The World of Free Energy

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d040b energy hands ss The World of Free Energy

a late 1880’s, trade journals in a electrical sciences were predicting
giveaway electricity and giveaway appetite in a nearby future. Incredible discoveries about
a inlet of electricity were apropos common place. Nikola
was demonstrating “wireless lighting” and other wonders
compared with high magnitude currents. There was an fad about the
destiny like never before.

20 years, there would be automobiles, airplanes, movies, accessible music, telephones,
radio, and unsentimental cameras. The Victorian Age was giving approach to something
totally new. For a initial time in history, common people were encouraged
to prognosticate a ideal destiny filled with abounding complicated travel and
communication, as good as jobs, housing and food for everyone. Disease would
be conquered, and so would poverty. Life was removing better, and this time,
everybody was going to get a square of a pie.

So, what happened?
In a midst of this technological explosion, where did a appetite breakthroughs
go? Was all of this fad about giveaway energy, that happened
usually before a commencement of a final century, usually sad meditative that
“real science” eventually disproved?

Current State of Technology

a answer to that doubt is no. In fact, a conflicting is true. Spectacular
appetite technologies were grown right along with a other breakthroughs.
Since that time, multiple methods for producing immeasurable amounts of appetite at
intensely low cost have been developed. None of these technologies have made
it to a consumer marketplace as an essay of commerce, however.
Exactly since this is loyal will be discussed shortly.

But first, we would like
to report to we a brief list of giveaway appetite technologies that
we am now wakeful of, and that are proven over all reasonable doubt.
The common underline fasten all of these discoveries, is that they use a
small volume of one form of appetite to control or recover a vast volume of
a conflicting kind of energy. Many of them daub a underlying aether margin in
some way; a source of appetite conveniently abandoned by complicated science.


Nikola Tesla’s magnifying transmitter, T. Henry
Moray’s radiant appetite device, Edwin Gray’s EMA motor, and Paul Baumann’s
Testatika machine all run on eager energy. This healthy appetite form
can be collected directly from a sourroundings (mistakenly called “static”
electricity) or extracted from typical electricity by a routine called fractionation. Radiant appetite can perform a same wonders
as typical electricity, during reduction than 1% of a cost. It does not behave
accurately like electricity, however, that has contributed to a scientific
community’s disagreement of it. The Methernitha Community in Switzerland
now has 5 or 6 working
of fuelless, self-running inclination that daub this energy.


. Dr. Robert Adams (NZ) has developed
strange designs of electric motors, generators and heaters that run
on permanent magnets. One such device draws 100 watts of electricity
from a source, generates 100 watts to recharge a source, and produces
over 140 BTU’s of feverishness in dual minutes! Dr.
Tom Bearden
(USA) has dual operative models of a permanent magnet powered
electrical transformer. It uses a 6-watt electrical submit to control
a trail of a captivating margin entrance out of a permanent magnet. By channeling
a captivating field, initial to one outlay curl and afterwards a second output
coil, and by doing this regularly and fast in a “ping-pong”
fashion, a device can furnish a 96-watt electrical outlay with no
relocating parts. Bearden calls his device a Motionless Electromagnetic
Generator, or MEG. Jean-Louis Naudin has repetitious Bearden’s device
in France. The beliefs for this form of device were initial disclosed
by Frank Richardson (USA) in 1978. Troy Reed (USA) has operative models
of a special magnetized fan that heats adult as it spins. It takes exactly
a same volume of appetite to spin a fan possibly it is generating heat
or not. Beyond these developments, mixed inventors have identified
operative mechanisms that furnish engine torque from permanent magnets


. There are dual classes of machines
that renovate a small volume of automatic appetite into a vast amount
of heat. The best of these quite automatic designs are a rotating
cylinder systems designed by Frenette (USA) and Perkins (USA). In these
machines, one cylinder is rotated within another cylinder with about
an eighth of an in. of clearway between them. The space between the
cylinders is filled with a glass such as H2O or oil, and it is this
“working fluid” that heats adult as a center cylinder spins.
Another routine uses magnets mounted on a circle to furnish vast eddy
currents in a image of aluminum, causing a aluminum to feverishness adult rapidly.
These captivating heaters have been demonstrated by Muller (Canada), Adams
(NZ) and Reed (USA). All of these systems can furnish 10 times more
feverishness than customary methods regulating a same appetite input.


