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Free Energy 2For many people, FREE ENERGY is a “buzz word” that has no transparent meaning. As such, it relates to a horde of inventions that do something that is not understood, and is therefore a mystery. For others, it means “perpetual motion” and is therefore dismissed, though due consideration. This website is dedicated to clarifying accurately what giveaway appetite is, how it works and how it can be practical in your bland life….for light, feverishness and power.

In a simplest sense, FREE ENERGY is any appetite that is supposing by a Natural World. This might embody appetite sources that we are informed with, such as solar panels or breeze generators, though also could embody extraordinary technologies like a automobile powered by water-fuel, a battery horse powered by Magnets, or a home heating complement powered by a Earth. The best FREE ENERGY systems broach appetite during no persisting cost to a user, though unpropitious effects to a environment, and during intensely low costs for a upkeep and operation of a equipment.

On this website, we will NOT be presenting any radical ZPE technologies, or unfit inventions that mangle a Laws of Physics. What we will be articulate about are technologies that daub into Natural Sources of appetite in a sourroundings and modify them into useful forms of appetite for heat, light, and ground power. In fact, a harangue on Open System Thermodynamics (in a mainstay to a right) is a good place to start to know this science.

A good instance of this is a approach to feverishness your home from a Earth. In assuage climates, a Earth subsequent a ice line is a fountainhead of consistent temperature. This feverishness is about 55º F (13º C). In a winter, this fountainhead of feverishness can be accessed and strong by a geothermal feverishness siphon system, and used to feverishness your residence for about 1/3rd a cost of regulating an electric furnace. In serve to this, if a residence is insulated to a rating of R-60, a cost of heating a residence can be serve reduced by another 60%. With only these dual elementary technologies, both accessible today, a cost of heating your home in a winter can be reduced by 87%. That is only 13% of a cost of heating a same residence with an electric furnace where a residence is insulated to a rating of R-19. In a summer, a air-conditioning costs are likewise low, regulating a same feverishness siphon in reverse.

87% appetite benefit, year after year, during no some-more cost to you. That is a FREE ENERGY we can have right now! Your lifestyle is a same, though your appetite costs are many lower. By conserving feverishness with a improved insulation, and by regulating Natural Energy first, including a feverishness already benefaction in a Earth, it is probable to dramatically reduce your appetite final for home heating and your “carbon footprint”. This is only one example.  There are dozens of other ways to save appetite discussed in my Home Energy Savings Guide.

So, FREE ENERGY is also any appetite we can use during NO COST. If we learn to “Conserve, and use Natural Energy First”, then, a tiny volume of appetite that is still compulsory for a needs is some-more simply constructed by renewable appetite sources such as wind, solar, hydro, and bio-fuels. Even if we are still regulating CO formed fuels to supply a remainder, a appetite costs have forsaken intensely and a CO footprint is severely reduced.

In a Technologies section, we plead a far-reaching array of technologies from a PAST that have still not been integrated into a Market Economy or done accessible for bland use. we also speak about technologies in a PRESENT that are accessible right now that can dramatically reduce a appetite costs. And finally, we speak about technologies that might turn accessible in a FUTURE that could radically change a universe for a better.

On a Whole Systems page, we plead a truth of appetite use and a economics of regulating FREE ENERGY wherever possible. Quite often, regulating Natural Energy systems costs a tiny some-more during a beginning, though many reduction over time. We have to start meditative of sum costs for regulating a system, including a appetite costs for a life of a product. When a sum economics of a complement are understood, FREE ENERGY systems are a many cost effective.

On a Social Responsibility page, we plead a problems compared with balancing particular leisure with amicable responsibility. Society can't yield a particular with rights and freedoms if a particular is reluctant to yield a multitude with obliged function in return. The attainment of total amounts of low-cost, purify appetite could be intensely destabilizing to an unceremonious society. These developments yield forlorn opportunities for both mercantile intrusion or fast innovation.

On a Transportation page, we plead a series of elementary technologies, that are already in a open domain, that clearly denote that high mileage cars are elementary to build and cost effective right now. The open needs to direct that vehicles like these be done accessible immediately.

In a Products section, we offer over 35 opposite educational books and filmed lectures on a scholarship and process of modernized appetite technologies, presented by a heading experts in this field. Many of these products can also be accessed by their images in a right mainstay of a pages on this website. Currently, we are educating a subsequent era of scientists and engineers about a genuine state of technological discovery. In a future, these new appetite technologies will make a outrageous grant to cleaning adult a sourroundings and providing low-cost appetite for generations to come.

This universe needs a some-more only placement of appetite to a building countries, and a ability to yield cleaner appetite during a reduce cost. In serve to this, we all contingency learn to be improved stewards of a environment. That means infect reduction and recycle more. But it also means regulating a appetite resources some-more well and regulating some-more appetite that is generated locally, that of course, promotes renewable sources.

The some-more we know about a opposite appetite options available, a some-more opportunities we can emanate in your life to use them. We entice we to try these sparkling opportunities with us. Welcome to a World of FREE ENERGY.

Peter Lindemann, DSc

This website is owned by Clear Tech, Inc. We are a small, secretly hold association on a slicing corner of FREE ENERGY research. Our joining to we is that all of a information on this site is scientifically proven and accurate to a best of a knowledge. In annoy of a fact that many of a technologies presented here are radical and now not accessible on a blurb market, they paint one of a many absolute influences for change a universe has ever seen. We trust a series of these FREE ENERGY technologies are coming viability and a destiny we might never have illusory is about to seem on a universe scene! The problem is that when outrageous changes in record occur rapidly, they can be really disruptive to society. We severely value fortitude and sequence in a world, and so wish to assistance well-spoken this transition.

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