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VYCON® Direct Connect (VDC®)

VYCON® Direct Connect (VDC®) systems are rarely fit kinetic appetite storage systems, that provide consistent and constant appetite for vicious appetite systems.


The VDC flywheel appetite storage systems reason kinetic appetite in a form of a rotating mass, and modify this appetite to electric appetite by law record within a flywheel system. Our singular record includes a high-speed engine generator, active captivating orientation that are used to float and means a rotor during operation, and a aloft control complement that can yield information on a complement performance. These innovative technologies capacitate a VYCON flywheel to assign and liberate during high rates for large cycles creation required technologies like batteries obsolete.

This record is ideal for a accumulation of applications as a battery-free UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) solution, including information centers, medical facilities, promote stations and other mission-critical operations that need adult to 30 to 40 seconds of backup power.

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A series of rival advantages are supposing by a exclusive components of a VYCON flywheel, including:

High-Speed Permanent Magnet Motor Generator

The VDC systems’ engine generator pattern utilizes specialized singular earth magnets to minimize rotor heating and maximize potency and reliability. This form of engine pattern allows a complement to cycle fast but overheating and can therefore be used in formidable applications with high cycling and prolonged life requirements. The engine generator is rotated during speeds adult to 36,750 RPM, where a flywheel complement is during a entirely charged state. During discharge, a rotor speed decreases to a smallest speed, typically 10,000-12,000 RPM.  This speed operation is called a liberate operation and can be practiced for some-more appetite or aloft cycling depending on a application. The rotor public of a flywheel operates in a opening supposing by an outmost pump. By stealing atmosphere from a rotating area of a motor, all windage waste from a complement are eliminated, augmenting electrical efficiency.

Magnetic Bearings and Controls

Magnetic orientation concede a engine public to stagger during really high speeds with no earthy hit to still components, thereby holding advantage of a high efficiencies convenient with high-speed rotation.

Magnetic orientation float a rotating public by a force of a captivating field, and a top and reduce captivating orientation yield 5 axes of support, that embody a axial and radial support. The VYCON captivating temperament pattern is formed on a mixed of permanent magnets, that provides a disposition margin in a gap, and tranquil electromagnets, that yield a composition and centering of a rotor assembly. To minimize temperament appetite mandate and losses, a flywheel is plumb oriented, thereby usually requiring a axial temperament axes to support a full rotor weight. The position of a rotor public is tranquil by a captivating temperament controller (MBC), that feeds rotor position information from position sensors subsequent to a captivating temperament actuator.

The MBC contains a digital controller, sensor inputs and stream amplifiers that guard and control a position of a flywheel rotor around a 5 axes active captivating temperament system. The controller in spin adjusts a stream into any curl to reposition a rotor within an acceptable orbit. The rotor position signals are fed to a control module, that runs a digital filter remuneration procedure to furnish a authority vigilance for any stream amplifier. The stream amplifiers yield a expostulate stream to a actuators of any axis, thereby requesting a army on a rotor that maintains a preferred flywheel rotor position.

The law captivating temperament record eliminates probably all maintenance, including a need to reinstate or repack liniment for a automatic temperament system. As a result, VDC appetite storage systems have a 20-year life with no temperament maintenance.

Bi-Directional Power Converter

The appetite procedure is an Insulated Gat Bipolar Transistor formed bi-directional approach stream (DC) to swapping stream (AC) or AC to DC device. During a charging or motoring state, it acts like Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS) inverter, and a appetite procedure translates DC from a UPS to 3-phase AC that is practical to a stator and spins a flywheel.  While it is discharging or generating, it acts like a UPS rectifier; a appetite procedure translates a 3-phase AC from a flywheel motor-generator to a regulated DC.

Smart Monitoring System

VDC appetite storage systems underline a user-friendly hold shade interface as a primary means for a user to guard and control a system.  The hold shade interface displays an collection of information, including complement information, complement status, complement errors, handling parameters and eventuality record menus. The control row is designed to yield a user with graphical outline of a flywheel storage in genuine time. The shade provides rotor speed, change capacity, liberate eventuality history, tractable voltage –settings, RS-232/485 interface, alarm standing contacts, soft-start pre-charge from DC train and push-button shutdown. The “Service GUI” contains a interface for mixed trouble-shooting, calibration and set-up capabilities.

Flywheel UPS: Certified, Tested and Proven

VDC appetite storage systems have been strictly approved and tested by all vital UPS manufacturers.  They are upheld by a network of over 200 lerned technicians on a 24/7 basis.  Over 900 VDC flywheel UPS systems have been deployed with over 13 million discharge/recharge cycles.

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