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How To Build Your Own Generator that generates electricity giveaway

“Although creatively suggested by Nikola Tesla in 1905, usually a few permanent magnet motors-generators have been designed, that is, magnet motors where a appetite comes from a magnets, not an external, exaustable supply of electricity.”

“Engineers of Hitachi Magnetics Corp. of California have settled that a motor-generator run usually by magnets is possibly and judicious though a politics of a matter make it unfit for them to pursue building a magnet engine or any device that would contest with a appetite cartels.”

“Electric appetite is everywhere benefaction in total quantities and can expostulate a world’s appurtenance though a need for coal, oil, or gas.”
– Nikola Tesla

Today scientists contend a star is 60% “Radient/Dark” energy. (see a pages on “Tesla, Radiant Energy,1,2,3”)


“Writing on Jun 10th, 1902 to his crony Robert U. Johnson, editor of Century Magazine, Tesla enclosed a writing from a prior day’s New York Herald about Clemente Figueras [Figuera], a woods and timberland operative in Las Palmas, collateral of a Canary Islands, [and for many years highbrow of production during St. Augustine´s College, Las Palmas,] who had invented a device for generating electricity though blazing fuel.” [carbon/fossil-based] instead, removing appetite from a “atmosphere”, environment, space a intent and planets transport in.

Spanish Patent and Trademark Office
First of 4 patents (30375-30378) filed while vital in Canary Island (1902)
• Patent number: 30375. Title: A routine for receiving electrical currents wholly a same as those given by stream dynamos. Date of application: 09/20/1902. Applicant: Figuera Urtáiz, Clemente / Blasberge, Pedro.

This proclamation in a paper stirred Tesla, in his minute to Johnson, to explain he had already grown such a device and had suggested a underlying earthy laws.

from www.alpoma.net/tecob/?page_id=8258

Other U.S. patents have been filed – see Ammann, Hendershot, Hubbard, and others, however, usually Tesla accepted a Physics involved.


If we have a gasoline fueled generator, we can cgange it to run on reduction than one tenth, 1/10, a gas. It is really easy to do – a bottle and some hose – and is a poignant step toward a fuel giveaway environment.
see a page “Run Your Car On Vapors”



Concrete explanation that relativity can be disregarded can be found in George Gamow’s watershed book Thirty Years That Shook Physics. Gamow, one of a initial fathers of quantum physics, tells us that in a mid-1920’s, Goudsmit and Uhlenbeck detected not usually that electrons were orthorotating, though also that they were spinning during 1.37 times a speed of light. Gamow creates it transparent that this find did not violate anything in quantum physics, what it disregarded was Einstein’s element that zero could transport faster than a speed of light.

No physicist talks about this anymore. What this means is that a whole expansion of 20th and nascent 21st century production is elaborating ignoring this pivotal Goudsmit and Uhlenbeck finding. The ramifications advise that facile particles, by their nature, interface dimensions. Because they are spinning faster than a speed of light, a thought is that they are sketch this appetite from a ether, a pre-physical realm, and converting a appetite into element form.
– Nikola Tesla
See a page “Tesla’s Unk. Manuscript”


C. Earl Ammann:
The immature inventor, C. Earl Ammann, today, Monday, Aug 8, 1921, demonstrated his invention by attaching it to an aged automobile and regulating it about a city.

Lester Hendershot
In 1960, Lester Hendershot’s device (now called a ‘magnatronic generator’) was researched by a U.S. Navy’s Office of Naval Research. The generator was reported to have illuminated a 100-watt flare by ‘induced radio magnitude energy.’ The plan finished when Hendershot committed suicide.

Alfred Hubbard:

In 1920, during a age of 19, Alfred Hubbard built a curl and engine that ran his vessel 10 knots an hour on Portage Bay in Seattle. He called this ‘fuelless’ section an ‘atmospheric appetite generator.’ Hubbard claimed it could work for years; expostulate a vast car; light an bureau building; and fly a craft around a star nonstop. Little is famous about a Hubbard Coil. He was forced into shade given of what his engine would do to a benefaction industries. “Since Alfred Hubbard worked with Tesla for a brief period, it seems expected that his transformer is formed on [information from] Tesla.”

