Electromagnetic generator 10 kW Free appetite device

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Infinity SAV is a good orderly group of immature and desirous people. The association employs rarely competent gifted specialists in a margin of electric engineering with a abounding knowledge of some-more than 10 years. Our portfolio includes some-more than 20 innovative inclination and 10 patents.
All of a inclination bear peculiarity control and eccentric third celebration testing.
For some-more than 3 years a group has been building a hoary fuel giveaway generator that is means to beget energy. We have conducted a systematic investigate and have achieved a few entirely functioning models.
At benefaction a association Infinity SAV is scheming to launch a mass prolongation of a fuel giveaway generator for consumers.
Now a association is actively looking for distributors from all countries.
One of a simple beliefs of work of a association Infinity SAV is finish and clear accomplishment of undertaken obligations.

We are located in Seoul, South Korea

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Gravity Air Fluid Motor Free Energy 2016
The record described Free appetite device a suppositious incessant suit device that creates energy, thereby contradicting a laws of thermodynamics or a device that collects appetite during 0 cost.

Power from Magnet Motor , Power from Aerials, Gravity Power, Anti sobriety Power, Water power, Renewable Energy, Alternative Energy

How to Free Energy Generator – magnet engine with neodymium magnets, giveaway appetite magnet motor

Article source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qrw6Xj5a0nM

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