Mike Brady (Perendev) expelled from prison

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News October
29, 2014; 3:45 MDT [GMT-6]

Back in S. Africa, Mike says he is piecing his life behind together,
preparing a demo device, so he can sell off his record to someone else. A
blog site is pending.

by Sterling
D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

I got my start in a universe of outlandish giveaway appetite 12.5 years ago looking into
the claims of Mike Brady and his Perendev all-magnet motor. We were anticipating to
help hang a group around this to move it to market. we still possess https://Perendev.com,
which forwards to a PESWiki coverage of a motor.

Four and a half years ago, we reported that Mike Brady was arrested
on Mar 29, 2010 for embezzling 61 German customers’ income in a volume of
around 1 million Euros, and that a company, Perendev, closed
its doors.

We’ve also reported that Brazilian obvious BR8900294A
filed in 1989, now expired, that pre-dates Brady’s pattern by a few years, is
nearly matching to his; and that a Brazilian contriver recalls being contacted
by a man from S. Africa who had “far too many questions;” and he later
recognized his voice when examination one of a videos of Brady’s magnet motor.
Brady gave no credit to a Brazilian contriver nonetheless claimed to have come adult with
the pattern himself. (That contriver does not wish to be contacted.)

The Brazilian’s prototype, that he had to uncover to a Brazilian obvious office
in sequence to get his patent, allegedly worked, nonetheless was expensive, inasmuch as it
used ceramic magnets that degauss sincerely fast compared to neodymiums, which
is what Brady used.

Now Mike is out of prison, expelled in a past few days, and has returned to S.
Africa; and it seems he’s in a tainted mood, not acknowledging wrongdoing. On
October 26, he sent me this summary by email in response to my exploration about his
intentions: (slightly edited)

I will be doing a show, and afterwards we am going to sell all my tech, as we feel what we have been through, humankind does not merit my
tech. The new owners can do what they like. However, we have seen that we are putting a drawings on the
. we am still a owners of a tech, not “Perendev” so temperament that in
mind. You had no right to place what is not yours on a net. Another thing you
forgot is that we wrote a lot about me on a net, and got all a contribution wrong, we never deliberate that only maybe, we was a plant of an injustice. 

The non-disclosure agreement we had sealed with Mike was prolonged lapsed (3 years
duration?), and one of a final things Mike had told me before he was
incarcerated was that he designed on open sourcing his magnet engine design, since
it was distant defective to his electromagnetic movement (the purported 100 kW and 300
kW systems). If we remember right, he done that matter in a available interview
with me, that we published, with his permission. 

A integrate of years ago, when we done that multi-stop outing by Europe, one of
the places we was deliberation going was to revisit Mike in jail in Germany, nonetheless a timing
and bill didn’t concede it; nor was it a high priority, given that we didn’t have
much certainty that Mike honestly did not merit to be sealed up, as he was
hoping to make his box to me. we could be wrong about that, nonetheless a evidence,
especially a Brazilian patent, doesn’t advise that. Even nonetheless that is not
why he was incarcerated, emotionally, it seemed to lend faith to me — both
of Brady’s guilt, and of a legitimacy of a record that he apparently

Here are a integrate of email memos we perceived from him currently in seeking what his
plans are and if we can post his email:

Not during this time, we am perplexing to arrange out my life, build a new appurtenance for a uncover demo, and afterwards sell out.

We are completing a blog site and will advise we of a address.

With Brady’s release, Nuri
done me wakeful of nonetheless another video,
posted scarcely dual years ago, display an apparent riposte of a design, this one out of Turkey:

This brings to around 10 allegedly successful replicas
that I’ve turn wakeful of over a years.

I wish Mike good in his try to pass a rod for his technology. we hope
whoever buys it does a correct due industry as to a operative and a worth.
Mike wanted $500 million for a US permit to hurl it out behind in 2002. It might
fetch that after being in a marketplace for several years and all a bugs
worked out. Like so many inventors and entrepreneurs, he seemed bitten by gold
fever, overtaken by greed, not to discuss a miss of firmness he had about
acknowledging where a record came from, as good as a shortcomings. May
calmer heads prevail.


October 30, 5:30 am MDT update:

I perceived a following email from Mike, responding to this story: (no editing)

Sent: Thursday, Oct 30, 2014 1:24 AM [MDT]
Subject: Re: Story: Mike Brady (Perendev) expelled from prison

Sterling, we would like to say, that firstly, a engine that was built and shown on a Internet, was built in 1998, and come from a strange that we built in 1969 this was a clambshell motor, so how can we have stolen his design, we consider that we write this only to get a flog out of putting someone down, stop it, we are going to get yourself into a lot of trouble, as distant as me doing something wrong, again we are wrong and don’t know a facts, what is it we want? Have we got a hair adult your arse? Is that what it’s about, only like a guys from Berlin, who attempted to disprove me in Court, during this time we consider they contingency be really shaken meaningful that after what they pronounced in justice there is going to be authorised repacussions, and they will be sued for deformation of caracter and will take any cent from them.

What people should do is consider before opening their mouth to disprove someone.


By approach of personal regard when we was with Mike in Johannesburg. As he
was pushing us around, giving us a debate of Johannesburg (he was a really gracious
host), he stopped during a roadside businessman offered DVDs that were pirated, and
bought a few. As a former policeman, Mike explained that this was a situation
and didn’t seem to have any remorse opposite that, and we took mental note of

I’ve been creation this matter for years about this Brazilian patent, and this
is a initial time Mike has supposing a rebuttal, now claiming what he pronounced above.

# # #

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