T. Henry Moray

A Doctor of Electrical Engineering, T. Henry Moray wrote a book ‘The Sea of Energy in Which a Earth Floats’ in 1960. It contains formula of a 50 year investigate with another form of ‘atmospheric appetite collector.’ During FDR’s reign, Moray became a arch operative of a western bend of a Rural Electrification Agency. He built a device that weighed 55 pounds and assembled adult to 50,000 watts. An ignorant co-worker was so barbarous by a bizarre beliefs Moray tested, that he broken a machine. By today’s standards, a detriment would be over a million dollars. Moray wrote that ‘frequencies maybe grown that will change a force of sobriety to a indicate of neutralization.’
Moray: ‘It was during a Christmas holidays of 1911 that we began to comprehend a fact that a appetite we was operative with was not of a immobile inlet though of an oscillating nature, and that a appetite was not entrance out of a Earth though that it rather was entrance in to a Earth from some outward source.’

Ed Gray

Edwin Gray Sr., 48, has fashioned operative inclination that could:
Power any auto, train, truck, vessel and craft that moves in this land — perpetually.
Warm, cold and use any American home — though manufacture a singular delivery line.
Feed vast appetite into a nation’s strong industrial complement — forever.
And do it all though formulating a singular iota of pollution.
“He flicked a switch and a tiny battery sent a assign into a capacitors. He afterwards plugged in 6 15-watt electric bulbs on sold cords — and a 110-volt unstable radio set and dual radios. The bulbs burnt brightly, a radio played, and both radios blared — and yet, a tiny battery was not discharging.”


Ed Gray’s R. E. Motor

Another potentially profitable magnet-motor
invention and a termination

see 2 page story and patents of Edwin V. Gray’s
1975 Radiant appetite motor:
“Pulsed Capacitor Discharge Electric Engine”


See we a pyramid that is in a core there? That contingency rotate, and there contingency be magnets … in a corners of a incomparable pyramid. … The outdoor pyramid contingency have another during a bottom indicating down, …And quartz contingency be attached, … a piece of quartz to store a frequency. [a capacitor to store a electrical charge?]   with your magnets to balance. … Someone has already built it, by a way, so it should be flattering easy … Not a large responsibility either. … It’s usually usually … this large … [about a feet in diameter] . . . Everyone should have one in their yard. If we make it and succeed, give it divided . . . Keep creation them and giving them away. . . . Maybe afterwards you’ll stop polluting.
from Shining a Light II by Light Technology Research, ~ ‎Arthur Fanning; pg. 136-137

There was no pattern with this matter so it is tough to pattern it in a minds. If anyone can get it to work, let us know how and assistance start a transformation – a magnet engine in any yard!



Directory: Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Over

Picture this. You have a engine branch a incomparable outlay generator, and a generator is producing adequate appetite to keep a engine running, as good as adequate left over to appetite other things. (It’s a tiny some-more formidable than this, though that is a ubiquitous idea.) All we need to get it going is a starter motor, temporarily, like on an automobile engine, and once a complement is going, it stays going, unless it is tighten off.

Sounds like a transparent box of violating a law of charge of energy, right?

Apparently not.

September 16, 2013 Update: Now we know of 26 individuals/groups that have come adult with this eccentric from one another. Some of these are expected to be bogus, though not all.

see a office inventory

see youtube videos:

how to build a self regulating generator


Proof of Concept

Disproof of corporate and (bought) supervision denials

Variations on a Magnet Motor

Evolution of Perpetual Motion, WORKING Free Energy Generator


Proof of Concept


a Magnetic Gate

A organisation of these could be
mounted on a rotating disc?


a 2 subsequent are similar

Dual Geared Wheels

regulating an iron bar for a captivating defense

Permanent magnets on both sides of an iron defense are captivated to a defense and usually wrongly to any other during tighten vicinity to a shield.

to pattern this with something well-spoken around a top gears to extend them out a tiny some-more and to mountain a magnets on them, competence work.

