نوشته شده در موضوع تولید انرژی رایگان در 10 ژوئن 2017

Presentations from Sessions J4 and F8 during EUEC 2015, San Diego, CA


leoch logoJ4.1 Advanced Lead Acid Battery Technology for Micro and Mild Hybrid EV Application
Shawn Peng, V.P of Technology, Leoch Battery Corp.
In this presentation, a latest record of a modernized lead poison batteries will be reviewed.
With a tellurian environmental regard and CO2 glimmer law implementation, new battery
technologies has been compulsory and indispensable to perform a hybrid EV application, generally in micro and
amiable hybrid levels to accommodate a infancy automobile user requests in a tellurian marketplace in subsequent 10 years until 2025.
In a lead poison battery industry, with over 150 year history, an enlargement of record has been taken
given 2000 year and entered into accelerated stage, that sum a CO record and
quick punching lead skinny grid image prolongation record to give high appetite firmness lead poison battery
as good as suitable cycle life, a energetic charging acceptance and HRPSoC opening in order
to accommodate stop-start vehicle, micro hybrid EV and amiable hybrid EV application. The tellurian automotive
marketplace of HEV will be analyzed as good as a trend in subsequent 10 years will be forecasted. The advanced
lead poison battery record will be summarized, that will embody new make processes. The
general standards (IEC, EN, SBA-Japan, SAE, GB-China) of batteries for micro hybrid EV application
will also be formidable as good as a associated regulations.

center_for_sust_energyJ4.2 Secondary Use Applications of Plug-in Electric Vehicle Lithium-Ion Batteries
Mike Ferry, Senior Specialist, Advanced Energy Projects, Center for Sustainable Energy; Michele Bogen
The significance of second-life battery investigate has augmenting with a numbers of electric vehicles
(EVs) entering a automotive market. Although a batteries used in EVs customarily have a vehicle
lifetime of 8-10 years, they still have poignant ability and appetite remaining for choice uses
on their retirement. Finding delegate uses for these EV batteries has a intensity to revoke their
up-front cost while achieving new advantages to consumers and utilities by such applications as
direct assign management, renewable appetite formation and law appetite management.
The Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) has grown a exam trickery during a University of California,
San Diego (UCSD) in sequence to control long-term investigate to establish a viability and potential
value of used EV batteries in post-vehicle, still appetite storage applications. CSE has successfully
formidable a baseline health of 4 EV batteries and grown a long-term contrast custom to track
battery opening over time underneath second-use concentration cycling. CSE will benefaction a commentary and
growth routine of this project, as good as yield insights on destiny enlargement and application
of this research.

green-charge-networksJ4.3 How Can Intelligent Energy Storage Be Cost Effective?
Victor Shao, CEO, Green Charge Networks
Power Efficiency – ROI-driven appetite storage box study. Energy potency is a decades-old
beginning that is thorough of all from lighting retrofits to Energy Star appliances. While Energy
(kWh) potency stays a eminent objective, a low unresolved fruits have been quick expended. The
subsequent call of creation will come from Power (kW) Efficiency solutions, with appetite storage as the
centerpiece, that has a intensity to turn a $100B marketplace in California alone over a subsequent 10
years. Green Charge Networks (Green Charge) will benefaction a box investigate display ROI-driven energy
storage GreenStation saved 7-Eleven business 56% on their electricity bills during a Jul week in 2013,
summer feverishness waves, and during new Polar Vortex. The GreenStation was means to revoke some-more than
50% of direct charges (kW). Green Charge has grown a intelligent GreenStation products
and services to commission businesses to improved control their appetite use and revoke their monthly electric
costs. The bottom record is a intelligent controller with worldly program that monitors trickery loads
on a second-by-second basis. The stochastic program embedded in a controller takes into account
chronological information as good as a real-time handling sourroundings during a trickery to make predictive energy
storage assign / liberate decisions and accurately equivalent a peaks and valleys. This box investigate will
grasp a pivotal objective: Alleviate appetite peaks combined during impassioned weather.

