Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices

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 Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices Return to the Main Page Alphabetical Index of Devices AC generator patent, John Reardon Appendix page A-196 show Acoustic water pumps: Bellocq, Dickinson and Benson Chapter 14 show Advanced Electrolysis, Moray B. King Chapter 10. show Aerial system, Frank Prentice Chapter 5. show Aerial system, Hermann Plauston Chapter 7. show Aerial system, Lawrence Rayburn Chapter 7. show Aerial system, Jes Ascanius Chapter 7. show Aerial system, Nikola Tesla Chapter 7. show Aerial system, Raymond Phillips Chapter 7. show Aerial system, Thomas Henry Moray Chapter 7. show Air Vortex Turbine, Ted Ewert Chapter 10 show Aspden Efect, Harold Aspden Chapter 5. show Asymmetrical Magnet Motor Chapter 1. show Asymmetrical Motionless Generator, Dave Lawton Chapter 3. show Atomic Hydrogen generator, William Lyne Chapter 13 show Automotive Relay battery pulser, Imhotep Chapter 6 show Battery-pulser, Alexkor Chapter 6. show Battery-pulser, John Bedini Chapter 6. show Battery-pulser patent, Bozidar Lisac Chapter 5. show Battery-pulser, Ron Pugh Chapter 6. show Battery replacement patent, Richard Weir and Carl Nelson Appendix page A-470 show Battery technology, Ronald Knight Chapter 6. show Bi-filar Coil, Nikola Tesla Chapter 5. show Blood electrifier, Bob Beck Chapter 11. show Boosters, Various Chapter 10. show Britt Engine, Robert Britt Chapter 8 show Capacitor Battery Pulser, Ron Cole Chapter ...

فروش زالوی طبی و زالوی مولد در کل کشور:شیراز فارس بوشهر …

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فروش  قارچ کامبوجا در شیراز وسراسر کشور  باقیمت وکیفیت عالی و جزوه راهنمای گام به گام نوشیدنی کامبوجا را خودتان درست کنید ونوش جان کنید محصولی دیگرمهندس دهقانی 09178584591 -07137327710ضمن اینکه خود را با مصرف نوشیدنی کامبوجا مداوا می کنید کمتر از سه ماه  از نو خود را جوان کرده و سبب افزایش طول عمر شده و دوران پیری را به تاخیر می اندازید.با یک تیر بیش از چهل هدف را برای سلامتی نشان بزنید.شما هم امتحان کنید. بدانید که خیلی زود دیر می شود. اول با ما مشورت بعد خرید.    خواص درمانی گیاهی شربت قارچ کومبوچا:تنظیم فشارخون، کبد چرب ، دیابت ، لاغری و کاهش وزن ، درمان یبوست ،ام اس MS ،تنظیم هورمون خانم ها ،دردهای آرتروز و مفاصل ، تصلب شرائن و ده ها درمان دیگر... توجه:تمامی موارد خواص درمانی شربت کامبوجا به اثبات رسیده و جای هیچ نگرانی نیست در صورتی که درست و به اندازه توصیه شده و در مدت زمان دوره درمان مصرف گردد.  1-شربت قارچ كومبوچا چین و چروک‌های پوست را کاهش داده و لکه‌های قهوه‌ای روی دستها و صورت را برطرف می‌سازد و موجب افزایش خاصیت رطوبت پذیری روی پوست است. جوش‌ها و کورک‌ها را برطرف می‌کند چربی های زیر پوست را فعال و باعث کشیدگی و صاف شدن و روشن پوست صورت می ...

Free Energy Magnet Motor fan used as Free Energy Generator "Free Energy" light bulb!

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This system of free energy fan rotation of magnet motor is used as free energy generator for lighting of bulb. For construction were used CPU fan, thin strong neodynium magnets and led lighting bulb. Explained step by step how to build free energy prezented by Wasaby SajadoLink to video is: Rotation is only based on magnetic field power without electricity need. It is simple construction utilizing mgnetic disattraction generating free electricity. It is in more details explained in my original video on youtube. What is your opinion? is it reall or fake?Watch our Twitter: our youtube page WasabySajado: for more free energy videos