. Water can be damaged into hydrogen
and oxygen regulating electricity. Standard chemistry books explain that this
routine requires some-more appetite than can be recovered when a gases are
recombined. This is loyal usually underneath a misfortune box scenario. When water
is strike with a possess molecular musical frequency, regulating a complement developed
by Stan Meyers (USA) and again recently by Xogen Power, Inc., it collapses
into hydrogen and oxygen gas with unequivocally small electrical input. Also,
regulating conflicting electrolytes (additives that make a H2O conduct
electricity better) changes a potency of a routine dramatically.
It is also famous that certain geometric structures and aspect textures
work improved than others do. The import is that total amounts
of hydrogen fuel can be finished to expostulate engines (like in your car) for
a cost of water. Even some-more surprising is a fact that a special metal
amalgamate was law by Freedman (USA) in 1957 that casually breaks
H2O into hydrogen and oxygen with no external electrical submit and
though causing any chemical changes in a steel itself. This means
that this special steel amalgamate can make hydrogen from H2O for free,


Implosion/Vortex. All vital industrial engines
use a recover of feverishness to means enlargement and vigour to furnish work,
like in your automobile engine. Nature uses a conflicting routine of cooling
to means suction and opening to furnish work, like in a tornado. Viktor Schauberger (Austria) was a initial to build operative models of implosion
engines in a 1930’s and 1940’s. Since that time, Callum Coats has
published extensively on Schauberger’s work in his book Living Energies
and subsequently, a series of researchers have built operative models
of implosion turbine engines. These are fuelless engines that produce
automatic work from appetite accessed from a vacuum. There are also much
easier designs that use spiral motions to daub a multiple of gravity
and centrifugal force to furnish a continual suit in fluids.


. In Mar 1989, two chemists from a University
of Utah (USA) announced that they had constructed atomic alloy reactions
in a elementary tabletop device. The claims were “debunked” within
6 months and a open mislaid interest. Nevertheless, cold alloy is
unequivocally real. Not usually has additional feverishness prolongation been repeatedly
, though also low appetite atomic component mutation has
been catalogued, involving dozens of conflicting reactions! This technology
unequivocally can furnish low cost appetite and scores of other important
industrial processes.


Solar Assisted Heat Pumps
. The fridge in your kitchen
is a usually giveaway appetite appurtenance we now own. It’s
an electrically operated feverishness pump. It uses one volume of appetite (electricity)
to pierce 3 amounts of appetite (heat). This gives it a co-efficient
of opening (COP) of about 3. Your fridge uses one amount
of electricity to siphon 3 amounts of feverishness from a inside of the
fridge to a external of a refrigerator. This is a typical
use, though it is a misfortune probable approach to use a technology. Here’s
why. A feverishness siphon pumps feverishness from a source of feverishness to the
“sink” or place that absorbs a heat. The source
of feverishness should apparently be prohibited and a penetrate for feverishness should
apparently be cold for this routine to work a best. In your refrigerator,
it’s accurately a opposite. The source of feverishness is inside
a box, that is cold, and a penetrate for feverishness is a room
feverishness atmosphere of your kitchen, that is warmer than a source. This
is since a COP stays low for your kitchen refrigerator. But this is
not loyal for all feverishness pumps. COP’s of 8 to 10 are simply achieved with
solar assisted feverishness pumps. In such a device, a feverishness siphon draws heat
from a solar gourmet and dumps a feverishness into a vast subterraneous absorber,
that stays during 55° F, and automatic appetite is extracted in a transfer.
This routine is homogeneous to a steam engine that extracts mechanical
appetite between a boiler and a condenser, usually that it uses a fluid
that boils during a many reduce feverishness than water. One such
complement that was tested in a 1970’s constructed 350 hp, totalled on a
Dynamometer, in a specifically designed engine from usually 100-sq. ft. of
solar collector. (This is not a complement promoted by Dennis Lee.) The
volume of appetite it took to run a compressor (input) was reduction than
20 hp, so this complement constructed some-more than 17 times some-more appetite than it
took to keep it going! It could appetite a small area from the
roof of a prohibited cylinder gazebo, regulating accurately a same record that keeps
a food cold in your kitchen. Currently, there is an industrial scale feverishness siphon system usually north of Kona, Hawaii that generates electricity
from feverishness differences in sea water.

