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Let us start with a basic, The Attraction of a magnet ( North ) is always stronger than a Repulsion( South ). So as an example, take dual bar magnets from radio shed and place one on a list and fasten itdown were it will not move, afterwards reason a other in your palm and pointed it usually right, gripping it spacedexactly 1/4″ apart. afterwards solemnly entering a list tip magnet unconditional over it with a other, we will see thatthe captivate is distant larger than a insurgency = repulsion….. in a diagrams subsequent we have attempted to illustrateexactly what is going on in these bar magnets.

Top View

Try this tiny examination with 2 new radio shed bar magnets. Top magnet during a 45 degree

angle from a front perspective and and a 35 grade angle from a tip view.

Tape down bar magnet #1 to a table, afterwards put a square of cosmetic on tip of that, now while holdingmagnet #2 angle as settled and brush solemnly opposite a #1 magnet……When entering a margin there is a abhorrence afterwards an captivate afterwards a neutral section afterwards a insurgency of a attraction. now place a 3/8″ square of bar steel in front of #1 magnet and repeat experiment, Noticethat a 1st abhorrence is now really weak. even with out a steel bar a north is always stronger thanthe south or shall we contend a captivate is always stronger than a abhorrence ( Resistance ).

The Spacing is important,

Use during slightest a 1/8″ to 1/4″ space between magnets.In a 1st theatre there is a tiny abhorrence holding place, But in a 2nd theatre theattraction over comes that insurgency as a magnet is changed into a 3rd stage. Inthe 3rd theatre a neutral indicate is found where there is no lift or push.Now something has to pierce it out of that neutral indicate and past a 4th theatre andout of a margin and that out side force ( in this examination ) can be your hand.But in a linear carriage array examination it will be a captivate ( or a pull)of another adult entrance magnet placed right subsequent to #1 magnet…….

4th Stage Resistance of a captivate

Place a third magnet as so and that 3rd magnet will lift a #2 magnet out of theresistance of a 4th theatre of a #1 magnet…… The whole indicate of a invention isthat one magnet is always assisting another magnet. This is really critical in thedesign no matter how we select to build it. Once this is achieved afterwards from it youcan now pattern a rotary form engine that will never stop.

Note: All we ask of we is that we build usually one for yourself when your done.We?d adore to know your swell or any improvements we might have, If we need any assistance we can infrequently get it by e-mailing us.

We have designed many opposite prototypes of this engine regulating this method.There is probably, zero we could come adult with that we have not already finished or tried..

In these skeleton we are attempting to uncover we adequate of a categorical ideas, so youcan presumably build yourself a giveaway appetite magnet engine to stir your friends.You know, there is a lot of sceptics out there!

Model # A Patent Pending

In Model #A we are display we a linear form carriage motor, Do someexperiments on your possess 1st and build this Model and from there we will beable to put this pattern in a rotary form engine assembly. ( Which is apparent ) Notice: We do not give step by step skeleton for a rotary form engine not since it does not work though since we wish to make them some day and get thejump in a Free Energy marketplace when it is authorised open….

Please note, if we feel like we have come adult with something that will greatlyimprove a potency of this motor, afterwards greatfully hit us and we will includeyou in as a share hilt if we find it is useful.

Model #A

lastic drum wheels

#2 and #4 Magnets are glued to plexi potion carriage, all tools can be bought during any hardware store. The bottom is a timber bottom 2″ x 8″ x 24″ We have a VHS Video of this indication and examination Model#A Video $19.95

#8 and #9 Magnets are angled or winding downward divided from carriage.

#2 and #4 is glued or silicone to plexi potion carriage, they contingency be spaced justright. when #2 has usually arrived during a 4th theatre ( Resistance of a attraction)Then # 4 magnet is placed usually right where it will attract to a same magnet that#2 is stranded in and will lift and lift a #2 out of a #1 magnets resistancestage and lift it right into a captivate margin of #3 magnet and a wholeprocess is repeat again and again untill it reaches a finish of #9 magnet, Now if# 8 and #9 magnet is not Slanted or winding from #2 and #4 magnet afterwards therewill be a good insurgency than a attraction,( tough to explain in writing) so when we do bend #8 and #9 magnets there willbe really tiny insurgency and a sluggishness of a relocating carriage will over come itand pierce out of a array of magnets completely….. or as #2 and #4 enter theend of #9 and #8 winding magnets we can have another array and carriage (Rotor public ) matching to this one on a other side of a rotor, Just enteringthe captivate margin of #1 magnet…….

rotary form engine

The use of to many magnets to tighten together will outcome in formulating a morepowerful resistance, regulating a slightest volume of magnets per array is best, makesure any array is distant from a other or it will emanate problems. For some-more horsepower we can make a rotor longer and request some-more arrays usually as prolonged as theyare not to tighten to any other to cancel any other out. if we buy really clever andlarger ceramic magnets we will get some-more equine energy also. This Motor can bemade adult to 15 Hp and we trust over that if we have a money. a smallinexpensive 10 hp engine can be designed to fit into a electric automobile to a 2 60 ampalternators to keep adult a battery’s to run a electric engine to run a car. a 1 to 2 hp engine can run your home……….

When building your magnet array if we use 7 magnets as seen on page 3 youwill get a passed mark on #7 and #6, This is not a large problem once your rotorytype engine is in motion. You can over come this by regulating reduction magnets, We can not tell we how we will have to examination and find out on your own…..

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