Pintail powerJ4.4 LAPS Cycle for Bulk Energy Storage
William Conlon, President, Pintail Power LLC
The augmenting deployment of breeze and solar renewable era is augmenting a sensitivity of
energetic appetite pricing in a electric appetite industry. The CAISO Duck Curve illustrates a challenge
of relating supply and direct as a renewable portfolio increases, and a attendant overgeneration
and ramp risks. Bulk Energy Storage can intercede imbalances in supply and demand, but
Pumped Hydro Storage (PHS) and Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES), need geological features
that are mostly not available. Pintail Power’s obvious tentative Liquid Air Power and Storage (LAPS) Cycle
blends compact, low-cost bulk appetite storage, with hoary fuels to grasp singular and compelling
advantages over a alternatives. Scalable Bulk Energy Storage (tens to hundreds of MegaWatthours);
Compact and simply sited system; High Power Output to Input ratio, to maximize revenue; High
Efficiency to minimize a cost of purchased fuel and electricity; Low Heat Rate to revoke CO2 emissions
compared to peaking plants. The LAPS Cycle is equivalent to CAES and is comprised of commercial
systems and well-understood technologies, heading to low commissioned cost and low record risk. The
display will report a LAPS Cycle and yield cost and opening projections.

Elite PowerJ4.5 Li-ion Battery Technology Based Energy Storage System – Challenges, Opportunities and Applications
Yuan Dao, General Manager, Elite Power Solutions
electrovaya-logoJ4.6 NMP Free Manufacturing Processes Applied to Grid Scale Lithium Ion Energy Storage Applications
Rajshekar DasGupta, Vice President Technology, Electrovaya
Electrovaya has been a colonize for lithium ion battery record for many and has specialized in its
singular immature NMP giveaway prolongation routine in serve to a systems expertise. It recently launched
a subsequent era of a dungeon and systems technology, SuperPolymer2.0, with estimable developments
in dungeon abuse tolerance, complement opening and safety. Since a launch, Electrovaya has had case
studies in mixed vast scale applications including grid scale appetite storage, micro grid energy
storage and distributed village scale appetite storage systems. These box studies will be discussed
in depth. Furthermore, a prolonged tenure advantages of NMP giveaway prolongation will be discussed in how it
pertains to dungeon performance, cost and implementation.

U Alberta-logoJ4.7 Operating Zones Identification for Independent-Energy-Storage
Hussein Abdeltawab, Teaching assistant, University of Alberta; Yasser Mohamed Abdel Rady
Energy storage provides many services to a grid; however unfortunately, a miss of regulatory
manners and grid codes for appetite storage systems (ESS) in opposite applications is one of a main
hurdles confronting effective formation of ESS in grid systems. While ESS acts as an electrical bucket or
generator, a network user (ISO) needs to conclude a protected dispatchability zones of any ESS
in box of assign or liberate modes. Within these zones , a ISO should pledge that system
operational boundary are reputable underneath renewable era and bucket uncertainties, and possible
contingencies. On a other hand, as any ESS has a opposite stakeholder with opposite profit
portfolios and dispatching agendas (e.g. appetite arbitrage or renewable integration), a ISO should
not meddle in ESS joining or levy a certain dispatching plan on other assets. In addition
to a aforementioned challenges, bucket and renewable appetite resources doubt creates the
dispatch problem some-more complicated. This display will plead a resource that can conclude the
dispatchability zones of ESS in a placement complement such that a appetite peculiarity and confidence is kept
within excusable turn and a grid formula is respected.

leidosF8.1 Energy Storage California Bill 2514
Alexander Schneider, Intern, Leidos Inc.; Sean McPherson
Maintaining a arguable and fit grid can be formidable and expensive. Large-scale appetite storage
offers singular advantages that can assistance us accommodate these grid needs and ever augmenting appetite demand.
With a new flitting of California Assembly Bill 2514, requiring storage buying for load
portion entities, a appetite storage marketplace looks to grow even larger. This display looks to offer
professionals an corner by training a high-level bargain of a appetite storage marketplace and
attack on pivotal points of California Assembly Bill 2514.

