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نوشته شده در موضوع تولید انرژی رایگان در 24 ژوئن 2018

I suspicion it was about time to underline some some-more “Free Energy Claims”  This one fits into a engine (QmoGen) generator difficulty where we know of seventy or some-more variations. Bottom line, zero of them  work.

Once Again Darth Dansie has emerged from a dark to strew light on these fraud artists and hopefully save a few fools some money. Despite a 100% success rate in debunking these inclination they still line adult to send their cash. That is their problem not cave and people have a giveaway choice to make their possess decisions.

The large red flags are:

  1. No eccentric verification
  2. No technical specifications
  3. No patron endorsements (he also did this a year ago)
  4. No published papers on a ancillary theory
  5. Defies a stream laws of nature

Have fun with this.

This one has over 1.4 million views on YouTube that is unequivocally impressive. So people have an seductiveness in a unfit and fools still need to partial with their money. Since he is seeking for income  it is a Scam.


Claim: Free Energy Generator 100% Self Runing , From Pakistan KPK, Noman Shah Afridi from Norway , And 100% Success 


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I demeanour brazen a comments on this one, and remember over a final few decades not one of these machines each constructed 1 watt of giveaway energy. The fun bit is reckoning out a trick, only like a magicians magic.

My final criticism to Mr. Engr Noman Shah Afridi.  “Shame on we your a flaw to humanity. May we be arrested and go to jail as shortly as possible. “

A fraud alerts from over a year ago about a same inventor


Many of we will be wakeful of a latest viral video on amicable media that showcases a generator that runs on ‘free energy’. You wish to trust a best in people though a tiny voice still cries out ‘bullshit!’ in a face of clearly convincing evidence.

We’re here to tell we that we should listen to that voice. The video is feign and a work of another scoundrel seeking to criminal people out of tough warranted cash.

The elementary fact is we can't beget appetite out of nothing. That’s not how production works. That’s not how a law of charge of appetite works.

This man from KPK, however, thinks differently and has done a video claiming that he can generate electricity out of skinny air, that is an comprehensive lie.

Let’s explain what’s happening, though before that, watch a video next — or skip it if we don’t wish to rubbish minutes.

See a large black round thing? It’s called a flywheel. When he initial plugged in, he stored electric appetite as kinetic appetite in it. After plugging out, it was simply looped behind to a generator to a AC motor.

Make no mistake, if that video was longer, it would have stopped using given a flywheel can only store calculable appetite and wouldn’t run forever.

No need for bewilderment, it’s only physics

Honestly, if it were unequivocally legitimate, a find of giveaway appetite wouldn’t be announced by a YouTube video and a Whatsapp series to be contacted for serve details. You’d initial get a Nobel Prize (and a cold million dollars alongside it), get a obvious and live a rest of your life on those honeyed honeyed royalties. Or rise something yourself if you’re a entrepreneurial type.

All being said, we unequivocally wish that one day we news when a Pakistani has solved a appetite predicament in actuality and not with a goal to fraud people. Till then, put your asocial hats on and crop away.

To Noman Shah Afridi, a showman of a video, we should be ashamed of yourself. Tesla would be rolling in his grave during your antics. Oh and remove a sunglasses indoors, they make we demeanour like a douche.

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