Theoretical Self-Sustaining Permanent Magnet Motor

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Self-sustaining permanent magnet engine by unknown inventor

1) The armature form semicircle magnet’s polarity is against to a polarity of a outdoor face of magnets on a rotor. The schematic provided, if followed, should yield a required height for a researcher to build an array of magnets around a device to yield a required ground force. Mine is really wanton compared to what might indeed be achieved with a bit of experimentation. What we have detected is that OU is indeed FAR easier in use than in theory.

Theory, in my opinion is a barrier to tangible discovery……as a law is foreigner than fiction! Actually, after some care we have come to a indeterminate finish that a elementary element that provides movement for this device, has been famous for utterly some time among certain ones……………ones who exploits this element for their possess private benefit while raping and rapine my FATHER’S creation. we wish to stay around a while longer to do a work of my FATHER that takes dominance over this find in these pivotal times in that we live. If we wish to examination yourself, we trust that CFI (eBay username) is still offered a magnets we used in my antecedent model.


2) one some-more tip: we built a rotor template hop of timber to mountain a magnets on. we used industrial kevlar doped glue for a magnets. If a magnets are not glued accurately… are in for one heck of a time as a “field leakage” is inhuman if any space is left when “shingling” a magnets for overlapping. That is in partial because we suggest “shunts” of steel during a overlapping ends. we trust that my schematic supposing we is amply accurate as it was done to tangible distance and was used in creation a wooden rotor template. simply make a imitation out and use a corkscrew saw or bandsaw and cut along a middle stepped round arrangement. we used 1″ thick hunger house for a wooden rotor assembly.

3:) In retrospect, one would do good to cruise a device by one Howard Johnson who exploited really most a same element in his device(s). Although my device is of an wholly opposite design…….I trust a quantum member being exercised is a same, essentially.


4) As we might notice in a picture, a device has no steel helmet for a S stick unprotected during a overlapping ends of a magnets…..I contention that it would be some-more fit in that pattern though can't find nor we suppose, means such element from what we have heard. we have gotten good formula with a helmet element contained in mechanism tough drives and say that a singular comparison mechanism tough expostulate is an glorious car for duplicating my device on a smaller scale. The orientation and infrastructure are there to build on. The contriver indicated in an email that a stator to a left has an hostile margin to that of a rotor…

5) we am a comparatively bad male who was sorely tempted (believe me) to try to distinction from this device……….I have given schooled that we suffer my leisure to do my FATHER’S work too most to finish adult like Howard Johnson…… on a troops bottom given a early eighties…….or worse. Perhaps one of we apparently skilful researchers will attain in removing this or identical device out to a masses in your possess artistic way! we trust this device to be in a open domain and make no claims
regarding this device and wish a best to anyone who wants to examination on their own! No try to obvious this device has been done by me or anyone we know of…… have during it during your possess risk/benefit!

6) Let me know if and when we have a rotor completed. we would be meddlesome to see how we urge on a stream configuration!

7) If we try to buy a magnets from CFI on eBay, we would be certain and mention 12 magnets, (more might be indispensable if we are anything like me…….and mangle a few) of LIKE polarity, so we are not disappointed. He has or had many of any type:
N/S poles concave and convex. we trust we might have already sent a lot of business his way! It should work in possibly sum pattern as prolonged as a armature magnet(s) are of hostile polarity to a rotor.

8) someday maybe we will write a book about my experiences……you substantially wouldn’t trust that either! Like a time Los Alamos National Labs attempted to get on my mechanism among many, many others….(which still continues unabated to this day)………and because we had to cocoon myself for awhile and now make certain someone is during my chateau during all times………..etc. etc.

9) demeanour adult Maurice Ward on a internet……now that is one invention that should make him abounding over a dreams of Avaris!………but he hasn’t done a dime yet!……….wonder why……

10) Seek to acquire a TRUE wealth, my friend. My master has given any of us a magnitude of coin, to him that has increasing a amount, even by a cause of one, To him will be given many times over when YAHshua, Jesus Christ returns………….but to a one who has buried his in a margin for fear of losing it ……….or to him who has traded his for secular riches………to him will be given for to be expel outside……..where his tears and a gnashing of teeth will be.

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