Company "V" claims megawatt giveaway appetite generators for sale

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News January
7, 2011

by Sterling
D. Allan

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Yesterday, shortly after posting a 2010 examination essay that predicts that 2011 will be a year that several outlandish giveaway appetite technologies will make it to market, we found out about
a growth that appears to have good promise.

A association in Florida apparently has dual opposite forms of megawatt spin giveaway appetite inclination for sale during a cost that competes with a cheapest application appetite – though subsidies – while carrying a combined advantage of being green: immoderate no hoary fuels and emitting no pollutants or waste. They
claim to have prototypes that can be noticed by competent parties underneath non-disclosure agreement.

They are not prepared for mainstream press coverage yet, and they were going to have me wait until they get a third plant commissioned before giving this any coverage, though we talked them into giving some singular information for now. I’m ceaselessly being contacted by people who are looking for giveaway appetite technologies that are prepared to go now.

Hydroxy a Snap

I found out about this association in a routine of doing some fact checking for a 2010 examination story. Russell Vaughan phoned me, and after giving me info along a lines we was seeking, he went on to tell me about this new record he is concerned with, formed on a work of a organisation of around 30 scientists and engineers.

Russell has been heavily concerned in hydroxy research, anticipating ways to good furnish HHO gas from water. Having worked closely with Bob Boyce, he pronounced that one of a attributes researchers in that margin find is to get a correct inflection to separate off a hydrogen in a fast apparatus. When he presented that box to one of those engineers, he pronounced that within a few mins he had figured out a approach to do it.

“It is so simple!” Russell said. The spacing between a plates of a electrolysis dungeon needs to be genuine close; a cover can’t leak; a H2O has to be really purify with tiny electrolyte and no antacid substances.

They will be presenting that record as well.

Megawatt Generators

But first, a megawatt generators are being rolled out.

Russell sent me a duplicate of 3 papers about a association and a technology, including an executive summary. With their permission, I’m pity a apportionment of that information here.

Both are pronounced to be means to furnish appetite continuously, 24/7, and scarcely 365 days a year, with minimal down time for servicing. Most significantly, they need no fuel whatsoever and furnish no rubbish though are self-contained, harvesting appetite openly from a sourroundings regulating modernized systematic principles. 

Superconductor Impulse Engine

One of a generator technologies uses a “superconductor engine” with a specific frequency. They use usually a “small volume of stream to amplify superconductor fields by a initiation of frequencies”, enabling a tiny volume of electricity to spin huge generators. This routine is also called “electromagnetic core fusion”.

Here’s a low-resolution perspective of a plans of their 1 MW system:

The superconductor engine antecedent that competent parties can see now purportedly produces 15 kW while immoderate 50 Watts.

It is not feverishness or windy vigour sensitive, so it could purportedly
operate in any meridian or betterment in a world.

Vortex System

A intentionally twisted picture of a smaller chronicle of a spiral appetite plant. 
This 25 kW antecedent generator allegedly consumes 4 kW.

The 1 MW spiral complement would use a really tiny volume of appetite (3 HP DC motor) to float 10,000 gallons of H2O (weighing around 80,000 pounds), branch it in a spiral during 90 RPM (plus) like a mini hurricane, that is afterwards harnessed for appetite output, branch a hustler during 600 RPM. A tiny volume of stream provides “a certain assign to a moleculars formulating a spiral of super liquid that levitates with vibratory harmonic frequencies. The frictionless mass is means of generating huge inertia…”

The association says it can be deployed subterraneous or adult to altitudes as high as 10,000 feet.
Minerals are combined to a H2O causing it to turn a superfluid, so that it does not solidify until about reduction 17 to 20 degrees

Russell pronounced an progressing antecedent ran invariably for dual years in Belize until a structure it was in burnt down.

Here is a video
they let me post of a 1,000-gallon antecedent that purportedly produces 25 kilowatts (up to 50 kW surge) while immoderate usually 4 kW. It is not utilizing a optimal equipment. With a correct appetite acclimatisation device, it would allegedly take reduction than a watt to run this.

They are assured that scaling to a Megawatt distance will not be an issue.

Attributes of Both Technologies

Both technologies are pronounced to be load-following with intelligent processor mechanism controls that adjust a indispensable magnitude to say a compulsory speed and torque of a dynamo.

Being proportional to size, a unit’s appetite outlay can be scaled to furnish over 10,000 horsepower and thousands of pounds of torque.