are dozens of other systems that we have not mentioned, many of them are as
viable and good tested as a ones we have usually recounted. But this brief list
is sufficient to make my point: giveaway appetite record is here, now. It offers
a universe pollution-free, appetite contentment for everyone, everywhere.

It is
now probable to stop a prolongation of hothouse gases and shut
down all of a chief appetite plants. We can now desalinate total amounts
of seawater during an affordable price, and move adequate uninformed H2O to even
a many remote habitats. Transportation costs and a prolongation costs for
usually about all can dump dramatically. Food can even be grown in heated
greenhouses in a winter, anywhere. All of these smashing advantages that
can make life on this universe so many easier and improved for everybody have been
deferred for decades. Why? Whose functions are served by this postponement?

Invisible Forces

are 4 enormous army that have worked together to emanate this situation.
To contend that there is and has been a swindling to conceal this
record usually leads to a extraneous bargain of a world, and it
places a censure for this totally external of ourselves. Our willingness
to sojourn ignorant and actionless in a face of this conditions has always
been interpreted by dual of these army as pragmatic consent. So,
besides a non-demanding public, what are a other forces
that are stopping a accessibility of giveaway appetite technology?

a United States, and in many other countries around a world, there is
a income corner in place. we am giveaway to acquire as much
income as we want, though we will usually be paid in Federal Reserve Notes.
There is 0 we can do to be paid in Gold Certificates, or some other form
of money. This income corner is usually in a hands of a small
series of private batch banks, and these banks are owned by a wealthiest
families in a world. Their devise is to eventually control 100% of all of
a collateral resources of a world, and thereby control everyone’s life through
a accessibility (or non-availability) of all products and services.

An independent
source of resources (free appetite device) in a hands of any and any person
in a world, hull a skeleton of a wealthiest families for universe domination, permanently. Why this
is loyal is easy to see. Currently, a nation’s economy can be possibly slowed
down or sped adult by a lifting or obscure of seductiveness rates. But if an independent
source of collateral (energy) were benefaction in a economy, and any business or
chairman could lift some-more collateral though borrowing it from a bank, this centralized
throttling mutation on seductiveness rates would simply not have a same effect.

Free appetite record changes a value of money. The wealthiest families
and a issuers of credit do not wish any competition. It’s that simple. They
wish to contend their stream corner control of a income supply. For them,
giveaway appetite record is not usually something to suppress, it contingency be henceforth forbidden!

a wealthiest families and their executive banking institutions are a initial force handling to postpone a open accessibility of giveaway appetite technology.
Their motivations are a illusory boundless right to rule, greed,
and their omnivorous need to control roughly all usually themselves. The weapons
they have used to make this delay embody intimidation, “expert”
debunkers, shopping and shelving of technology, murder and attempted murder
of a inventors, impression assassination, arson, and a far-reaching accumulation of financial
incentives and disincentives to manipulate probable supporters. They have
also promoted a ubiquitous acceptance of a systematic speculation that states that
giveaway appetite is unfit (laws of thermodynamics).

