Free Energy Magnet Motor fan as Free Energy …

نوشته شده در موضوع تولید انرژی رایگان در 22 سپتامبر 2017

This complement of giveaway appetite fan revolution of magnet engine is used as giveaway appetite generator for lighting of bulb. It is up-graded in multiple with electric capacitator. Explained step by step how to build giveaway appetite prezented by Wasaby Sajado

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For construction were used CPU fan, skinny clever neodynium magnets, led lighting tuber and led light.
Fan Rotation usually formed on magnet margin appetite but electricity need. It is elementary construction utilizing mgnetic disattraction. It is in some-more sum explained in my strange video on youtube.
What is your opinion? is it reall or is it arrange of trick?

Music is from kingship giveaway youtube video editor (music library) = name of music: The Engagement.
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