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06/07/17 –
Unknown earthy communication between bony movement of a spinning gyroscope and Earth’s captivating and electric fields.

All we need to perform this Nobel Prize winning examination is a gyroscope with a true support, and a Faraday cage.

According to my hypothesis, there will be a quantifiable time disproportion between a openly spinning gyroscope inside, and outward a Faraday cage.
A gyroscope openly spinning inside a Faraday enclosure will come to rest in reduction time than when spinning outward it.

The reason for this outcome is that a gyroscope inside a Faraday enclosure will be spinning in a deficiency of Earth’s captivating and electric fields.

The gyroscope spinning outward a enclosure in a participation of Earth’s captivating and electric fields is theme to a change of a Biefeld-Brown outcome (a macro-scale instance of a Minkowski-Feigel effect) that causes a gyroscope to conflict a captivate of Earth’s gravity, that happens to be zero other than pristine healthy antigravity effect.

“ Scientific find consists of saying what everybody has seen, and meditative what nobody else has thought. Scientific find contingency be, by definition, during opposite with existent knowledge. During my lifetime, we finished two. Both were deserted brusque by a Popes of that margin of science.” — Nobel Prize Laureate, 1937

06/07/17 –
Beyond 2001 – How One Man Revolutionised a Laws of Physics

I perceived your email around Jerry Decker, whom we have corresponded with in a past. we was utterly meddlesome in a fact that there seems to be an component of faith in my work. we have to contend that over a years my machines and laboratory exam reports have been treated with contempt. we am 80 years aged now nonetheless it is amazingly lovely to find that there are others who during slightest cruise a probability of inertial expostulate as it tends to be called.

30 years ago in a University of Dundee where my device was being subjected to their form of investigate we motionless to denote a fact that we could control a centrifugal force generated on a rod of bound length with an trustworthy bound mass during a bound revolution speed. we demonstrated to a group of dual or 3 engineering dialect members that was perceived nonetheless any form of reaction. None are so blind.

I knew we would have problems with my claims from that time onwards. we take it that we are wakeful that we built a device in Australia in a midst 1980s during a ask of an Australian businessman. My device on exam during a VIPAC laboratories in Port Melbourne valid nonetheless doubt that Inertial Thrust had been achieved in 20 successful runs out of 20.

Unfortunately a engineering group could not make a formula approve with Newton so in their opinion it could not be developed. That lab news is accessible with print of a device and US Patent application.

That all said, a device shown on YouTube works for a whole set of opposite reasons, and we have to contend that zero of them are apparent to a beholder.

I can simply explain Laithwaite’s vast flywheel proof and that other antigravity flywheel demonstration. Not many people seem to have left to a difficulty of mechanically accelerating gyroscope, or some-more rightly flywheel systems, as a formula are not utterly as expected. we do not cruise Euler was wakeful of what goes on in such systems. – Best regards, Sandy Kidd

“What we have here is a intensity space drive,” Laithwaite said. “Properly developed, this would take we to a outdoor star on a spoonful of uranium.”

06/07/17 –
Marsden Inertial Lift

Disturbing video from a contriver “Mike Marsden”. The device called “Mac Quan 1” is means to come to import “negative”. The implications of such a appurtenance are unequivocally large. we have looked for some-more information about a contriver and his with nonetheless success. If someone has some-more information, it would be engaging to share it.

06/07/17 –
Jump faster than we fall

This is my favorite genuine star exam that we know was carried out in a investigate lab in Japan.

Notice a many conspicuous triple burst before it lands on tip of a box. Using sluggishness as a haunt belligerent to lift against.

It is a singular best proof I’ve ever seen to illustrate a parable of Baron Munchhausen jerking himself and his equine out of quicksand. – JWD

Baron Munchausen – In one of a Baron’s adventures, he rescues himself from a swamp, as a embellishment for faith in finish psychic giveaway will; Nietzsche calls this faith an try “to lift oneself adult into existence by a hair, out of a swamps of nothingness”.[79]

When, during slightest in my opinion, it is a transparent proof of how we can use sluggishness to overcome relieve weight and overcome gravity.