The simplest, cheapest, ideas are a best.


Radio Shack sells 1″ and 1.5″ bar magnets. However, many bar magnets are a lot cheaper on a web. Do a google search.

you might find a pkg of 50 “magnetic buttons” during Walmart for about $6.

Take a circle off an aged toy, an aged drum skate, … or find a hardware store that sells wheels (caster or tiny fly-wheels?) or a place that sells tools (wheels) for R.C. cars, and buy a couple.



In 1893, Tesla practical for a obvious on an electrical curl that is a many expected claimant for a non-mechanical inheritor of his appetite extractor. This is his “Coil for Electro-magnets,” obvious #512,340. It is a extraordinary design, distinct an typical curl done by branch handle on a tube form, this one uses dual wires laid subsequent to any other on a form though with a finish of a initial one connected to a commencement of a second one.
In a obvious Tesla explains that this double curl will store many times a appetite of a required coil.


Capacitors are spasmodic referred to as condensers.
This is now deliberate an superannuated term.


A light-weight super high firmness capacitor
to reinstate complicated batteries in an electric automobile

Nikola Tesla US obvious # 512,340


No. 512,340. Patented Jen. 9,1894.

SPECIFICATION combining partial of Letters Patent No. 512,340, antiquated Jan 9, 1894. Application filed Jul 7.1893. Serial No. 479,804.

Be it famous that I, NIKOLA TESLA, a citizen of a United States, staying during New York, in a county and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful improvements in Coils for Electro-Magnets and other Apparatus, of that a following is a specification, anxiety being had to a drawings concomitant and combining a partial of a same.

In electric apparatus or systems in that swapping currents are employed a self initiation of a coils or conductors may, and, in fact, in many cases does work disadvantageously by giving arise to fake currents that mostly revoke what is famous as a blurb potency of a apparatus component a complement or work detrimentally in other respects. The effects of self-induction, above referred to, are famous to be neutralized by proportioning to a correct grade a ability of a circuit with propinquity to a self-induction and magnitude of a currents. This has been achieved here-to-fore by a use of condensers [capacitors] assembled and practical as apart instruments.

My benefaction invention has for a intent to equivocate a practice of condensers [capacitors] that are expensive, unwieldy and formidable to say in ideal condition, and to so erect a coils themselves as to accomplish a same ultimate object.

In sequence to achieve my intent and, to scrupulously boost a ability of any given coil, we breeze it in such approach as to secure a larger disproportion of intensity between a adjacent turns or convolutions, and given a appetite stored in a coil-considering a latter as a condenser [capacitor], is proportional to a block of a intensity disproportion between a adjacent convolutions, it is clear that we might in this approach secure by a correct showing of these convolutions a severely increasing ability for a given boost in intensity disproportion between a turns.

Figure l is a blueprint of a curl wound in a typical manner. Fig. 2 is a blueprint of a circuitous designed to secure a objects of my invention.

Let A, Fig. 1, appropriate any given curl a spires or convolutions of that are wound on and insulated from any other. Let it be insincere that a terminals of this curl uncover a intensity disproportion of one hundred volts, and that there are one thousand convolutions; their deliberation any dual constant points on adjacent convolutions let it be insincere that there will exist between them a intensity disproportion of one-tenth of a volt. If now, as shown in Fig. 2, a conductor B be wound together with a conductor A and insulated from it, and a finish of A be connected with a starting indicate of B, a total length of a dual conductors being such that a insincere array of convolutions or turns is a same, viz., one thousand, afterwards a intensity disproportion between any dual adjacent points in A and B will be fifty volts, and as a ability outcome is proportional to a block of this difference. The appetite stored in a curl as a whole – will now be dual hundred and fifty thousand times as good Following out this principle, we might breeze any given curl possibly in Whole or in part, not usually in a specific demeanour herein illustrated, though also in a good accumulation of ways, good famous in a art, so as to secure between adjacent convolutions such intensity disproportion as will give a correct ability to vacate a self-induction for any given stream that might be employed. Capacity cumulative in this sold approach possesses an additional advantage in that it is uniformly distributed, a care of a biggest significance in many cases, and a results, both as to potency and economy, are a some-more straightforwardly and simply performed as a distance of a coils, a intensity difference,

or magnitude of a currents are increased.

