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نوشته شده در موضوع تولید انرژی رایگان در 18 اکتبر 2017

Power of magnetism

Magnetic force is pushing tellurian imagination nuts for a prolonged time particulary due to a pacifist invisible force – it’s quiet, static, can’t be seen, heard, though a existence is undoubtfull.

Many wanna-be and genuine inventors are still perplexing to infer that some incessant suit can be performed usually from this immobile captivating appetite forewer, while according to elementary phisical laws it is impossible. Energy can usually be transformed, not gained from nothing.

Different approach

While above mentioned is still appealing idea, each genuine contriver simply MUST conform phisical laws and all what matters. So my proceed is somewhat opposite and we am not perplexing to invent perpetuum mobile, though rather renovate captivating appetite into some-more serviceable energy.

Where is a indicate of my research?
Well, it would be tough to explain in a tiny space like on this web site a whole element to withstand systematic debate, though simply put: consider of it like chief power, a sequence greeting on atomic explosve explosion, that comes from elementary molecular equation. Enormous appetite by only spliting atom to a parts. Think draw a same approach – it is not so powerfull, though some-more durable and seizing down draw can furnish a vast apportion of serviceable energy.

STARMAG engine

The name stands for Spiral Tunnel Asynchronus Repulsion Magnetic Generator, and as it is apparent from a name, is a generator, powered especially with permanent neodymium captivating power.

Contrary to all or many of famous captivating wannabe-perpetuum-mobiles found on internet, STARMAG is a initial claimant for success. It does not try to yield continual motion, nor does it try to be self-propelled in a apparent stator/rotor principle. Instead, it uses singular tunneling element with nauseating action, where generated stream beat is generated within device reset state, so asynchronus.

The device categorical purpose is a distributed appetite generation, mostly household-based, where returned appetite would overcome all consumed energy, generating poignant income over time. STARMAG inclination will be accessible from tiny form cause portable device of approx. 1000-2000W output, to household apparatus generating 5-20 kW. Larger inclination are also probable to build, though this is not my aim market.

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