Another conspicuous explain for a commericial distance inertial expostulate powered airship was 02/28/14 – The American Gyro ‘Gyradoscope’ Inertial Flyer – The accurate resource by that this outcome is constructed is rather obscure, nonetheless a indication of a device already built has been bolted to a building of a burden elevator, it is claimed, and succeeded in lifting and obscure it with ease. In this exam a 20-horsepower gasoline engine furnished power. Lifting force exerted by a gyradoscope is likened to that of a round thrown on a finish of a string. The weight of a round during a impulse it draws a fibre frozen exerts a lifting outcome on a pencil or other intent to that a bottom of a fibre competence be tied. In a gyradoscope a relocating weights on a wheels are equivalent to a thrown ball.

06/07/17 –
Ron Paul: Are We Fighting Terrorism, Or Creating It?

When we cruise about terrorism we many mostly cruise about a horrors of a Manchester-like attack, where a radicalized self-murder bomber went into a unison gymnasium and killed dozens of trusting civilians. It was an inexcusable act of force and it positively did scare a population.

What is reduction deliberate are attacks that leave distant some-more civilians dead, occur scarcely daily instead of rarely, and furnish a consistent feeling of apprehension and dread. These are a civilians on a receiving finish of US and compared bombs in places like Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, and elsewhere.

Last week alone, US and “coalition” attacks on Syria left some-more than 200 civilians passed and many hundreds some-more injured. In fact, even nonetheless US involvement in Syria was ostensible to strengthen a race from supervision attacks, US-led atmosphere strikes have killed some-more civilians over a past month than atmosphere strikes of a Assad government. That is like a alloy murdering his studious to save him. Do we unequivocally trust we are fighting terrorism by terrorizing trusting civilians overseas? How prolonged until we accept that “collateral damage” is customarily another word for “murder”?

06/07/17 –
Intriguing oscillatory back-and-forth suit of a quantum particle

In a quantum world, however, a premonition for a suit of objects is strongly challenged and competence infrequently even totally fail. What about devising a marble descending by H2O oscillating adult and down rather than customarily relocating true downwards? Sounds strange. Yet, that’s what initial physicist from Innsbruck in partnership with theorists from Munich, Paris and Cambridge have detected for a quantum particle.

At a heart of this startling duty is what physicists call ‘quantum interference’, a fact that quantum mechanics allows particles to act like waves, that can supplement adult or cancel any other.

Approaching comprehensive 0 heat – To observe a quantum molecule oscillating behind and onward a group had to cold a gas of Cesium atoms customarily above comprehensive 0 heat and to obstruct it to an arrangement of unequivocally skinny tubes satisfied by high-power laser beams. By means of a special trick, a atoms were finished to correlate strongly with any other.

At such impassioned conditions a atoms form a quantum liquid whose suit is singular to a instruction of a tubes. The physicists afterwards accelerated an impurity atom, that is an atom in a opposite spin state, by a gas. As this quantum molecule moved, it was celebrated to apart off a gas particles and to copy backwards. This led to an oscillatory motion, in contrariety to what a marble would do when descending in water. The examination demonstrates that Newton’s laws can't be used in a quantum realm.

06/07/17 –
Vigorous tiny vibrations assistance a star swell

“Space-time is not as immobile as it appears, it’s constantly moving,” pronounced Qingdi Wang, a PhD tyro during a University of British Columbia, Canada, who led a group looking into these tiny fluctuations. “This happens during unequivocally tiny scales, billions and billions times smaller even than an electron.”

Physicists reckon a universe’s enlargement is caused by dim ardour pulling matter away. Although we don’t know accurately what dim ardour is, there is one tip candidate: it’s called opening energy, and it’s pronounced to be constantly altered by a fluctuation of practical particles popping in and out of existence. It is a credentials ardour found around a universe, and it’s compared to Heisenberg’s doubt element in quantum mechanics.

