); }); timer=setInterval(function(){ $('.afs_ads').hide(); },timeli*1000); } var dataads=''; var listads = Array(); $.ajax({ type: "GET" , url: "/filme/ads.xml" , dataType: "xml" , complete: function(data,status) { dataads=data.responseText; } }); function adsw() { var xmlDoc = $.parseXML( dataads ); var $xml = $(xmlDoc); var $ads = $xml.find("ads"); $ads.each(function(){ console.log($(this).find('type').text()); var tp = $(this).find('type').text(); ...