second force handling to postpone a open accessibility of giveaway energy
record is inhabitant governments. The problem here is not so many related
to rivalry in a copy of currency, though in a upkeep of national
security. The fact is, a universe out there is a jungle, and humans can be
counted on to be unequivocally cruel, dishonest, and sneaky. It is government’s job
to yield for a common defense.
For this, troops powers
are substituted by a executive bend of supervision to make “the rule
of law.” Most of us who agree to a sequence of law do so since we believe
it is a right thing to do, for a possess benefit. There are always a few individuals,
however, that trust that their possess advantage is best served by function that
does not willingly heed to a generally concluded on amicable order. These
people select to work external of a sequence of law and are considered
outlaws, criminals, subversives, traitors, revolutionaries, or terrorists.

inhabitant governments have discovered, by hearing and error, that a usually foreign
routine that unequivocally works, over time, is a routine called “tit for tat.”
What this means to we and me is, that governments provide any other a way
they are being treated. There is a consistent jockeying for position
and change in universe affairs, and a strongest celebration wins! In economics,
it’s a Golden Rule, that states: “The one with a bullion creates the

So it is with politics also, though a coming is some-more Darwinian.
It’s simply participation of a fittest. In politics, however, the
fittest has come to meant a strongest celebration who is also willing
to quarrel a dirtiest. Absolutely any means accessible is used to maintain
an advantage over a adversary, and everybody else is a adversary
regardless of possibly they are deliberate crony or foe. This includes outrageous
psychological posturing, lying, cheating, spying, stealing, assassination
of universe leaders, substitute wars, alliances and changeable alliances, treaties,
unfamiliar aid, and a participation of troops army wherever possible.

Like it
or not, this is a psychological and tangible locus inhabitant governments operate
in. No inhabitant supervision will do anything that simply gives an adversary
an advantage for free. It’s inhabitant suicide. An activity by any individual,
inside or external a country, that is interpreted as giving an adversary
an corner or advantage will be deemed a hazard to “national

appetite record is a inhabitant government’s misfortune nightmare! Openly acknowledged,
giveaway appetite record sparks an total arms competition by all governments in
a final try to advantage comprehensive advantage and domination. Think about it.
Do we consider Japan will not feel intimidated if China gets giveaway energy? Do
we consider Israel will lay by sensitively as Iraq acquires giveaway energy? Do you
consider India will concede Pakistan to rise giveaway energy? Do we consider a USA
would not try to stop Osama bin Laden from removing giveaway energy?

appetite accessible to a stream state of affairs on this universe leads to an
unavoidable reshuffling of a change of power. This could become
an all-out quarrel to forestall “the other” from carrying a advantage
of total resources and power. Everybody will wish it, and during a same time,
wish to forestall everybody else from removing it.

inhabitant governments are a second force handling to postpone a public
accessibility of giveaway appetite technology. Their motivations are “self-preservation.”
This self-preservation operates on 3 levels. First, by not giving undue
advantage to an outmost enemy. Second, by preventing individualized action
able of effectively severe central troops powers (anarchy) within
a country. And third, by preserving income streams subsequent from fatiguing energy
sources now in use. Their weapons embody a preventing of a issuance
of patents formed on inhabitant confidence grounds, a authorised and bootleg harassment
of inventors with rapist charges, taxation audits, threats, phone taps, arrest,
arson, burglary of skill during shipment, and a horde of other intimidations
that make a business of building and selling a giveaway appetite appurtenance most impossible.

third force handling to postpone a open accessibility of giveaway appetite technology
consists of a organisation of deceived inventors and out right charlatans and con
men. On a periphery of a surprising systematic breakthroughs that constitute
a genuine giveaway appetite technologies, lies a shade universe of unexplained anomalies,
extrinsic inventions and unethical promoters. The initial dual army have
constantly used a media to foster a misfortune examples of this group, to
confuse a public’s courtesy and to disprove a genuine breakthroughs by
comparing them with a apparent frauds.

