Inventor opens his magnet engine pattern . . . NOT

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Account of how Robert Calloway certified to heading Sterling Allan on an
intentional furious crow follow in a name of assisting him to get his magnet motor
to successfully run.

Preface criticism by Sterling D. Allan, Feb. 10, 2006, 7:00 pm Mountain

Perendev riposte by PerenTech (source)

On Jan. 13, 2006, Robert Calloway contacted me by email.  He pronounced he saw
the video
of a Perendev riposte we (PerenTech) did, and that he had some tips on how
to make it self-run.  The import was that he had figured this out and
was peaceful to assistance me get cave to run as well.

I afterwards commenced an email and phone discourse with him.  He gave me some
tips, a import being that they would outcome in a organic magnet motor,
and that they were ubiquitous beliefs for all magnet motors.  Because we am
one who likes to share what we know with others for their advantage as well, to
help humanity, we asked for and perceived his accede by phone to tell these
in an open source format. He usually requested that his name not be attached.

After component a element into a news story, we ran it by Robert for review,
with a ask that he give some kind of acknowledgment that he does indeed have a
working device shaped on these instructions.  He responded that he would not
verify, and that he had dictated a skeleton usually for my viewing, and not for
publication — contradicting his progressing accede given by phone.

Seeing some vicious discrepancies in this about-face, we counted a story a
loss, during slightest for then, and let it lay idle.

Meanwhile, on Feb. 5, after receiving notice that Robert now had a website, I
got his accede to use a quote from him about magnet motors in general
operating on a element of drumming a nucleus spin, that we posted in the
Feb. 7 FreeEnergyNews.  (Ref.) 
I hoped that this apparent ice-melting meant that he would come around some time
soon to permitting me to tell a instructions he had given earlier, believing
them to be authentic.

Then this morning, Feb. 10, we perceived dual emails from Robert.  One said,
“I have expelled full information on my website on how a engine
works.”  The second was a duplicate of one of a pages from his site
publicly apologizing to me for carrying supposing intentionally fake information.

I afterwards spent a day reworking a news story (below), shaped on a new
information he had on his site.  we afterwards sent him an email with a integrate to
the story so he could examination it.  He responded, saying, “The (keys)
are wrong. The blueprint is wrong, and a reason is wrong. You have to go by
the reason on my website.”

I had left from his explanation, so we was puzzled.

He sent another email summary with a new diagram, and it did not uncover a stator
magnets during 90 degrees from a rotor magnets, that had been a primary
component in a progressing instructions.  we had even enclosed “90d”
in a name of a progressing request shaped on that purported key.

It afterwards dawned on me that that whole thing with him revelation me what to do to get
my engine to work had been an conscious furious crow follow on his part.  And
it dawned on me since he was apologizing.  But in my opinion, a reparation was
not enough.  How was we to know this many new information wasn’t also

I phoned him adult this dusk to make certain we had comprehended rightly that the
whole bit about a stator magnets being set 90 degrees from a rotor magnets
was intentionally incorrect.  He confirmed, and pronounced that this had been why
he had published that apology.

I afterwards responded that in sequence for him to get his credit behind with me that
I would have to see a video of a device running.

He said, “then usually forget it.”

I tell this as a heads up, initial per Robert Calloway; second as a story
about what humans are means of pulling, so that we competence be some-more cautious
than we was in this case.

I had honour for Robert.  He had claimed to have a functioning Bowman
motor a integrate of years ago, and seemed to be perplexing to assistance others to replicate
it successfully.  (Ref.) 
Quite a few people were giving it their best. we don’t know of any successes.
Growing sleepy of a effort, we tuned out, as we suppose many others did too.
However, some of them had spent many days, even weeks and months attempting the
replication, and spent income and machining time, and built some unequivocally nice
looking devices, yet with no success.

Never did it cranky my mind that Robert competence have been heading everybody on a
wild crow follow then.

Intentional falsification with a pattern of luring a perceived
competitor in scholarship into wasting time and resources, with a device of being
their crony is a unwashed trick.