Wildcat DiscoveryF8.2 Challenges in Development of Lithium Ion Battery Materials for Grid Applications
Dee Strand, CSO, Wildcat Discovery Technologies
Grid storage applications benefaction singular opportunities for lithium ion battery technologies with long
life, high appetite density, and high appetite capability. However, a lifetimes compulsory for grid energy
storage are over those for standard lithium ion applications such as consumer wiring and even
automotive use. Therefore, novel materials and combinations of element components are required
to accommodate opening of this new appetite storage market. This display will concentration on hurdles of
building and demonstrating materials adequate for grid storage. Wildcat Discovery Technologies is
concerned in a find and growth of materials for lithium-ion batteries. Using exclusive high
throughput tools, Wildcat can harmonize and over 1,500 new materials per week and afterwards measure
capacity, power, voltage, and cycle life for those materials in tangible battery cells. Wildcat works with
companies via a battery attention on all tools of a battery – cathodes, anodes, electrolytes
and additives. As a result, Wildcat helps a business accelerate battery opening improvements,
significantly revoke RD costs and speed a introduction of their products to market.

Yeungnam UniversityF8.3 Planning and Operational Strategy of a Li-ion Battery Powered Base Station
Sungwoo Bae, Assitant Professor / PhD, Yeungnam University; Sung-Yul Kim, Keimyung University
This paper presents a formulation and operational plan of a Li-ion battery powered bottom hire (BTS).
Wireless telecommunication use providers have strived for shortening a handling expenditure
(OPEX) of their bottom stations since an civic BTS consumes some-more appetite as a information uses of mobile
subscribers boost in these days. This appetite boost bent is also loyal for a farming BTS since of
a far-reaching coverage area. Thus, in sequence to revoke an OPEX, mobile use providers have formidable for a
immature BTS that uses rebate electricity from a categorical appetite grid for a normal operation with renewable
or choice appetite sources. Because these renewable and choice appetite sources requires high
collateral outlay (CAPEX), a immature BTS though a correct pattern or an operational plan may
boost a sum cost of tenure (TCO) that includes OPEX and CAPEX. Although such capital
investment can be retrieved over time, few wireless use providers seem to have focused on the
TCO rebate of a immature BTS for a formulation and operation. Therefore, this paper proposes a design
and operational plan for a immature BTS that uses a Li-ion battery to revoke a TCO. To grasp this
TCO reduction, a due paper deliberate several aspects including BTS appetite profile, electricity
rate, battery health and lifetime, charging and discharging cycle for BTS batteries.

ada-es-inc-logoF8.4 Integrating Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES) Technology within Industry to Provide Operational Flex
Travis Starns, General Manager- Projects Unit, ADA-ES, Inc.; Cameron Martin, Ron Hanson, Jon
Lagarenne, ADA-ES, Inc.; Matthew Barnett, Highview Power Storage
As non-static sources of renewable appetite continue to boost marketplace share within a focus industry, this
creates an operational plea not usually for grid operations, though for existent generating resources (e.g.,
hoary fuel EGUs) as well. Combining these hurdles along with new legislation targeting increased
renewable appetite development, appetite storage can assistance intercede between non-static appetite sources
and loads. This display will concentration on Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES), a commercially available
appetite storage record that can be used for vast scale and prolonged era appetite storage
applications. The LAES record utilizes existent and mature components with proven performance
for vast grid scale applications, though regulating outlandish materials or producing damaging emissions and
has no geographic constraints. LAES can use over-abundance electricity to make potion atmosphere that can be stored
and expelled after to beget electricity during times of high demand/high cost. LAES can be used
in arbitrage and subordinate services markets, though can also be integrated into existent hoary fuel plants
and yield operational advantages such as revoke section feverishness rate (Btu/kWh), revoke CO2 emissions, and
potentially boost opening with existent atmosphere wickedness control equipment. Information presented
will yield a record overview for LAES and how this record can be integrated into existing
generating resources and boost operational coherence and performance.

