Perendev Magnet Motor by Mike Brady

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Video shot in Feb 2003 by Michael Brady in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was done open with Brady’s accede in Sept. 2004 by Sterling Allan of PESN before to a German Television entrance that was ostensible to take place though never did. See:…

Allan, who still owns a domain name (forwards to eccentric coverage during, intending during a time to enter business attribute with Brady, had trafficked to Johannesburg in Dec. 2002 and helped arrange a engine as it came out of a appurtenance shop, though did not get it using during that time. This video was constructed dual months later.

The engine is allegedly propelled by 1″-diameter x 1″ prolonged neodymium magnets repulsion any other. Three symmetrically off-set rotors are surrounded by a clam-shell stator, which, as it comes into position around a rotor appears to means a rotor to start spinning.

The video is not skeptic-proof inasmuch as a walk-around does not take place until after a stators are unattached and a engine starts to decelerate. But a rocking suit of a engine as it starts and afterwards ends is demonstrative of thrust by magnets only. Allan knows of dual people beside Brady who explain to have privately witnessed a magnet engine in operation.

As of Sept. 2007, Brady has given changed on to an electromagnetic chronicle of this design, and claims to be in routine of blurb prolongation of units that outlay 100 and 300 kilowatts. Allan and a New Energy Congress that he founded in Sept. 2005 to examination purify appetite claims have not nonetheless been means to determine this claim.

The central website of Perendev Power Developments Pty (Ltd), currently headquartered in Germany, is

An index of several magnet engine claims can be found during…

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