a final hundred years, dozens of stories have flush about surprising inventions.
Some of these ideas have so perplexed a public’s imagination that a mythology
about these systems continues to this day. Names like Keely, Hubbard, Coler,
and Henderschott immediately come to mind. There might be genuine technologies
behind these names, though there simply isn’t adequate technical information available
in a open domain to make a determination. These names sojourn associated
with a giveaway appetite mythology, however, and are sited by debunkers as examples
of fraud.

thought of giveaway appetite taps unequivocally deeply into a tellurian subconscious mind. A few
inventors with extrinsic technologies that denote useful anomalies have
incorrectly farfetched a significance of their inventions. Some of these inventors
also have incorrectly farfetched a significance of themselves for carrying invented
it. A multiple of “gold fever” and/or a christ complex
appears, unconditionally distorting any destiny grant they might make.

While the
investigate thread they are following might reason good promise, these deceived inventors start to trade
unrestrained for facts, and a value of a systematic work from that point
on suffers greatly. There is a powerful, nonetheless pointed betrayal that can warp
a celebrity if they trust that a universe rests on their shoulders
or that they are a world’s savior. Strange things also happen
to people when they consider they are about to turn intensely rich. It takes
a extensive devout fortify to sojourn design and common in a presence
of a operative giveaway appetite machine.

Many inventors’ psyches turn unstable
usually desiring they have a giveaway appetite machine. As a peculiarity of a science
deteriorates, some inventors also rise a mistreat complex
that creates them unequivocally defensive and unapproachable. This routine precludes
them from ever unequivocally building a giveaway appetite machine, and fuels a fraud
mythologies tremendously.

there are a out right criminal men. In a final 15 years, there is one person
in a USA who has lifted a giveaway appetite criminal to a veteran art. He has
lifted some-more than $100,000,000, has been barred from doing business in the
state of Washington, has been jailed in California, and he’s still during it.
He always talks about a mutation of one of a genuine giveaway appetite systems,
sells people on a thought that they will get one of these systems soon, but
eventually sells them usually promotional information that gives no genuine data
about a appetite complement itself. He has mercilessly preyed on a Christian
village and a loyalist village in a USA, and is still going strong.

This man’s stream fraud involves signing adult hundreds of thousands of people as locations
where he will implement a giveaway appetite machine. In sell for vouchsafing him put
a giveaway appetite generator in their home, they will get giveaway electricity for life, and
his association will sell a additional appetite behind to a internal application company.
After apropos assured that they will accept giveaway electricity for life,
with no out-front expenses, they gladly buy a video that helps pull their
friends into a fraud as well. Once we know a appetite and motivations
of a initial dual army we have discussed, a apparent that this person’s current
business devise can't be implemented. This one chairman has probably
finished some-more mistreat to a giveaway appetite mutation in a USA than any other force,
by destroying people’s trust in a technology.

a third force postponing a open accessibility of giveaway appetite technology
is misinterpretation and duplicity within a mutation itself. The motivations are
self-aggrandizement, greed, wish of appetite over others, and a fake clarity of
self-importance. The weapons used are lying, cheating, a “bait and
switch” con, self-delusion and audacity total with lousy science.

fourth force handling to postpone a open accessibility of giveaway energy
record is all of a rest of us. It might be easy to see how slight and
greedy a motivations of a other army are, though actually, these motivations
are still unequivocally many alive in any of us as well. Like a Wealthiest Families,
don’t we any personally bay illusions of fake superiority, and a want
to control others instead of ourselves? Also, wouldn’t we “sell out”
if a cost were high enough, say, take a million dollars, cash, today?
Or like a governments, don’t we any wish to safeguard a possess survival? If
held in a center of a full, blazing theater, do we panic and pull all
of a weaker people out of a approach in a mad, hasten for a door? Or like
a deceived inventor, don’t we trade a gentle apparition once in a while
for an worried fact? And don’t we like to consider some-more of ourselves than
others give us credit for? Or don’t we still fear a unknown, even if it
promises a good reward?

