Magnet Motor (A really elementary DC motor)

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Magnet Motor Kit

Making a elementary electric motor
is an educational activity that might also be attempted as school
project or scholarship project. With this plan students can learn
and denote acclimatisation of electrical appetite to mechanical
energy. Materials are really inexpensive and a whole project
will cost we about $8.00.

List of materials

The categorical components of a elementary DC
motor are a square of magnet handle and a tiny magnet. Almost any
type of magnet and any form of magnet handle will work fine. All
other components are discretionary and might simply be replaced by
other materials. Use a links and images in this page to see
how others make their possess elementary DC motors. This special design
of DC engine is good propitious for propagandize projects.



Electric motors are everywhere; even your mechanism has electric
motors to energy a cooling fans and tough disks. Building a simple
DC electric engine is a good approach to learn how they work, and it’s
really fun to watch your origination spin.


The design of this plan is to build a elementary electric motor
from scratch.

How to make?

Start by circuitous a armature, a partial of a motor
that moves. To make a armature good and round, breeze it on a
cylindrical form, such as a trill or a tiny AA

To make a curl reason a shape
permanently, turn a giveaway ends and hang them around a curl a
couple of times. If this process of holding a curl together is
too difficult, feel giveaway to use thwart fasten or electrical tape
to do a job.


Hold a curl during a corner of a table, so a curl is
straight up
and down and with a pointy knife, mislay a tip half of
the insulation from a giveaway handle end.

Do a same thing to a other giveaway handle end, creation certain that
the glossy unclothed copper side is confronting adult on both handle ends.

The subsequent step is to ready a spindle supports.
Use a span of pliers to hook dual reserve pins from a middle. The
safety pins can control electricity to a armature while a loops of wire
on a reserve pin can reason it up. 

The bottom for this engine will be a
wood block. It
makes a good bottom since it is heavy, fast and  looks good
for display in classroom or scholarship fair. The timber retard is
large adequate to reason a battery as well.

Use screws to mountain a focussed safety
pins on a timber retard so that a loops are faced to any other and
about 1 in. apart.

Attach a wires from battery hilt to
the supports (bent reserve pins)

Insert a battery into a holder. Place a magnet on tip of
the timber retard only underneath a coil. Make certain a curl can
still spin freely, and that it only misses a magnet.

Spin a armature kindly to get a engine started. If it doesn’t
start, try spinning it in a other direction. The engine will only
spin in one direction.

If we don’t have this
kit, we can sequence it now! It is accessible both as a single
pack and category pack. Kit calm might be opposite from the
images shown in this page.

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