If we request a speculation of quantum mechanics to this opening ardour concept, it ends adult carrying some-more ardour than a sum ardour of all a particles in a reality: this would means a place to explode. Clearly, we’re all still here, unfortunately, so boffins contingency be blank something. We’re told Wang and co have distributed that opening ardour can exist nonetheless floating detached a universe, and have finished so in a approach that puts brazen a thought that any indicate in space is yo-yoing between enlargement and contraction, with a tiny net boost in a instruction of expansion. Their work was published in Physical Review D on Friday.

William Unruh, co-author of their paper and a highbrow of prolongation and astronomy during a university, compared a outcome to waves rippling by an ocean. The opening ardour routine is “similar to a waves we see on a ocean,” Unruh said. “They are not influenced by a heated dance of a particular atoms that make adult a H2O on that those waves ride.” The fluctuations occur during a Planck scale during 10-33 cm, so it’s formidable to prove. But a researchers wish it competence be tested indirectly in a future. Wang explained to The Reg on Monday night: “Accelerated enlargement is already a obvious regard of a star with tons of initial results. Our speculation successfully explained this phenomenon. We are going to generalize a speculation to being means to explain a enlargement of a star in some-more details, envision some new patterns that competence be celebrated in destiny in a vast x-ray credentials radiation.”

Nobel esteem winning astrophysicists Saul Perlmutter, Brian Schmidt, and Adam Reiss, detected that a star was swelling during an augmenting rate in 1998. The contingent found that a redshift for celebrated supernovae was incomparable than expected. It suggested a bursting stars were relocating divided during a faster gait than formerly believed and that a universe’s enlargement had to be accelerating. Now we’re a tiny closer to bargain how and why

06/07/17 –
Czech ‘GyroDrive’ beats drifting cars for hybrid licence

As tellurian automakers contest to pierce a initial drifting automobile to market, Czech commander Pavel Brezina is perplexing a opposite tack: instead of formulating a automobile that flies, he has finished a “GyroDrive” — a mini helicopter we can drive. The operative and owners of Nirvana Systems, a association producing motors for tiny drifting machines, insists his automobile is a initial in a star approved to work both on roads and in a air. “This is a customarily highway approved drifting automobile we know about,” Brezina told AFP in a hangar during a Prerov-Bochor airfield in a eastern Czech Republic.

“Everyone is perplexing to make a high-speed automobile that can fly, nonetheless this is a opposite thing,” pronounced a tall, bespectacled 51-year-old, who has 30 years’ trust as a commander underneath his belt. His GyroDrive automobile is formed on a gyroplane — a mini-helicopter — that uses a copter-style rotor to pierce adult and down, and an aeroplane-type “pusher propeller” to go forward.

Brezina’s association buys gyroplane kits from a German firm, and afterwards assembles and equips them with a complement permitting a pilot-driver to switch between a petrol engine relocating a rotors and an electric engine that drives a wheels. The two-seat GyroDrive has a limit pushing speed of customarily 40 kph (25 mph) and can take a organisation of dual on brief drives to a petrol hire or a hotel. It needs reduction than 100 metres (110 yars) to take off and reaches a tip speed of 180 kph in a air. Its drifting operation is 600 kilometres.

After landing, a commander customarily has to repair a categorical rotor blades along a pivot of a GyroDrive and lift out a built-in looseness image to renovate it into a highway vehicle. Prices start during 1.5 million koruna (57,000 euros, $63,500), nonetheless they can strech 4 million koruna, depending on specifications.
While Brezina is already formulation to take his mother — also a commander — and dual children to London aboard GyroDrives, inventors worldwide are frantically operative on prototypes of cars that fly.

In beside Slovakia, a AeroMobil association says it has perceived dozens of orders from business for a drifting automobile approaching to strike a marketplace in 2020. “We wish to build a automobile that will not customarily be means to fly and expostulate nonetheless also do any technical and authorised requirement,” says AeroMobil CEO Juraj Vaculik, touting “a strong contrast programme”. He told AFP that AeroMobil primarily skeleton to furnish 500 units of a swift car, that uses a turbo propeller to get off a ground. The AeroMobil is approaching to strech a tip belligerent speed of 160 kph and adult to 360 kph in a air, with a drifting and pushing operation of some 700 kilometres. In mid-May, Japan’s Toyota also denounced skeleton to launch a three-wheel drifting automobile dubbed SkyDrive regulating retractable wings and worker technology.