Halotechnics_siteF8.5 Utilizing Molten Salt Thermal Storage during Thermal Power Plants to Reduce GHG Emissions
Justin Raade, CEO, Halotechnics, Inc.; Travis Starns, Cam Martin, Ron Hanson Jon Lagarenne, ADAES
Halotechnics has grown a novel thermal appetite storage (TES) record (SteamBoost™) which
can be integrated into existent hoary fuel plants to boost plant capacity, revoke hothouse gas
(GHG) emissions, and potentially beget a new income tide for ability payments in markets
where applicable. The SteamBoost™ record utilizes fiery salt and vast electrical heaters to
temporarily store thermal appetite during durations of low demand. This stored appetite is discharged
by generating steam during rise direct durations and boosting a outlay of a steam turbine
generator. This scalable record also utilizes commercially accessible components accessible from
mixed supply chains. Using fiery salt for thermal appetite storage is a proven record and has
been handling during several concentrating solar appetite plants and other industrial applications for many
years. This display will try a advantages of this record and yield a business box to
support these technologies in today’s markets.

bamF8.6 The Potential of Glass as Hydrogen Storage Material
Ronald Meyer, Ph.D. Student, BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing; Christian
Groeschl Dr. Kai Holtappels, BAM Federal Institure for Materials Research and Testing; Prof. Dan
Eliezer; C.EN Stand For Clean Energy
More and some-more a significance of new appetite sources for a destiny is holding centre theatre in policy
and daily life. A favorite purpose could take hydrogen due to event of producing it with renewable
energy. However, a storage of that appetite conduit in excusable amounts is still a problem. Glass as
element with superb properties in strength, environmental acceptability and reserve technology
can be practical in that margin of development. Compared to other materials potion has a singular and
essential skill that a tensile strength increases with dwindling element thickness. Thin hollow
fibers done off opposite forms and measure of potion were tested and proven as suitable storage
vessels with vigour resistances above 150 MPa. Based on a vigour tests statistical evaluations
by regulating Weibull distributions were carried out to establish a disaster probability. Furthermore the
event of alleviation by safeguarding a fibers with a cloaking was investigated and concluded
in startling results. Combining a high series of such capillaries in formidable structures, means to
withstand middle pressures compulsory to store hydrogen in correct way, gives a probability of a storage
complement serviceable in opposite applications. Thereby, a modular public allows for a construction of
non-static structures of a storage system, permitting for a concentration during a safest place of installation.
These research and formula will be discussed some-more in detail.

QuinteQF8.7 Affordable Flywheel Electricity Storage Changes Everything
Darin Olson, CTO, QuinteQ Energy Storage; Joris Benninga, Paul Vosbeek Matthew Ross
The share of electricity in a sum tellurian appetite expenditure is flourishing fast. Without storage this
leads to continuous, formidable complement balancing needs, underused prolongation resources and prevents
cost effective formation of vast shares of renewable energy. Cost effective appetite storage leads to
huge cost assets and environmental benefits. High appetite firmness flywheel storage is a answer
to a above existing, flourishing and systemic storage problem. Contrary to electrochemical batteries,
flywheels are a entirely mechanical, non-toxic resolution with a really predicted 20 year lifetime that can be
entirely guaranteed. Premier among these is a subsequent era flywheel height with no earthy contact
between rotor and housing, prepared for today’s markets and means to confederate future, stronger rotor
materials, augmenting appetite densities and cost efficacy even further. These flywheels are being
commercialized and form a subsequent era of appetite storage record that is 5-15 times more
cost effective than stream solutions.This paper sum a subsequent era of flywheel appetite storage
that, when interconnected with modernized government software, will optimize a grid with intuitive, fast-acting
response permitting augmenting formation of renewables and a augmenting few tie of
high direct EV batteries. The initial aim markets are grid stabilization, island operation and mission
vicious UPS solutions, where appetite quality, security, and fortitude are critical.


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