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The Electric Propeller Company is a tradition builder and installer of Marine Propulsion Drive Motors and Energy Systems for sailboats, yachts and tenders.

Electric Propulsion has been around for over 100 years.   In a past decade, advances in permanent magnet motors and controllers have yielded aloft potency with longer operation and Electric Propulsion has turn a viable choice for moving sailing vessels and tenders.   The Electric Propeller Company ceaselessly strives for we to have a ultimate expostulate complement for your vessel so we can suffer years of sailing.

Consider a Benefits of an Electroprop System by The Electric Propeller Company:

  • Enjoy Maintenance Free operation for a decade or more.
  • Each of a systems embody possibly scrolled or heavenly gears for aloft potency and upkeep giveaway operation.
  • Installations are compact, judicious and discerning with vital components mounted in insulated PVC boxes with transparent front panels
  • Drive Systems are built for a sea sourroundings where space and weight are critical considerations
  • The Electric Propeller Company gives we fundamental reserve in all of a systems.    Each of a expostulate systems uses components rated for a top voltage and stream gifted during charging and operation.
  • The Electric Propeller Company is a usually manufacturer providing a Battery Management System for Lead Acid Batteries.   Why change a battery after 4 years when we can make it final 10 years?    Each battery is away monitored since battery packs are reliant on any particular battery for range.
  • Pure Lead Batteries are a safest battery finished today!   Pure Lead Batteries work during aloft potency for longer operation than customary AGM Batteries.    Pure Lead Batteries are able of handling for extended durations of time in Partial State of Charge that is visit aboard boats on longer trips.
  • Value is dynamic by how a complement stands adult over time.    Each of a systems are designed to be a permanent resolution to bearing for your boat.   You won’t need to change oil regularly, douse bearing orientation or do any maintenance.   Each complement has been built for a sea environment.
  • Each of a systems has been rated for rise handling appetite and continual appetite for hybrid operations.
  • Electroprop Battery Management Systems are prepared for a destiny with Programmable Chargers that can be blending for destiny battery technology.
  • Each Electroprop System includes enlargement breakers for destiny appetite sources.    This allows we to grow your electric vessel record as new products arrive on a marketplace.    Expansion capability keeps a destiny purify and safe.


Each complement can be configured to your needs.   A lot of time, appetite and suspicion has left into building a Electroprop.   By highlighting a several components that are compulsory for a protected designation over time, business can know a safety, potency and appetite fundamental in each Electroprop.

Each one of a systems includes dual or 3 hermetic cosmetic boxes with transparent front covers that residence all a breakers and relays.   These boxes are mounted in vital locations aboard a boat.   Each one of a systems includes a consultation, that is best achieved over a video connection, to find a best place a batteries, chargers and hermetic placement boxes.   The patron afterwards measures a distances between a several components and Electroprop cuts all wires to length.    The whole complement is afterwards built on a dais to ideally fit into your boat.    All of a formidable work is finished for you.    We have entirely researched and tested each member aboard a vessel and integrated all a components into a whole system.    All of a wiring is achieved with a scold handle sizes and compound sizes for years of protected operation.

Electroprop systems can be commissioned in a fragment of a time that it would take to find concordant components, investigate a scold procedures for wiring and compound protection, cut all a wires, swage a connectors and supplement a shrinkwrap.

Each Electroprop comes with a stretchable coupling insert that provides a process for measuring accurate alignment.    Each Electroprop comes with a stretchable ascent complement that we pre-configure before a expostulate complement leaves a shop.    This creates a expostulate complement really elementary to implement with a top pointing of alignment.

With standard designation rates of professionals between $50 and $100 per hour, Electroprop Systems can save we thousands of dollars or many hours of your time reckoning all out.    We also totally explain a systems so we know your conversion.

Electroprop Systems are designed to have 10 years of upkeep giveaway enjoyment.    Just consider of a thousands of dollars we will save from carrying a upkeep giveaway expostulate system.

For a best Value in Marine Propulsion, select Electroprop Drive and Energy Systems.



Electroprop Helical Drive systems are initial in category for efficiency.   Helical Systems are endorsed for conversions replacing diesels underneath 30 h.p.

The Mariner is a modular, open frame, low form complement for powering boats adult to 10,000 lbs.    Mariners are compress and absolute machines that we have built for over 10 years.   The Mariner has a permanent magnet AC engine with scrolled gearbox.  We suggest a Mariner for sailing vessels adult to 10,000 lbs.

The Sailor is built on a substructure of The Mariner.   The Sailor has a fan pulling atmosphere out from nearby a motor, and ducting for bringing cold atmosphere into a expostulate unit.  The Sailor has a permanent magnet AC engine with scrolled gearbox.   The Sailor is endorsed for vessels adult to 12,000 lbs.

The Islander  has one or dual fans, one floating cold atmosphere into a enclosure, and one expelling comfortable atmosphere out of a enclosure.  The controller, contactor and wiring strap are commissioned in a block and play package.  The Islander has a permanent magnet AC engine joined to a scrolled gearbox.   The Islander is endorsed for sailing vessels adult to 15,000 lbs.



Planetary Drive systems are smaller, lighter and some-more absolute and fit improved into incomparable vessels or new sailboats.    Planetary expostulate systems have 3 opposite rigging ratios:  3, 4 and 5:1.   Planetary expostulate systems are able of using adult to 6,000 rpm.   Electroprop Planetary Drive systems run during adult to 4,500 rpm.   All Planetary Drive systems have wiring strap components mounted inside a DC placement box.

The Racer is a really lightweight complement for racers, and really compress complement for boats with minimal space.   Racer drives can be used to reinstate a V-Drive or Hydraulic Drive.    The installer is obliged for ascent a fan or fans for providing cold atmosphere upsurge opposite a motor.  A cross lamp is compulsory for designation of a Racer in an electric boat.   Racer Drive Systems are suitable for vessels adult to 17,000 lbs.

The Seafarer is an atmosphere cooled heavenly expostulate complement for sailboats adult to 17,000 lbs.  The Seafarer surrounding includes dual fans that both lift and lift atmosphere by a expostulate enclosure.

The Cruiser is atmosphere and H2O cooled.   The Cruiser is both atmosphere and H2O cooled for high postulated loads found in a Cruising Sailboat.  The Cruiser utilizes permanent magnet AC engine record with heavenly gears.  The Cruiser is endorsed for vessels adult to 20,000 lbs.

The Voyager is both atmosphere and H2O cooled with heavenly gears.  The Voyager is endorsed for vessels adult to 42,000 lbs.  Two of these drives could be employed on a vessel incomparable than 42,000 lbs.



Our Fleet of Electroprop Conversions

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