I offer a following documentation as element evidence:

  • Email
    – Jan. 13, 2006 – Feb. 10, 2006, includes documentation
    of paradoxical drawings
  • Phone records on file.
  • Earlier
    breeze of story, put on hold
    – Jan. 17, 2006. Ended adult being
    intentionally fraudulent information supposing by Robert Calloway
  • Robert Calloway’s website apologizes, admits to intentionally misleading
    Sterling Allan – repository duplicate of 4-page website as it seemed Feb. 10, 2005

  • Robert gave me a name of “Stan” during “”,
    631-218-3431, as his source for his magnets of both orientations.  That
    series is dead, nor is there a website by that name, nor a association by that
    name according to a Google
  • The Updated Story — Still shaped on
    fraudulent info with no vigilant to pill – Feb. 10, 2005.
  • Archive of a “I need to pardon Robert” statement
    we had posted in a place of this benefaction request from Feb. 10 by Feb.
    16, 2006.

The Updated Story
Still Based on Bogus Info

Written before to a above Preface.  It was in the
process of receiving submit from Calloway on this breeze that a crow chase
became apparent.

You are here:
News Feb. 10,

After dual decades of anticipating out what won’t work, Robert H. Calloway
says he is prepared to reason how to build an operational all-magnet motor.

by Sterling
D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News Exclusive

Perendev riposte by PerenTech (source)

Introduction: Imagine a Magnet Motor

Imagine a engine that is propelled by magnets only.  No electricity in;
no petrol in; usually torque out, to be used to spin a generator or a expostulate shaft.

Science does not nonetheless have models to report how this works, mostly since the
scientific village during vast does not trust it is possible.

Notwithstanding educational snubbing, many thousands of people have chased
such a dream, and some explain to have achieved eureka.

Of all a giveaway appetite technologies, from solar and wind, to cold alloy and
zero indicate energy, a magnet engine is substantially a sexiest.  There it is
spinning away, in defilement of famous laws of physics, formulating useful
energy.  What we have is a engine that we could plunk down usually about
anywhere (environmental conditions/protection depending), and it will run
continuously, with no manifest appetite input, wanting usually occasional maintenance
of a orientation and such.  Heat is a rivalry for such a system, since at
higher temperatures, a draw of a magnets is lost.

Some notice that a magnets wear down, suggesting maybe that a appetite that
went into charging a magnets is somehow being emptied out to make a motor
run.  That is engaging science, yet is not unsentimental in terms of energy

Others, however, explain that their designs spin with no abating of a Gauss
of a magnets.

As of yet, nothing of those who have claimed to a operative magnet engine have brought
one into a marketplace; nor have any open source projects certified a
functional pattern that was purported to work.

Now Robert H. Calloway presents in an open source format a set of principles
that allegedly will outcome in a organic magnet motor.

Not Yet Validated by PES Network, Inc.

PES Network Inc. has not nonetheless certified these claims by an independent
replication.  Our purpose here is to share these things with those of you
who competence not mind going out on a limb, to colonize a resolution of these
principles in an open source sourroundings of pity what any learns in their
replication attempt.

At first, Robert did not wish to have his name compared with this project. He
said he enjoyed a still lifestyle that he had, he valued his anonymity, and he
preferred to not change that.

Robert Calloway’s Replication
of a Bowmann magnet motor

Back in Jan 2004 when we open sourced a Bowmann
magnet motor
, Calloway claimed to have a operative chronicle of that motor. He
was flooded with emails, both from people wanting to figure it out, as good as
by skeptics lambasting him for his claim.  we don’t remember that any videos
were ever constructed to uncover a engine in motion.

Not enjoying that experience, this time around he was prone to remain
anonymous.  So now that he has motionless to concede his name to be associated
with a information, greatfully be demure when contacting him.

He says he has been chasing this dream with a passion for scarcely twenty
years.  He has attempted a lot of things that do not work.  Now he is
sharing what he found does work.

He is not going to try and obvious this; he’s not going to try and take it to
market; he’s not requesting that any content applications be privileged by him
first.  It is a loyal open source project, with no famous encumbrances.

