The Reed’s Motor by Nelson Camus

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The Reed’motor,
courtesy of Nelson Camus

created on 02/26/98 – JLN Labs
last refurbish on 03/27/98

This engine is formed on a blueprint below,
courtesy of
Nelson Camus.

“This engine is means to run by itself
and give FreeNRG from a magnets when a aluminium sheets are
removed from a restraint position (between a magnets). After
they are removed, a engine starts itself but stopping, like
a genuine perpertual suit motor. The coils 1,2,3,4 are used only
for drumming a captivating appetite and modify it into useable
electrical power……..

The Reed’s engine is a North stick captivating motor. To
start a motor, it is required to pierce a small front (at the
top) with your finger. Two brackets mounted in cranky with four
aluminum sheets pass between a North poles on a tip and the
bottom of a cylinder. When we spin a small front with your
finger, a dual brackets in cranky leave a opening between the

  • When we insert a aluminum sheets mounted on
    a brackets between a magnets with a same
    polarisation North, we STOP a motor.
  • When we spin a small front clockwise, you
    START a motor.

This engine is a
real incessant suit motor

The usually energy that we need is a energy needed
for branch a small front with your fingers during a startup.
If we wish some-more power, we need to use NIB magnets for a bigger
magnetic flux, so we can get some-more power.”


1 – With a Aluminum sheets out, spin
the rotor with your finger clockwise, insert a magnet #1, then
#2, a revolution will jump. In a initial burst insert a magnet
#3 and #4 quickly.

The engine will still spinning.

2 – The magnets #1, #2, #3, #4 need to
be distant of a rotor magnets. Using an screwdriver adjust a #1
down 1/2 spin in a bolt, follow with a #2, #3, #4, we will
have some-more speed.

NOTE: if one of
the outward magnets has some-more abhorrence than a subsequent one, the
motor will stop.
Take care.

3 – When a engine is in revolution we can
stop it regulating a Aluminum sheets. Also we can diminution a RPM
with a same procedure.

4- The magnets #2 and #4 need to be no
in 90 degrees -85 to 89 degrees tractable a betterment and

If a engine stop or no stagger the
azimuth and betterment of #2, #4 are notin a scold angle.

Addtional comments from
Nelson Camus

  • You don’t need electric
    pulses to run a motor
  • If we don’t use aluminum sheets, a engine will
    never work.
  • It is required regulating a drum (cylinder), because
    a composition of a behind magnet’s betterment are very
    precise, to forestall a balance of captivating forces.
    You need to pierce those magnets with your hands adult or down
    each 45 degrees of revolution until to get 1 grade more
    removing nauseating force of a subsequent magnet and following
    with a subsequent one,
  • The magnets in a drum need to be:
  • The front ones fixed, a behind ones mobile with
    composition and process to repair in a drum when we get
    consistent rotation, we used one shaft and bulb in each
  • The aluminum sheets are one of the
    many critical part
    of a motor,
    they are
    not only
    a switch ON and OFF, they forestall a balance of
    captivating forces. The composition of behind aluminum sheets
    contra a front ones is really precise. When we pierce out
    to a behind a front ones a behind sheets are relocating to
    a front 1 grade reduction afterwards a front ones. When we have
    built a motor, we have used opposite forms of thread in
    a front spindle contra a behind one who support a front
    and behind aluminum sheets. This spindle we spin clockwise
    regulating your finger according a diagram.
  • I have got 600 RPM with ferrite magnets, 3000 RPM
    with NIB magnets and adult to 300 Watts/hour free
    electricity outlay with no electrical input….
  • Following my instructions we will get every
    thing done…..” (Nelson Camus)

Nelson Camus has pronounced to me that he
has built himself
his possess indication in 1993 and
that he has attain to obtain a
motor but outmost power
during a period
6 months !! Today,
unfortunately, a box containing a Nelson’s indication has been
lost/stolen during his latest pierce to his new adress….

Reports on a QMM Mk10 by Jean-louis Naudin

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