Mini Romag

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Mini Romag


mromag01.gifAbout a Mini Romag

A giveaway appetite researcher named Jean-Louis Naudin, claims to have built a giveaway appetite device he called “Mini Romag,” that he claims to be operative uninterruptedly.

Magnetism has always been a kind of “Pandora’s box” for energy. It is famous that captivating fields (and fields, generally) can’t be used for appetite generation, though still, magnets have influenced a oddity of out-of-the-box thinkers.

Although a explanations by mr. Naudin seem a bit un-scientific during times, some might give them a try and indeed try to build a thing by holding a schematics.

By regulating a element of free-moving captivating upsurge called by some researchers “magnetic current”, the “Mini Romag” can furnish about 24W of electricity (7 amps during 3.5V DC).

The generator is means to means itself, though has to be kickstarted by an outmost engine that has to be spun for about 42 seconds during 2,100 RPM. After that, a Mini Romag allegedly becomes self-sustaining and produces additional energy.

How a Mini Romag works

If spun during 2100 rpm, a generator charges a 6 coils of copper wire, a copper tube that supports it and a a copper coated steel wires around these magnets.

The charging takes place while a 6 curl tie wires (part #22) set adult their captivating poles by creation contact. After the 42-second charging process, one of a curl connectors has to be opened. As a stream is drawn from a 6 coils, captivating poles are set. They are a response between a rotor magnets and a coils, that causes a categorical missile to stagger as a 12 permanent magnets attract and repel any other.

Maintaining a Spin in a Mini Romag

To say a fields of a magnets during their spin and not have them enter a state called “hold-back attract,” a device makes a fields mix into any other, so any time a magnet set passes a coil, an sell of appetite between a coils around those magnets and a generating coils sets adult neutral captivating polarities (aka “release fields”) and a hold-back doesn’t occur anymore.

This circuit is of pinnacle importance, given it allows for a undeviating transformation of a rotor and a descent of “free” energy.







You can find a tools list to build a Mini Romag here.

The Mini Romag giveaway appetite generator apparently demonstrates surpassing concepts and has a startling series of applications. Build this section and try new possibilities of formulating “free energy” yourself!

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