The blurb 1 MW units are compact, self-contained and portable.

Both technologies are pronounced to have a following reserve attributes:
• No bearing of high voltage surfaces
• Weather proof, H2O resistant design
• Minimum radio, Tesla electromagnetic interference
• All control wiring is grounded, watertight seal, DC Volts for operation
• Protection opposite over-current, over-voltage and over-heating
• Double electric insulated motor, with automobile lubrication
• Zero engine back-EMF when excitation is removed
• Interlocks forestall random operation, with electric purchase brake
• Computer turns off units automatically on quivering or malfunction
• Built-in synthetic comprehension for automobile diagnostic
• Touch shade guard with 3-D and tone viewing

Their association novel says they are prepared and means to take orders and broach industrial sized appetite plants. Construction and deployment of a 1 MW spiral appetite plant section can be finished in 6 months or reduction during a cost of $5.5 million UST per MW with a 3-year warranty, and designation and freight. Construction and deployment of a 1 MW superconductor incentive engine is estimated to be means to be finished in 12 months or reduction during a cost of $10 million UST per MW with a 10-year warranty, and designation and freight. 

While initial warranties are limited, extended guaranty and use contracts are offered, though due a low RPMs and few relocating tools a machines designed to final many years if pivotal components are scrupulously maintained.

Company V “has generated poignant seductiveness from mixed countries, corporations, and people meddlesome in investing, purchasing, partnering or chartering a record and is exploring those options aggressively.”

They are “currently identifying a singular organisation of vast electrical consumers (400 kw adult to multiples of MW) to hurl out commander units for serve custom growth on a new technologies.” “Any companies meddlesome in participating in this event will suffer a bound rate for adult to 25 years with no upfront cost.”

Vaughan invited me to come and declare a technologies for myself, something we would adore to do. 

He calls these dynamos a “most radical innovations of a 21st century that have a intensity to make all other purify appetite systems obsolete.”

He pronounced that while being “overunity”, these systems don’t violate a second
law of thermodynamics, that deals with explosions and heat.  The two
technologies mentioned above understanding with quantum automechanic physics, and involve
quantum entanglement.

Friends in High Places

Russell pronounced they are not disturbed about being tighten down. One of a entities they are operative with on nonetheless another record is a U.S. Department of Defense. 

He also pronounced seductiveness entrance “from governments and other parties unfortunate for genuine resolution with purify arguable appetite though a large infrastructure.”

Other Technologies

The association indeed has a far-reaching operation of technologies that they have grown or are in routine of developing, covering a fields of agriculture, medicine, nano particles, and biotechnology.

The superconductor generator record mentioned above is pronounced to have recovering effects as well. One of a associates operative on a device had a problem with his conference that went divided after spending time around a machine.

They also have a most smaller giveaway appetite device though will substantially be restrictive it to troops applications given a high cost. But once mass produced, it could turn trustworthy for unstable and still appetite applications from like home appetite .


Russell Vaughn
Direct: 813-391-8553
Email: nextlevel46123 {at}

# # #


Feel giveaway to post your comments down below.  The following came in by
other means.

Correlation to Crop Circle Ship site concept

On Jan 09, 2011 4:29 AM MST; Blayne wrote:

Subject: V Company Technology – Stunning Coincidence?

Hi Sterling

we examination your page on a V Company record and found it really compelling. So we posted a shave as violation choice news over during ATS 

guy posted on a thread an pronounced there is something we will wish to see and gave me this link: 

we never paid most courtesy to stand circles and when we initial got to a site and looked around we roughly left meditative there was zero to this. However we watched a second video and we was dumbfounded possibly this is
a grand fluke or we am only to ignorant of a record to now how to make a connection. 

The blueprint we posted of a 1 MW complement seems uncannily tighten to a stand diagrams in a video. If we consider of it from a indicate of perspective of looking down on it from over head. The spiral record and subdivision of H2O molecules in to H and O is also represented etc. You improved have a demeanour for yourself and see what we think.

My initial suspicion is have a masters been regulating stand circles for decades to plant a seed thoughts of diagrams of purify giveaway appetite devices? we don’t know or maybe we am only to ignorant to know either this is for genuine or only sad thinking. 😉 Anyway check it out and let me know what we think. we am about to post on a thread how dumbfounded we am and make an donkey of myself or not…


* * * *

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