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نوشته شده در موضوع تولید انرژی رایگان در 24 سپتامبر 2017

Robert Rowley Searches for a law about a Perendev Magnet Motor. Just since we did not attain does not meant that a other Perendev Videos are a fraud.

Another pattern of magnets will be tested… If we demeanour during my favorites on this same page we will see a sketch of a perendev cofiguration it shows that a magnets in a stator are magnetized by a hole and not a poles.

After doing palm tests we detected that when a stator magnets are magnetized like a sketch shows a many absolute disastrous army are topsy-turvy and turn certain forces. The disastrous army are condensed to roughly nothing. Based on regard we would contend this engine will work if built properly!

I trust that a video of a Perendev Magnet Motor is authentic and that my try unsuccessful since we used a wrong pattern of magnets. In this video a magnets are all magnetized by a poles. When we did my investigate on a perendev we abandoned a sketch display magnets magnetized both ways being used. So apperantly we did some rough contrast on what pattern competence work and found that if a magnets in a stators are magnetized by a hole that it causes something really opposite to occur as a magnets pass by eachother. It looks promising… Even yet it usually takes about $200 to buy a magnets for a subsequent examination we dont have it since we am a carpenter and business is delayed since of a economy so we worry about losing my land during we acquire partners to join me for this and other engaging projects since when we partner on discoveries it costs reduction for everyone.

100 Partners profitable $30 would have paid for a work finished so far. we am meditative of recruiting people into this plan Team Power Works. Cooperation Works Better That Competition.

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