06/07/17 –
Islam holding over Europe

Commenter 1; “This is my opinion if we immigrate to any unfamiliar nation learn their enlightenment and sacrament and cushion to that nation multitude ,if not don’t come during all !!! That goes for all races and religions period!!!”

Commenter 2; “If a sinister genocide cult of Islam is a future, afterwards all of mankind’s biggest achievements, innovations, inventions and in fact all swell was for nothing. A behind cult, with no desire nor proclivity to progress, nonetheless rather follow a approach of life from 1400 years ago, and wait for genocide and a ostensible afterlife. What a sickening insult to each tellurian in story who has played his or her part, however small, in a swell as a species.”

06/07/17 –
US troops sticks burst leads on tellurian smarts to learn them a lesson

The Targeted Neuroplasticity Training (TNT) module is focused on synaptic plasticity, a ability of a mind to build new neural pathways to catch knowledge. By sensitive a nerves that bond neurons in a mind and spinal cord to organs, skin and muscles, a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is anticipating that a mind can be lerned to learn new skills some-more quickly.

“The mechanisms underlying this encouragement are not good understood,” pronounced TNT module manager Dr Doug Weber on Thursday. “But we trust that neurostimulation boosts a recover of neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine, norepinephrine and others that play a purpose in modulating cognitive processes compared to learning.”

To grasp this, DARPA is going to try both non-invasive electrical kick and ingrained inclination that use electrical kick of marginal nerves by a skin, and afterwards see that one works better. The thought is to rise a device that works on skin nerves to get a mind into overdrive.

The initial theatre is to map out a neural pathways in a mind used for specific tasks. An Arizona State University group will work with Air Force crew to investigate how a mind reacts during reconnaissance, sharpshooting, and surveillance. Weber pronounced that there was roughly positively no “silver bullet” to a issue, “but rather there are mixed processes involved. Thus, a primary thought of TNT is to provoke detached a several mechanisms to know a links between neurostimulation, neurotransmitter release, and ensuing changes in plasticity.”

Weber pronounced that a investigate would be reliable and scientific. He remarkable that there are already supposed mind training inclination on a market, nonetheless they are unproven. “You can go online right now and for $50 buy a device that claims to kindle your mind to do all sorts of things,” he said.

06/07/17 –
AMPware Crank Case. Worlds best ardour generating phone case

Up to 1 Amp of ardour anywhere we need it.

06/07/17 –
App that lets we ‘talk’ to a desired one after they die

Oben can emanate 3D digital avatars regulating selfies and voice recordings. It now takes 8 hours nonetheless a designers are speeding adult a process
App being expelled after this year will concede we to emanate avatars regulating photos. And a program could one day enliven passed celebrities for VR entertainment.

The app uses a singular selfie and voice recordings to emanate picturesque avatars of people that we can correlate with in a practical world. The program could also be used to concede relatives to remotely review to their children around an avatar or enliven passed celebrities for use in interactive practical games.

The program uses appurtenance training to urge with use, so that it can some-more convincingly execute your personality. ‘You can customarily take a discerning selfie and a tiny representation of your voice and we mix it for you,’ obEN CEO and co-founder Nikhil R. Jain told Pasedena Star News. ‘It creates a unequivocally personalised avatar that is vocalization in your voice and relocating like you. ‘Once we have your voiceprint we can indeed emanate new calm in your voice, that would be trustworthy to your avatar. ‘And it can be employed into opposite kinds of scenarios. So we could indeed tell this avatar, “Read a book to put my kids to sleep”.’

The California company, set adult by Jain and Adam Zheng, is anticipating to recover an app after this year that will concede we to emanate your possess avatar to share with friends and family. It could even concede for a origination of avatar performances by passed singers or even concede we to join in with them in practical existence karaoke programmes.

06/07/17 –
‘reawakening a dead’ in Latin America

A US organisation called Bioquark skeleton to exam branch dungeon speculation on mind passed patients. The method, that hasn’t been tested on animals, will be tested in Latin America. The group summarized a hearing offer final year to do in India, nonetheless were close down.