Background and Source Material

Robert has spent a lot of time reviewing other claims to operative magnet
, generally a Perendev
and a Bowmann. 
His thoughts are shabby heavily by these designs.



Mb wmv; 3.5 minutes

Video of Prototype II

rotor starts to
spin as the
stator is brought into proximity

Feb. 2003

Replication of BMM
by Robert Calloway

In particular, he pronounced he spent a good understanding of time study a video
of a Perendev engine in motion.  What he presents here is shaped primarily
on a Perendev
design by Michael J. Brady.

Commencing this Open Source Project

On Jan. 13, after observation a video
of my unproductive 1/4-scale reproduction of a Perendev magnet engine (built by Doug
Furr), Robert sent me an email charity to assistance me to get it to run.  That
dialogue led to this open source project.

For now, a chairman wishing to tackle a doing of Robert’s principles
will need to remove a required information from a Perendev photos and
video, in and with Robert’s explanations here.  A digest of this
design in transparent plans form is expected to come on a project
once a explain is exclusively verified.

In a entrance days, we pattern that those who join in this open
source project
will successfully replicate a design; and afterwards produce
straight-forward enlightening documentation, along with photos, videos, and
other evidences.

PES Network, PerenTech, and Perendev

Let me supplement a footnote here per my impasse with Mike Brady and Perendev. 
I spent about 3 years operative as an associate of Mike’s, and started a
company called PerenTech, to conduct a the
North American production and selling rights for his magnet motor.  I
made a outing to Johannesburg, South Africa, in Dec. 2002, with a pattern of
viewing a engine and finalizing a relationship.  we possess
I’ve detailed
my three-year attribute with Mike in a prior document.

Sterling, left, with Mike, right, observation a engine though a rotors
in place.  Dec. 2002; Johannesburg.

Mike subsequently changed his operations to Munich Germany, and as distant as I
know is still posterior a ironing out of bugs and scheming to take a device
to market.

Probably a many frequently asked doubt of me is possibly or not we personally
saw a engine in operation.  The answer to that doubt is
“no”.  However, we do trust that what is being shown in a video
that he constructed a integrate of months after a revisit is genuine, and does not
involve trickery, yet a video is not skeptic-proof (e.g. he does not do a
walk-around during acceleration).


Another impending doubt in this benefaction context is possibly or not there might
be encumbrances with this benefaction avowal of technology, that strike on
Mike Brady’s design.  As mentioned above, a brief answer is

First, Robert performed his believe from element that Mike Brady authorized for
public release.  Robert’s ability to make it work did not engage the
disclosure to him of exclusive information.

Second, Perendev’s egghead protections by approach of obvious seem to be weak,
if not non-existent.  As distant as we know, he has never constructed anything to
verify a existence of obvious insurance for a simple concept.  And
others have voiced their veteran opinion that his pattern is substantially not
patentable since it impinges on other designs, that possibly have been in the
public domain to a indicate of not being patentable, or that strike on patents
that have expired, such as a initial Howard Johnson magnet engine patent. (Ref.)

This is not to contend that there competence not be certain aspects of a Perendev
design that Mike Brady has been means to keep proprietary, out of public
knowledge, that will still give him an corner in a marketplace should he ever
finally get that far.  The benefaction pattern does not strike on those, so far
as we know.  And even if it did, since it was arrived during independently,
outside of any NDA framework, it is satisfactory game.

Furthermore, we will contend that what Robert describes here as being a keys to
make this engine work are not what had been conveyed to me by Mike Brady. 
This is a initial time we have listened these pivotal explanations.

The Keys

According to Robert, a pivotal to creation this engine work is unequivocally quite
straightforward.  He says, “We know accurately how a pattern works here
and why.”  And in an email to me on Feb. 10, enabling me to open up
this page that has been on reason for scarcely a month, he said: “I have
released full information on my website on how a engine works.”