Coils stoical of eccentric strands or conductors wound side by side and connected in array are not in themselves new, and we do not courtesy a some-more minute outline of a same as necessary. though heretofore, so distant as we am aware, a objects in perspective have been radically opposite from mine, and a formula that we obtain even if an occurrence to such forms of circuitous have not been appreciated or taken advantage of.

In carrying out my invention it is to be celebrated that certain contribution are good accepted by those learned in a art, viz: a family of capacity, self-induction, and a magnitude and intensity disproportion of a current. What capacity, therefore, in any given box it is fascinating to obtain and what special circuitous will secure it, are straightforwardly determinable from a other factors that are known.

What we explain as my invention is –
1. A curl for electric apparatus a adjacent convolutions of that form tools of a circuit between that there exists a intensity disproportion sufficient to secure in a curl a ability able of neutralizing a self-induction, as herein before described.

2. A curl stoical of constant or adjacent insulated conductors electrically connected in array and carrying a intensity disproportion of such value as to give to a curl as a whole, a ability sufficient to vacate a self-induction, as set forth.

Robert F. Gaylord,
Parker W. Page





Howard Johnson combined one. He has organised a set of permanent magnets on a rotor and a analogous set – with opposite spacing – on a stator. One simply has to pierce a stator into position and revolution of a rotor starts immediately.

His invention was vandalized; his work suppressed:
“He’s had countless additional setbacks over a years after his operative section was vandalized by thieves that pennyless into Howard’s emporium and stole usually a magnets off that model, withdrawal many $thousands value of other element circuitously untouched.”

see Howard Johnson’s permanent Magnet Motor


Some simple observations concerning magnets

  1. Two magnets repel serve than they attract given of attrition and sluggishness forces, however, Using magnets to repel tends to break them as it causes some-more misalignment of a domains.
  2. Most of a appetite comes directly or indirectly from electromagnetic appetite of a sun, e.g. photosynthesis and watercycle of sea to H2O fog to sleet or sleet to ocean.
  3. Magnetic appetite “travels” between poles during a speed of light.
  4. Permanent magnets on both sides of an iron defense are captivated to a defense and usually wrongly to any other during tighten vicinity to a shield.
  5. Permanent magnets are ferrous metals. The captivate is an different block force.
  6. Magnetic appetite can be shielded.
  7. The shifting or perpendicular force of a screw is most reduction than a force in a instruction of a margin to mislay a keeper.
  8. Most of a captivating appetite is strong during a poles of a magnet.
  9. A permanent magnet loses tiny strength unless forsaken or heated. Heating misaligns a captivating elements within a magnet.
  10. If a weight carried by a permanet magnet is solemnly increased, a lifting appetite of a magnet can be increasing until all a captivating domains in a magnet are aligned in a same direction. This becomes a limit.


“It is positively essential to know that a star is governed by incessant motion, from a atom to a universe for “eternity past” and for “eternity future”, producing a possess movements exclusively though interruption.”


Alfred Hubbard’s Generator

Howard Johnson’s permanent Magnet Motor

Tesla’s Electric Car

Tesla, Radiant Energy, page 1

Tesla, Radiant Energy, page 2

Tesla, Radiant Energy, page 3

Tesla’s Biography


Alternatively, for minute instructions on how to make your automobile intensely fuel fit ( to run your automobile on smoke ) see a page

Run your automobile on vapors

a T fitting: 1-1/2 in. diam. = $3
1-1/2 in. diam. vinyl tubing = $3/ft


Run Your Car On Vapors

Charles Pogue Carb.

Tom Ogle Carb.

Build Your Own Hydrogen Generator



Article source: http://fuel-efficient-vehicles.org/energy-news/?page_id=976

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