Bioquark, a Philadelphia-based company, announced in late 2016 that they trust mind genocide is not ‘irreversible’. And now, CEO Ira Pastor has suggested they will shortly be contrast an rare branch dungeon process on patients in an unclear nation in Latin America, confirming a sum in a subsequent few months.

To be announced strictly passed in a infancy of countries, we have to trust finish and irrevocable detriment of mind function, or ‘brain death’.
According to Pastor, Bioquark has grown a array of injections that can reboot a mind – and they devise to try it out on humans this year. They have no skeleton to exam on animals first.

Specifically, they designed to mangle it down into 3 stages. First, they would collect branch cells from a patient’s possess blood, and inject this behind into their body. Next, a studious would accept a sip of peptides injected into their spinal cord. Finally, they would bear a 15-day march of haughtiness kick involving lasers and median haughtiness kick to try and pierce about a annulment of mind death, while monitoring a patients regulating MRI scans.

The thought of agree in this context is complicated, given a patients are all technically dead. However, a clarification of genocide is also some-more becloud than it once was.

06/07/17 –
RF pulses from dirt collisions could be murdering satellites

If a dirt molecule is travelling quick adequate – say, between 5 and 10 kilometres per second – it produces a startle call that expands into a aspect of a target, and element gets vaporised and ionised. The plasma starts so unenlightened it’s roughly a solid, and as it expands, ions and electrons widespread during opposite speeds (the lighter electrons pierce divided faster). The relations quickness of a opposite electrical charges is what causes a brief RF pulse.

Close, a comparison author of paper patrician “Particle-in-cell simulations of an RF glimmer resource compared with hypervelocity impact plasmas”, in a biography Physics of Plasmas, has been operative on a doubt given 2010, when she and some colleagues initial hypothesised that during slightest some satellite failures are caused by hypervelocity collisions.

As Fletcher says in this American Institute of Physics release, some-more than half of satellite electrical failures sojourn unexplained, that is since researchers are penetrating to explain a RF pulses. There’s still some-more work to be done, since a simulations constructed aloft frequencies than those boffins have to date observed.

06/07/17 –
Floating in microgravity gives germ permanent genetic boost

A vital regard for long-duration space moody is how a microorganisms who join a float with us will adjust to a detriment of gravity. Astronauts’ defence systems change in space, potentially creation them some-more receptive to infection, so if these germ turn some-more destructive or antibiotic-resistant, they could poise a risk.

To cruise that risk, Madhan Tirumalai during a University of Houston in Texas and his colleagues placed E. coli in a rotating vessel designed to copy microgravity. They kept them there for 1,000 bacterial generations, most longer than in prior studies.

After giving a cells time to adjust to microgravity, a researchers total them with another aria of E. coli that hadn’t been subjected to microgravity and authorised them to grow together. The blending cells grew about 3 times as many colonies as a others.

Even after a cells were taken out of microgravity for adult to 30 generations before being total with a control strain, they confirmed 72 per cent of their adaptive advantage, indicating to permanent mutations in a genes rather than merely a proxy adjustment.

06/07/17 –
‘Our streets are finished for people’: San Francisco mulls anathema on smoothness robots

A hi-tech start-up aiming to bust overload and revoke wickedness with wheeled smoothness robots is confronting a recoil from a unequivocally city it is aiming to help. Order a smoothness dish from a internal grill in San Francisco’s Mission and Potrero Hills neighbourhoods regulating Yelp Eat24 and it competence arrive during your doorway in a suitcase-sized wheeled robot. The tech association Marble’s bots use lidar, camera and ultrasonic sensors to equivocate pedestrians and navigate pavements, delivering tiny packages and takeaway food within a mile or two, during walking pace.

But if one San Francisco central has his way, each pizza a Marble drudge delivers could come with a $1,000 excellent and a jail judgment for a tellurian controllers. San Francisco administrator Norman Yee recently due legislation that would demarcate unconstrained smoothness robots – that includes those with a remote tellurian user – on open streets in a city. He told record news site Recode, “our streets and a sidewalks are finished for people, not robots.” He also worries that many smoothness jobs would disappear.

