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The idea for a preschool gymnastics module is to yield a fun, safe, and “perpetually moving” sourroundings that your child will adore to come to any week. There are many critical concepts that your tiny ones learn in their preschool years. We have designed a module to strech those concepts. From tone and series recognition, to stacking and climbing, we plea your children with a accumulation of activities designed to urge vast and tiny engine skills for kindergarten readiness. We also deliver skills that assistance your child learn to consort and correlate with other children in a fun, protected and primogenitor accessible environment. This is only a tip of a iceberg on a prolonged list of training milestones we transport on with we and your child. Thank we for giving us a event to offer we and your child.

Preschool Gymnastics Coaching Minnesota

Preschool Gymnastics Class Descriptions

(45 Minute Classes)

TINY TWISTER (walking – 3yrs.) Students learn to rise vast engine skills by scrutiny and play. Activities kindle language, meditative and creativity. Because of a age of a students a category is designed to be primarily giveaway power with communication and play a outrageous partial between child and caregiver. Children of this age adore to try and discover. It is positively extraordinary to watch week to week what a immature students learn about their earthy selves. The category is divided into 3 phases: The initial being a organisation comfortable adult activity, followed by supervised giveaway play, and finishing with a organisation finale activity. A parent, grandparent, nanny, or other adult is compulsory to support during any class.

TINY TWISTER II (2.5 yrs – 3.5 yrs.) This is a parent/important adult assisted class. The purpose of this category is to deliver structure and following directions. This category provides a transition to a Cyclone level. Our Cyclone category is a initial turn but Parent assistance.

CYCLONES (age 3-4)  Continues to rise vast and tiny engine skills. Encourages organisation communication and training to follow instructions in an atmosphere of color, song and fun. Basic introduction on bars, beam, vault, acrobatics and trampoline.

TORNADOS (ages 4 – 5) Continues to develop engine skills and hand-eye coordination in a colorful and fun atmosphere. Basic introduction on bars, beam, vault, acrobatics and trampoline.

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