see, really, all 4 army are usually conflicting aspects of a same process,
handling during conflicting levels in a society. There is unequivocally usually one force
preventing a open accessibility of giveaway appetite technology, and that is
a unspiritually encouraged function of a humans. In a final analysis,
giveaway appetite record is an external phenomenon of boundless abundance. It
is a engine of a economy of an cordial society, where people voluntarily
act in a deferential and polite demeanour toward any other, where any member
of a multitude has all they need, and does not covet what their neighbor
has, where quarrel and earthy assault has turn socially unsuitable behavior
and people’s differences are during slightest tolerated, if not enjoyed.

coming of giveaway appetite record in a open domain is a initial of
a truly courteous age. It is an momentous eventuality in tellurian history. Nobody can
take credit for it. Nobody can get abounding on it. Nobody
can sequence a universe with it. It is simply, a present from God. It
army us all to take shortcoming for a possess actions and for a possess self-disciplined
reserve when needed. The universe as it is now ordered, can't have
giveaway appetite record though being totally remade by it into something
else. This civilization has reached a apex of a development,
since it has birthed a seeds of a possess transformation. Unspiritualized
humans can't be devoted with giveaway energy. They will usually do what they
have always done, that is take bloody advantage of any other, or kill
any other and themselves in a process.

we go behind and review Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged or a Club of Rome Report,
it becomes apparent that a wealthiest families have accepted this for decades.
Their devise is to live in a universe of giveaway energy, though henceforth freeze
a rest of us out. But this is not new. Royalty has always deliberate the
ubiquitous competition (us) to be their subjects. What is new, is that we and
we can promulgate with any other now improved than during anytime in a past.
The Internet offers us, a fourth force, an event to overcome a combined
efforts of a other army preventing giveaway appetite record from spreading.

The Opportunity

is starting to occur is that inventors are
publishing their work, instead
of patenting it and gripping it secret. More and more, people are giving
divided information on these technologies in books, videos and websites.
While there is still a good understanding of invalid information about giveaway energy
on a Internet, a accessibility of good information is rising rapidly. Check
out a list of websites and other resources during a finish of this article.

is needed that we start to accumulate all of a information we can on real
giveaway appetite systems. The reason for this is simple. The initial dual army will
never concede an contriver or a association to build and sell a giveaway appetite machine
to you! The usually approach we will ever get one is if you, or a friend, build it
yourself. This is accurately what thousands of people are already sensitively starting
to do. You might feel unconditionally unsound to a task, though start entertainment information
now. You might be usually a couple in a sequence of events for a advantage of others.
Focus on what we can do now, not on how many there still is to be done. Small,
private investigate groups are operative out a sum as we review this. Many
are committed to edition their formula on a Internet.

of us consecrate a fourth force. If we mount adult and exclude to sojourn ignorant
and actionless, we can change a march of history. It is a aggregate
of a total mutation that can make a difference. Only a mass mutation that
represents a accord can emanate a universe we want. The other 3 forces
will not assistance us put a fuelless appetite plant in a basements. They will not
assistance us be giveaway from their manipulations. Nevertheless, giveaway appetite technology
is here. It is real, and it will change all about a approach we live,
work and describe to any other. In a final analysis, giveaway appetite technology
obsoletes fervour and a fear for survival. But like all exercises of spiritual
faith, we contingency initial perceptible a munificence and trust in a possess lives.