Miller Colson Magnetic Motor

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Miller Colson Magnetic Motor *U.S. Patent No. 8,487,484 B1* World's first working, practical, and patented magnetic engine. For more information contact Sonny Miller, Inventor and designer, by e-mail at: or by phone at: +1 (229) 821-3067 Credits: Marc Miller, Alexander Miller, Mike Kilroy [Kilroy Corp. Electronics], Walter Duft PA Patents, Ray Tobin - Mechanic, Jan Hawk [Hawk Diesel] Legal status: Active Application number: US13421219 Inventors:Harold L. Miller, Jr. Andrew E. Colson, Jr. Current Assignee: Torque Multipliers LLC Original Assignee: Torque Multipliers LLC Priority date: 2012-03-15 Filing date: 2012-03-15 Publication date: 2013-07-16 Grant date: 2013-07-16 Information about the Company: Company Name: TORQUE MULTIPLIERS, LLC File Number: 0600370658 Filing State: New Jersey (NJ) Filing Status: Unknown Filing Date: February 1, 2011 Company Age: 5 Years, 7 Months (as of Sept. 6, 2016) Principal Address: Watchung, NJ 07069 Size Types of Magnets: N 42 2 in x 4 in 800 lbs pull ea. Sonny 24 pcs

Pure Energy Systems News (PESN)

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PESN Pure Energy Systems News -- Team Reporting of Alternative Energy Developments,Contributors PESWiki Blogs Featured / Top 5: Magnet Motors Blog: March 26 Test U-Plug - Tracking the progress of the third party testing we at PES are coordinating along with U-Plug Products LLC, of their 2 kW U-Plug magnet motor that is a 24"x6" portable cylinder weighing 20 pounds, expected to cost $2k. We want to run it three times longer (21 hours) than what the best batteries available could provide. (PESN; February-April 2016) Featured: PES ...

Magnet motor, giveaway energy, overunity exam 2

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This is design #2. This will technically be an overunity motor if I can get the electromagnet built to the right specs. When this is done, I'd like to start on plans for a battery powered car that gets a full overnight charge from a standard 18v drill battery. Charge your drill battery during the day and use it to charge your car at night. But that's a long way down the road.....PUN IN-TENDED!

Perpetual Motion

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شرکت ورکات صنعت – انرژی معتمد شما

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انرژی مداوم

Lester Hendershot’s Magnetic Field Motor – Fuel-Efficient …

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updated 07-30-2014 In the late 1920s, Lester J. Hendershot built his Hendershot Generator, largely through simple trial and error. He wove together a number of flat coils of wire, and placed stainless steel rings and sticks of carbon, and experimented with permanent magnets in various positions. To his surprise, the device actually produced current. The generator raised considerable attention at the time. “Fuelless Motor Impresses Experts” New York Times (Sunday, February 26, 1928) W.B. Stout Says, Invention Works Uncannily *** Washington Thinks It’s Important ~ Built On A Radio Principle ~ Armature Winding New — Invention Inspired By Young Son — Lindbergh Flies Here Detroit, Mich, Feb. 25 — W.B. Stout, head of the Stout Air Lines and designer of the all-metal tri-motored Ford Monoplane, declared here today that he had seen what he characterized as an “impressive” demonstration of the Hendershot fuelless motor two weeks ago in Pittsburgh. Lester J. Hendershot, the inventor, and his associate. D. Barr Peat, who is manager of the Bettis Field at McKeesport, demonstrated the motor secretly yesterday in a hangar at Selfridge Field. This block test was witnessed by Major Thomas G. Lanspier, Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh and others. It was explained ...

Mini Romag

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Mini Romag About the Mini RomagA free energy researcher named Jean-Louis Naudin, claims to have built a free energy device he called “Mini Romag,” which he claims to be working uninterruptedly.Magnetism has always been a kind of “Pandora’s box” for energy. It is known that magnetic fields (and fields, generally) can’t be used for energy generation, but still, magnets have stirred the curiosity of out-of-the-box thinkers.Although the explanations by mr. Naudin seem a bit un-scientific at times, some may give them a try and actually try to build the thing by taking the schematics.By using the principle of free-moving magnetic flow called by some researchers “magnetic current”, the “Mini Romag” can produce about 24W of electricity (7 amps at 3.5V DC).The generator is able to sustain itself, but has to be kickstarted by an external motor that has to be spun for about 42 seconds at 2,100 RPM. After that, the Mini Romag allegedly becomes self-sustaining and produces extra energy.How the Mini Romag worksIf spun at 2100 rpm, the generator charges the six coils of copper wire, the copper tube that supports it and the the copper coated steel wires around these magnets.The charging takes place while the six coil connection wires (part #22) ...