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This is something we looked during 3 or 4 years ago and afterwards forgot about.  we used a CAD-style module that does component research and adds adult captivating force vectors.  If we demeanour during some of a Perendev-motor”work” by others on a net, there is a emanate of anticipating an arrangements of a magnets so that they don’t find a internal smallest in a slope margin and get “stuck there”; a solutions customarily concerned regulating mixed “rotors” (3 typically) with a staggered pattern of a outdoor stator magnets.  I suspicion “why not substitute a magnets on a singular rotor/stator span in such a approach that a singular span will never find a internal smallest in a full rotation?”.  The module (Vizimag) can tell we a sum force matrix on any captivating component in a diagram.


The thought is that a outdoor ring would be bound on an annulus, called a stator, and a middle ring would be on another annulus though trustworthy to a rotating axis, that could expostulate a generator.

Given that a outdoor ring would be fixed, we used Vizimag to establish a x y force components on any of a middle magnets, did some elementary trig and got a total tangential force on a rotor.   Because a tangential force from any magnet acts along a tangent of a middle annulus to that they’re attached, we can afterwards usually supplement them all adult together and see if there is a non-zero tangential force in one rotary direction.  Using parameter values for genuine rare-Earth magnets, Vizimag pronounced that a sum net tangential force on a middle rotor was in a hundreds of feet (not inches) pounds of torque, for a 12″ rotor with 1″ x 3″ magnets of standard “rare-earth magnet” Gauss strength, that we usually looked adult a value for on a web from a tradesman for these magnets.  The stator magnets are 1″ x 2″.

Some notes:

1) The sum series of magnets is 33.  we figured things are dark within a series 33.  

2) 15 magnets on a inside, 18 on a outside.  Spaced equally with #3 subsequent environment a referent.

3) The initial middle magnet, a plane one in a top right quadrant, points during a outdoor edge of a middle annulus during 32 degrees.

4) Other designs we review about had directly-facing magnets on middle and outdoor annuli.  While this would means abhorrence in one instruction if they were all ideally lined up, it also automatically creates a internal minimum, or balance, of force between a magnets, when they were pointed “in between” any other. So a middle pivot would usually substitute into a surrogate position and afterwards STOP, forcefully.  This compulsory 2 or 3 some-more disks /annuli combo’s to be oriented during staggered positions relations to any other along a joining expostulate pivot so that when one hoop wanted to stop rotating, a others would keep on pushing.

5)  Why not substitute a magnets on a singular disk, then?  That’s what we tried.  The outcome being that as a middle rotor rotates relations to a stator, while a sum tangential force in a CCW instruction does change in magnitude, it does not ever retreat direction.  If a few magnets start repulsing in a wrong direction, there are always some-more magnets of some-more sum force pulling in a strange direction.2

6) we emailed a man who wrote a magnet force CAD module (Vizimag) and asked him if this set adult indeed would rotate.  He pronounced we was saying rounding error.  we don’t trust him.  This mesh-grid for a component research is a excellent a module will allow.  we know how component research works.  If his module has a rounding problem in a 100’s of pounds of force when any magnet’s force is usually a few pounds, it wouldn’t work during all.

7)  Therefore a best approach to know is to do.  we haven’t finished though someone should, usually for fun.  Maybe it unequivocally wouldn’t work though hey, it is still fun garage tinkering.  Some high-strength cosmetic could be machined to fit a magnets into.  Etc etc, automatic stuff.

8)  The rotating magnets would means outrageous EMF.  It competence be picked adult by “authorities” as radio emission.  Therefore, do a exam inside a Faraday cage or out in a nation distant divided from all and afterwards fast and leave.  The captivating EMF competence also have health emanate concerns…so…might not wish to get too near.  It competence also demeanour like an EMP weapon…or, be an EMP weapon.  It would emanate a ridiculously outrageous rotating spiral of captivating appetite issuing out along a pivot when spinning during a few thousand RPM…

10)  If it indeed does rotate, how prolonged do a magnets last?  How permanent are permanent magnets?  How most appetite does it take to create/produce a fake permanent captivating vs. how most appetite do we get out of this pattern bending adult to a generator?  For all a people wishing for a giveaway appetite machine…well…go forward and try and let us know a results, hehe.  You can use this pattern freely.

force vectors

Force matrix formula from a component analysis. The stator magnets are ostensible to be 1″ by 2″ in this diagram.  This is usually one revolution angle that was distributed for a force vectors for arrangement here – an whole revolution was indeed distributed in increments of 1 grade and all angles resulted in a net tangential force identical to above…in a same direction.

The subsequent dual images are GIFs and should spur – if they’re not animating afterwards click on them or open them in a new tab…they competence take a notation or dual to download all a frames.

This is a .gif and it should animate; if it isn't animating, click on it and see if it does on a new page.

This is a .gif and it should animate; if it isn’t animating, click on it and see if it does on a new page.  Might take a notation to bucket as it is a vast file.

This is a .gif and it should animate; if it isn't animating, click on it and see if it does on a new page.

This is a .gif and it should animate; if it isn’t animating, click on it and see if it does on a new page.  Might take a notation to bucket as it is a vast file.

Anyway, usually posting this here since we had it fibbing around on my desktop for a final few years.  I overtly don’t know if it would work or not.  The captivating force research says it would, though hey, models are frequency anything to go by!

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