source of giveaway appetite is inside of us. It is that fad of expressing
ourselves freely. It is a spiritually guided premonition expressing itself
though distraction, danger or manipulation. It is a open-heartedness.
Ideally, a giveaway appetite technologies underpin a usually multitude where everyone
has adequate food, clothing, shelter, self-worth, and a convenience time to contemplate
a aloft devout meanings of life. Do we not owe it to any other to
face down a fears and take mutation to emanate this destiny for a children’s

appetite record is here. It has been here for decades. Communications technology
and a Internet have ripped a deceive of privacy off of this conspicuous fact.
People all over a universe are starting to build giveaway appetite inclination for their
possess use. The bankers and a governments do not wish this to happen, though cannot
stop it. There will
be radically no vital media coverage of what is going on. Tremendous mercantile instabilities and wars will be used in a near
destiny to confuse people from fasten a giveaway appetite movement.

multitude is in many ways spiraling down toward self-destruction due to a accumulated
effects of long-term fervour and corruption. The ubiquitous accessibility of free
appetite record can't stop this trend. It can usually strengthen it. If, however,
we have a giveaway appetite device, we might be improved positioned to support the
political/social/economic transition that is underway. The doubt is, who will eventually control the
rising universe government—the initial force or a fourth force?

final good quarrel is roughly on us. The seeds are planted. After this will come
a commencement of a genuine civilization. Some of us who exclude to quarrel will
tarry to see a emergence of a universe of giveaway energy. we plea we to be
among a ones who try.


Living Energies by Callum Coats
The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity by Peter Lindemann, D.Sc.

Applied Modern 20th Century Aether Science by Dr. Robert Adams
Physics Without Einstein by Dr. Harold Aspden
Secrets of Cold War Technology by Gerry Vassilatos
The Coming Energy Revolution by Jeane Manning

Websites: developed
by Clear Tech, Inc. and Dr. Peter Lindemann grown by
JLN Labs in France developed
by Jerry Decker in a USA site for super electrolysis
record excellent
site by Geoff Egel, Australia

For links to other glorious resources:

Free Energy News Articles
Breakthroughs in vital media
that should have been title news

Below are verbatim quotes taken from articles during links supposing dealing with giveaway energy

Kids Build Soybean-Fueled Car
February 17, 2006, CBS News

The star during final week’s Philadelphia Auto Show wasn’t a sports automobile or an economy car. It was a sports-economy car—one that combines opening and practicality underneath one hood.
The automobile that buyers have been watchful decades [for] comes from an astonishing source and runs on soybean bio-diesel fuel to boot. A automobile that can go from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds and get some-more than 50 miles to a gallon would be adequate to bother any driver’s interest. So who do we have to appreciate for it. Ford? GM? Toyota? No—just…five kids from a automobile emporium module during West Philadelphia High School.

Iceland a First Country to Try Abandoning Gasoline
January 18, 2006, ABC News

Iceland has already started…turning H2O into fuel – hydrogen fuel. Here’s how it works: Electrodes separate a H2O into hydrogen and oxygen molecules. Hydrogen electrons pass by a conductor that creates a stream to appetite an electric engine. Hydrogen fuel now costs dual to 3 times as many as gasoline, though gets adult to 3 times a mileage of gas, creation a altogether cost about a same. As an combined benefit, there are no CO emissions – usually H2O vapor.

paradise? Power source that turns production on a head

November 4, 2005, The Guardian

(one of a UK’s heading newspapers),3605,1627424,00.html

It seems too
good to be true: a new source of near-limitless appetite that costs virtually
nothing, uses small amounts of H2O as a fuel and produces subsequent to no waste. Randell Mills, a Harvard University medic who also complicated electrical engineering during Massachusetts Institute of Technology, claims to have built a antecedent appetite source that generates adult to 1,000 times some-more feverishness than required fuel. “We’ve got 50
eccentric validation reports, we’ve got 65 peer-reviewed biography articles,”
he said. “We ran into this fanciful insurgency and there are some vested
interests here.

