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 Permanent Magnet Alternator Generator  

NOTICE:For Exactly Price greatfully send your exploration with your sum ask . POWER,SPEED,VOLTAGE etc.



GreeF association supply accumulation of permaent magent generators that is suitable for driven by following apparatus to  

  1. Driven by Wind Power ——–Wind turbine
  2. Driven by Water Power ——- Hydro generator
  3. Driven by Belt with  Motors
  4. Driven by Motor
  5. Dirven by  incessant suit appurtenance
  6. Dirven by exam plant 
  7. Dirven by yourselves  creation
  8. Driven a permanent magnet generator and make it stagger afterwards it can beget power 

 1. Rare earth Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet generator. appetite save appetite some-more than 15% than typical generators.

2. Permanent magnet rotor structure, no excitation winding, no CO brushes, no trip rings, no need rigging box. Simple structure, arguable ,durable and Maintenance free.

3. Multi poles design, urge a magnitude and potency of rectifiers and inverters. Saving cost .

4. Started directly, but control cabinet, reinstate a asynchronous engine totally.

5. H category insulation, opening vigour impregnation.

6. Use SKF bearings

7. Power cause tighten to 1,no need supplement energy cause remuneration equipment.

8. Small heat, aslo can supplement fan cooling or H2O cooling

9. Long life time 20years, Strong rotors, could run during high speed.24hours 365days running.

10. Energy-saving, return investment within 1-2years.


 Generator form : Pemanent Magnet  Synchronous   Direct expostulate   3Phase  AC

Customized     Voltage, Speed, Power ,Frequency.

Customized missile distance ,Spline shaft, biaxial extension, prong can be used.

Varity structures pattern : straight axis, plane axis, middle rotor, outmost rotor, image type.                            









1. Alternator for breeze generator use middle froth insurance outdoor Plywooden box .

2.Pakage distance and weight greatfully impute to a sales.

3.Shipping  by sea with FCL LCL or by atmosphere .

If we have any ask in package and shipping greatfully tell a sales we will do according to your request.





Generators are free 3 years warranty, All lifelong  technical support and partial cost supply.


(1) The guaranty duration is start from a date of conveyance that uncover on a check of loading or atmosphere waybill.
(2) Free upkeep services during a guaranty duration a cost concerned be borne by a company, do not assign a price to customers, giveaway guaranty if any repairs outward a guaranty period, a association will assign a price for labor costs and materials.
(3) a guaranty period, company’s peculiarity problems caused by a upkeep of a burden borne by a company, if not underneath guaranty or synthetic damage, a burden charges by a customer.







Article source: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/3-year-warranty-low-rpm-low_60728870785.html

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