San Francisco troops commander Robert O’Sullivan is in foster of a legislation, fearing a robots could mistreat children, a elderly, and those with singular mobility. “If strike by a car, they also have a intensity of apropos a lethal projectile,” he told a internal TV station.

Marble CEO Matt Delaney says these fears are unfounded. “We caring that a robots are good adults of a sidewalk,” he says. “We’ve taken a lot of caring from a belligerent adult to cruise their need to clarity and intuit how people are going to react.”

There is no doubt that a flourishing ardour for online selling and food smoothness is choking cities. In London, ride times are augmenting by 12% a year, even as people get on their bikes in record numbers. Delivery vans are some-more than creation adult a difference, and now comment for scarcely a fifth of all trade in a capital. Val Shawcross, London’s emissary mayor for transport, has even due banning a city’s workers from grouping products approach to work. In a US, researchers during a Oak Ridge National Laboratory distributed that delays from double-parked smoothness vans alone cost a nation over $10bn a year. And nonetheless Amazon and Google have been operative on smoothness drones, concerns sojourn over their safety, range, and carrying capacity, as good as their perfect buzzing annoyance.

06/07/17 –
Big oil, tiny U.S. towns see new prerogative in aged prolongation technique

Amid a mad activity of American shale oilfields recuperating from a two-year retrogression lay a handful of oil towns that seemed cold as many producers went into failure and a economy around them sank. Occidental Petroleum Corp and a few other oil producers with wells nearby this city on New Mexico’s limit with Texas customarily pumped low-cost oil by a downturn, regulating a technique that has been heralded worldwide as a approach to revoke CO emissions and boost oil output. “When everybody else in a oil attention was going down, Oxy kept working,” pronounced Joshua Grassham, clamp boss of Lea County State Bank and a Hobbs Chamber of Commerce residence member. The city of 35,000 rests on a Permian oilfield, a largest oilfield in a United States.

This approach of drilling brings with it a sweetener for a oil attention to keep wanton flowing: a taxation credit that helps isolate these wells in a downturn, and could triple in distance if Congress approves a new magnitude this summer. Such a pierce could extend by decades a producing life of hundreds some-more wells, augmenting oil supply that would be a drag on prices. To date, a technique has been employed customarily during required oilfields, rather than on shale deposits. Some firms are study how to put a technique to work in shale drilling, too.

The drilling process harnesses a CO dioxide constructed during a descent of oil or from ardour plants, and army it behind into a fields. That boosts a vigour subterraneous and drives some-more oil to a surface. Their success could be replicated in oilfields opposite a United States if Congress approves a measure, that already enjoys extended bipartisan support. While a Trump administration has nonetheless to contend either it supports a taxation credit increase, a magnitude could also be a bonus to a spark industry, that Trump wants to revitalize.

The technique, one of several supposed extended oil liberation (EOR) strategies used to lengthen a prolific lifespan of oilfields and boost output, underpins around 5 percent of U.S. oil output, or about 450,000 barrels per day, according to ardour consultancy Advanced Resources International. EOR can assistance firms to furnish between 30 percent and 60 percent of all a oil hold in a reservoir. That’s distant some-more than a 10 percent customarily recovered from initial normal drilling, according to a Department of Energy.

06/07/17 –
Precious Plastic – The Story Behind

Commenter; “I cruise a biggest plea is anticipating a approach to repurpose cosmetic into something that people want. we mean, those flare shades, rubbish bins and design frames are good and all, nonetheless how many can we make before we don’t need anymore? Also, a lot of a cosmetic we have tends to be clear, creation for unintersting designs.”

06/07/17 –
U.S. Air Force confirms Boeing’s electromagnetic beat weapon

Known as a “CHAMP,” or Counter-electronics High-powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project, a American troops plan is an try to rise a device with all a ardour of a chief arms nonetheless though a genocide and drop to people and infrastructure that such a arms causes. Theoretically, a new barb complement would pinpoint buildings and strike out their electrical grids, plunging a aim into dark and ubiquitous disconnectedness.