Magnetic energy? Perhaps

September 7, 2005, San Francisco Chronicle

“All we know is that we’re observant some-more appetite output
than input. Does Goldes comprehend what’s he’s observant — that he’s maybe discovered
a clean, lavish appetite source? “That’s accurately what it appears to
be,” he answered. A handful of other companies worldwide are believed
also to be posterior zero-point appetite around captivating systems. One of them…is run by a former scientist during NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory
in Pasadena. According to Aviation Week Space Technology magazine, the
Pentagon and during slightest dual vast aerospace companies are actively researching
zero-point energy as a means of propulsion.

Solar Challenge Finishes in Calgary

July 28, 2005, Open Source Energy Network/Detroit News
Detroit News;id=18269amp;template=breakout_local.html – CBS affiliate

The ten-day solar automobile competition from Austin to Calgary came to a successful finish yesterday. U of Michigan takes prize, finishing a 2500-mile march in 54 hours. They also set
a record by averaging 46.2 mph in this, a world’s longest solar automobile race.

some-more fit than light bulb
July 5,
2005, CNN

The hydrogen-powered
Ech2o needs usually 25 Watts — a homogeneous of reduction than dual gallons of petrol
— to finish a 25,000-mile tellurian trip, while emitting 0 some-more hazardous
than water. But with a tip speed of 30mph, a tour would take some-more than a month to complete. Ech2o, built by British gas organisation BOC, will bid to pound a universe fuel potency record of over 10,000 miles per gallon during a Shell Eco Marathon. The record is currently….5,385 km/per liter [over 12,000 mpg!].

Advanced vehicles denote 0 oil-consumption,
reduced emissions

May 18, 2005, Boston Globe (article private from Globe website)

Top esteem for a Monte-Carlo Rally went to a mutated Honda Insight [which] pennyless a 100-mile-per-gallon separator over
a 150-mile range. The automobile indeed got 107 miles-per gallon. St. Mark’s High
School in Southboro, and North Haven Community School, North Haven, ME, demonstrated
loyal zero-oil expenditure and loyal 0 climate-change emissions with their
mutated electric Ford pick-up and Volkswagen bus.

Fans of GM Electric Car Fight a Crusher

Washington Post, Mar 10,

agrees that a automobile in question, called a EV1, was a rousing attainment of
engineering that could go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in underneath eight
seconds with no damaging emissions. The marketplace usually wasn’t large enough,
a association says, for a automobile that trafficked 140 miles or reduction on a charge
before we had to block it in like a toaster. Ted Flittner, a…Costa Mesa industrial engineer…said, “they have such a shining resolution they’ve developed. They’ve put it on a marketplace and valid it works. People still wish it and they’re holding it divided and destroying it.”

100 MPG
Car Heralded by London Times in 2002 – Where is it now?

2 , 2004, Times
– (includes content of London Times article),,588-451038,00.html
London Times

The Toyota Eco Spirit was a speak of a fuel economy automobile attention in 2002. At over
100 MPG and with a lowest empty emissions and a unequivocally reasonable sticker
price, a Eco Spirit’s entrance was widely anticipated. (see London Times article). What happened to it?

1908 Ford Model T: 25 MPG, 2004 EPA Average All Cars: 21 MPG
News/, Jun 4, 2004

Ford’s Model T, that went 25 miles on a gallon of gasoline, was some-more fuel fit than a stream Ford Explorer sport-utility car — that manages usually 16 miles per gallon.

Note: This final essay is an glorious outline of eye-opening contradictions that have perceived unequivocally small media coverage, including links to vital media articles to behind adult a contribution presented.

This list is a representation of inventions that furnish giveaway energy. The links supposing will take we directly to a obvious on a website of a U.S. Patent Office.
To hunt for patents by series on a US Patent Office website:

Tesla USP # 685,957
Freedman USP # 2,796,345
Richardson USP # 4,077,001
Frenette USP # 4,143,639
Perkins USP # 4,424,797
Gray USP # 4,595,975
Meyer USP # 4,936,961
Chambers USP # 6,126,794

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