It can be epitomised as follows:

  • Key: The N-S polarity of a cylindrical rotor magnets is tip to
    bottom, while a N-S polarity of a same-shaped stator magnets is front to
    Key: N faces external in a rotors.  The N finish of the
    stator magnet is on a trailing finish in a instruction of rotation, so that
    a like-polarity abhorrence is a final thing a particular rotor magnet
    sees as it passes by.
  • Key: The spacing between a rotor magnets, from a leading
    corner of one to a trailing corner of a next, should be 1/2x a hole of
    a magnet.
  • Key: The spacing between a stator magnets, from the
    heading corner of one to a trailing corner of a next, should be 1x or more
    of a hole of a magnet.
  • Key: The rotor and stator magnets need to be a same size.
  • Robert prefers 1″ diam. x 1″ in. length neodymium magnets, but
    says a pattern is scalable according to a above formula.  He
    recommends not going cry 7/8 in. diameter, yet “it competence still work
    with regulating smaller magnets”.  Also, he pronounced that a length of the
    magnet is not critical.
  • Key: For shielding, he uses unchanging steel conduit, cut to the
    length of a magnet.
  • Key: To grasp additional torque, he pronounced one can add
    helmet to a heading corner of a rotor magnet (he did not elaborate
    figure or position).
  • Key: He says, “Shields around a rotor magnets can be
    used to keep from stressing a magnet fields while being so tighten together;
    yet they are not required for it to run. No shields are indispensable in the
  • Key: The series of rotor magnets should be a multiples of
    3 (scalable).
  • Perendev: Based on what he saw on a Perendev, he distributed the
    angle of a magnets in a rotor and a stator to be 18º from 90º from
    tangent.  He uses 25º, yet says 18º will work. There are 3 rotors
    and 3 stators.  He did not contend how distant detached these rotor-stator
    sets should be from any other.  The rotors share a common shaft. 
    The rotors are equivalent from one another by an equal amount, so that the
    advancing stretch from rotor 1 to 2 to 3 and behind to 1 is equal.  The
    chain of magnets in a 3 stators is uniform from one stator to the
    next.  In a Perendev model, a stators open and tighten in a
    clam-shell arrangement (which puts boundary on a chain of magnets about
    a stator where we wish them).  In PerenTech’s 1/4-scale variant, the
    stators slip in from a side, and do not have an articulating indicate (as is
    found in a clam-shell).

Very Rough Sketch (not to scale)

Robert drew this fast for my consequence and did not intend for it to be
published, or he would have been some-more clever on a scale.  It is intended
to illustrate a polarity of a magnets and a spacing of a magnets being
proportional to a hole of a magnets.

Click for enlargement

Sketch by Robert Calloway

I had stoical a blueprint progressing that day, that spurred Robert to send a above
correction.  I’ll go brazen and uncover we what we had, usually since it
illustrates a 3 rotor-stator sets, and gives some 3-D viewpoint that
might assistance we daydream a system.

Click for enlargement

Sketch by Sterling D. Allan

Disclaimer — and Prize

As settled above, a viability of this information has not been accurate by PES. 
We do not make any guarantees that it works as described.  It is presented
here in hopes that one of we out there competence be means to determine it, and be
willing to go on record as carrying finished so.  Once we get dual or 3 solid
verifications, afterwards we can go full-throttle on this open source project.

As inducement to come forward, PES Network offers a token $1,000 esteem to the
first chairman to successfully replicate this pattern and yield us with videotape
footage that includes a walk-around during acceleration, with accede to post
that footage for others to see, and sum about a specifics of a design,
including materials used and tolerances.

Once that is provided, a floodgates go far-reaching open for many other people to
replicate a design.

Robert says, “I demeanour brazen to all a reports of regulating engines.”

The universe will never be a same after that.  Robert anticipates that
“many new companies will be formed.”  As they succeed, he only
asks that they remember Calloway Engines LLC and yield a concession to further
their investigate and development.

# # #



  • Robert Calloway email
    Calloway Engines L.L.C. (contact
    P.O. Box 389, Panola, Texas, 75685 United States
    Tel: 1-903-766-3817
  • Sterling
    D. Allan

# # #

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