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  Welcome to the OVERUNITY-THEORY page Mission and Disclaimer  The theme of this website is the physical comparison between experiment and theory of perpetuum mobile claims and overunity operation.

Interesting are the conditions where overunity devices might work and where not.

To promote discussions ideas are spread here at a suboptimal workbench level of different degrees of quality.

  The website is published mainly as a individual, private and non-profit initiative.

If it is not noted otherwise the author does not speak for any institution or company but only for himself.

We will do our best to present correct facts.

But especially in this area of science errors may be possible at this initial hobbyist level under the present restrictions.

It is the policy of this page to raise the discussion of overunity to a scientific level by steady following the theme.

So be careful: You are here on glazed frost.

If you believe in these things you are doing this in your own responsibility ! Linked paged of other authors are only illustrative and may not represent the opinion of the author.

We decline any responsiblity for political or scientific correctness for linked websites because we cannot supervise the web permanently.

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