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In a word, yes. Thousands of people save millions of pounds on their bills each year, by switching by a website. We were one of a initial comparison sites, definition we’ve built adult in-depth believe of a appetite industry. We’re totally impartial, comparing deals from all UK suppliers, so we can rest positive that you’re removing a best deals now available. Tariffs are updated during slightest daily, so you’re always removing an accurate comparison.

Our gas and electricity cost comparisons belong to a Ofgem Confidence Code, a intentional formula of use that governs appetite comparison websites. We’re unapproachable to have been a first signatory of a Code, that strives to safeguard that a switching routine is easy, arguable and trustworthy.

energyhelpline is owned by Fundraising Innovations Limited, a private company. All shareholders work for a company.

We don’t censor behind a website, we’re genuine people who are easy to get reason of! You can hit a accessible group during any point, before, during or after your switch, we adore to help. Call us on 0800 074 0745 or email

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