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نوشته شده در موضوع تولید انرژی رایگان در 22 اکتبر 2017

I’m simply going to supplement to Kevin Kolasa‘s reason by debunking those dual videos.

For a initial one, you’ll notice how a chairman holding a camera never shows a closeup of a backside when a “engine” starts, nor of a wheels on presumably side of a executive magnet during any indicate in time.  However, we can see a black aspect on a rim of those dual wheels.  Keep this in mind.
There are magnets in a executive “barrel” during specific points along a circumference.  You might see these circle-like regions as it is spinning along, and when we see them, a “piston” lined adult with it starts it’s “compression” cycle.  The same happens with a “pistons” on a backside.  What force do they strive on these magnets?  An appealing force (at all times).  So because does a executive “barrel” still stagger by these forces?  Momentum and additional force.  The kinetic appetite of a executive “barrel” is solemnly dissolute around attrition (friction during a ends that are holding it up), so movement decreases over time unless there is a pulling force.  Unless a contriver found some enchanting approach to make a magnets attract for angles before to a closest point, and repel for angles after a closest point, there is a pulling force progressing that kinetic appetite and momentum.  This is where those black surfaces come in.  They demeanour an awful lot like belts.  Could there be a motorist engine somewhere underneath a complement pulling a executive “barrel” so that a rest of a complement runs?

Of course, this is no decisive proof, though it provides reasonable doubt.  A revisit in chairman by a used physicist or operative would substantially infer a hypothesis.

For a second, we can see that a circle does stop (classically, due to friction)!  So how could this presumably be giveaway energy?  You submit a appetite to spin a wheel, and somehow it left a system, permitting a circle to stop!  The magnets are simply abhorrence a disc, and this abhorrence is a force in a conflicting instruction of gravity.  If we remember simple physics, we know that attrition is proportional to a normal force.  Typically a normal force is formed on some matrix combination including gravity.  In this case, a normal force is a matrix sum of a gravitational force and a nauseating captivating force (technically a captivating force does no work, though let’s only contend it does so nominally), that is a most smaller bulk of normal force than sobriety alone.  That means there is reduction friction, and so a front spins for a longer duration of time, as it takes longer to waste a same volume of appetite with a weaker frictive force.

Both of these cases are theme to friction, attrition dissipates kinetic appetite by converting it into thermal energy, and a complement always loses some thermal appetite (although not indispensably all of it).  This is because we can't win in a “cruel casino diversion [of]…our universe”.

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