The plan has been in a works for a few years now, and has met with poignant success in rough trials. In 2012, it was reported that a CHAMP goal in Utah managed to strike and subsequently invalidate 7 apart targets in one mission, demonstrating a correctness and precision. Indeed, it is this ability to aim particular buildings and not cities during vast that creates a new arms so effective, as it would concede troops members to cut off electricity reserve to rivalry parties while gripping civilians out of a melee.

06/07/17 –
Magnetic Crystals

How to magnitude curl wrapped clear captivating margin strength with a 100 yr aged galvanometer!! ABSOLUTE PROOF CRYSTALS WORK 🙂

05/25/17 –
Health problems and Spurting Blood

I won’t gimlet we with all a sum nonetheless a other afternoon, my housekeeper customarily finished cleaning a place and we changed to a opposite chair. we felt something cool, looked down and a tide of arterial blood was pumping out. Wrapped it adult and my housekeeper brought behind a red cross. Wound adult with stitches in sanatorium in Guadalajara to square me togther, antibiotics for distended legs, feeling aged and depleted.

Would do most improved in an american sanatorium nonetheless we use what we got and can afford. Thank God for mex crony Ricky assisting me by all this. That in itself has a hurdles as he wants to sell everything. $2000 spent that we don’t have so far. we feel all distended adult and find it tough to eat and drink. Perhaps a sign……need to remove weight get something going for health or run by options of a shotgun or Nero departure. Far from that indicate nonetheless Kind of preference Nero and Seneca… – JWD

Updated 05/27/17 – Still doped adult on a 25th when we wrote a strange condense entrance above. My supporter Ricky and we got behind to my residence about 5PM on Thursday and found a damaged potion of a backdoor and a doorway unbarred from inside. A building fan sitting subsequent to a doorway as if it was a subsequent thing they were taking. Apparently, customarily 2 days left and we astounded them. Two laptops and a good digital camera gone. Still looking for what else competence be gone. One of a laptops we used for my prototyping and contrast of a wholesome dream machine.

My bed and seat was tossed around like they were looking for dark income or something. Many boxes of papers and books on a behind square thrown around. Back gate, one of a dual thatch engaged, no approach anyone could get anything onto my square nonetheless going by a neighbors behind doorway and he denies it all… They didn’t hold dual 27″ flatscreens or a 32″ intelligent flatscreen, or any marginal that serve adds to a thought we competence have astounded them with an early return.

I wish to appreciate a people who took it on themselves to send some bucks, generally James! And a many kind difference of support from so many, some I’ve not listened from in years! Still bruise and distended and need to revamp Keelynet to make it easier to furnish nonetheless still yield searchable permalinks for destiny lookup. – Stay tuned and give me a few days… – Jerry @ Keelynet y mas (and more)

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04/27/16 –
The Mexistim Polarity Cycler

For over 12 years now, we have slept over a 3 X 4 feet wirescreen that is connected to my Mexistim on my nightstand. we leave it on all a time regulating a enclosed AC/DC adapter. It uses unequivocally tiny electricity.

It helps me get a deep, recovering nap and we cruise of it as ‘health maintenance’ since of all a effects listed next that we have beheld from regulating this device.

There are now 3 Mexistim versions, a K.I.S.S. (green) indication that is a approach counterpart of a appurtenance used on over 10,000 people, a Basic we (red) model that uses 3vdc to a shade switching during about 15 notation cycles and a Universal II (blue) model that offers 8 options permitting we to select between 3vdc or 4.5vdc, 3 or 15 notation switching times (approximate) and other settings so we can try what works best for you.

1) Restful, sound sleep
..2) Increased red dungeon count
…3) Elimination of anniversary allergies
….4) Increased altogether energy
…..5) No headaches
……6) No stomach heedfulness or aches
…….7) No flesh pains
……..8) Weight loss
………9) Increase urination
………10) Lighter color, reduction sharp urine

Now with giveaway shipping to USA and Canada!

I wouldn’t validate or sell it if it didn’t work for me and others who have reported their experiences. You can review some-more about a Mexistim units and buy one if you’d like during a following link. Thank we unequivocally most for your purchase! – JWD
Mexistim Website

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