Free Energy Generators: 11 Steps

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This is substantially a many colorful partial of a instructable. So we will be explaining my speculation of how it works, and if we want, we can time transport and ask Nikola if my speculation is right. So we will be regulating appetite device # 5. Let’s suppose that a sky is especially definitely charged, though has some pieces of disastrous in it; and a belligerent is especially negatively charged, though has some pieces of certain in it. So a receiver collects what’s in a sky, and a education tie collects what’s in a ground. So as shown in a second picture, The collected charges are distant by a diodes and put into a capacitor to store. If we have both receiver and ground, it charges faster than if we usually use one. So where do a charges come from we competence ask. The charges come from a sun. As shown in a third picture, a object has a aurora that is a white, electrically charged covering around a sun. So as it extends into space, it gradually thins out into a lot of streams of electrically charged particles called solar wind. Now a earth has a captivating margin that deflects roughly all of a solar wind, though intensely tiny amounts of it pass by a captivating shield. That creates a charges as shown in design one. Since a sky gets charged, a belligerent also gets charged contrasting by laws of physics. The generators apart a charges and put them to good use by charging a capacitor.

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