German Inventor solves permanent magnet engine nonplus …

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German Inventor solves permanent magnet motor puzzle ...

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Thomas Engel is a successful German contriver with some-more than a hundred law inventions to his credit. He – like many of his peers – does not demeanour behind during a successful propagandize education, though evidently that is not required for success if we are intelligent and, as some contend it competence even be conflicting productive, gloomy creativity.

Engel has figured out a operative component of a form of engine many inventors and tinkerers have been operative on – so detached unsuccessfully. He found a approach to make permanent magnets do tangible work, transforming their appealing and nauseating appetite into a loyal ground movement of rotary motion.

A new essay in a German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (12 Nov 2013) recounts a revisit of a paper’s record editors to a inventor’s home and their sense of a new engine Engel says he wants to ‘give away’.

While a essay is delicately created to equivocate difficulty and while it quotes a requisite university experts observant given such a engine is impossible, it does give adequate fact to concede us to know a concept. If we wish to start experimenting, be warned: There is a lot of force in those singular earth magnets, they can be dangerous to a unprepared.

Here is a interpretation of a article…

It usually keeps regulating and running…

Original published in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (November 12, 2013)

The contriver Thomas Engel demonstrates a engine to us that never runs out of fuel, given it works with a strength of neodymium magnets – withdrawal us a bit disoriented.

by Lukas Weber
translation: Sepp Hasslberger

Technical editors infrequently have to be impolite. There is a consistent tide of people who wish to save a universe with their inventions – all they are blank is open support and a income to serve rise their idea. One has to tell those people that possibly no one needs their origination or that it won’t work.

But what if it’s conflicting this time? There is a male who is seeking to hit us. He is going by a freelance photographer and says he’s got a engine during his home that has been regulating given Apr though postponement and that needs no fuel to do that. The photographer has seen it and is all enthusiastic. We have listened about such motors before, though have never seen a demonstration. Normally, we wouldn’t even have to worry to review over this point, given something like this can’t truly exist. But this time we’re not articulate about some holder with an idea. This one was respected in 1972 with a prestigious Rudolf Diesel Medal for inventors, he has good over a hundred patents to his name and has been lecturing during universities all over a world.

In a nineteen-fifties Engel grown a new procession for a prolongation of polyethylene creation cosmetic pipes resistant to prohibited water. The Munich Olympia track has a grass heating complement formed on this invention. He became a millionaire before a age of 30. He never even took a A-level propagandize examination as in 1944 he was drafted into troops atmosphere defense. After that, he did not have time any more. Our autobiography reported during length about his carreer as a diswasher accurately 13 years ago (on Nov 22, 2000). That is not a autobiography of a charlatan. The contriver lives in Baden-Baden and he has a place in Lucerne, Switzerland, where a engine is located. So we expostulate off with churned feelings to pleasing Switzerland.

Engel’s engine is running. During a 3 hours we are there, it is chugging along quietly, interrupted usually by some experiments we will be articulate about later. There is no conspicuous growth of heat. The seems familiar, a engine obtains a appetite from neodymium (NdFeB) magnets. Those are a strongest permanent magnets known, a hoop as tiny as a one-Euro silver can reason about kilograms of weight. Neodymium is a singular earth element, most used in electronics. Magnets finished out of this element are used in chief spin tomography and in breeze generators, they expostulate H2O pumps of complicated trucks and keep collection steady.

The magnets are finished regulating a reduction of neodymium, iron and boron that is pulpy into form and sintered. They are afterwards magnetized with a clever electric impulse. The appetite used for magnetization, however, is not what keeps a magnet working. Several suppliers of those magnets have positive us that a appetite of a magnets doesn’t lessen – even after years of use. So it seems that a magnets can do work constantly though removing degraded. The usually thing those magnets don’t like is good heat.

Engel’s suspicion was that it should be probable to modify that appetite of a magnets into rotary motion. He built a appurtenance finished of brass, imitative a tiny lathe. The rotor is a front with magnets bound to it. The missile turns in ceramic bearings. A front magnet bound during a scold angle and stretch from a rotor though that itself is means to stagger (Engel calls it a mirror) can impact a rotor magnets. There is appealing and nauseating force, depending on a march of a poles: a rotor can so be set in continual motion, as prolonged as a counterpart keeps rotating. The mirror’s revolution regulates a speed of a rotor.

95970 engelmotor2 German Inventor solves permanent magnet motor puzzle ...

The contriver and his motors. The comparison chronicle on a left
was assembled from an aged watch maker’s lathe.

The accurate form and showing of a tools is formidable to ascertain, Engel had to examination during length with those parameters. If a counterpart is a tad too distant, a captivating margin breaks down. On a other hand, if it is too close, a neodymium magnets will slice a construction apart. The counterpart hangs in a kind of outrigger. Two electric wires bond to a reduce finish with crocodile clips. There is a tiny electric engine that rotates a mirror. So it isn’t probable to do though electricity altogether? The contriver signals his disagreement. “Eight milliamperes during 9 volts”, he says. That is usually a control mechanism. The appetite during a missile is most greater. Engel also suspicion about a automatic expostulate for a counterpart directly from a rotor shaft, though opted conflicting this as it would extremely boost automatic complexity.

We wanted to know more. The revolution is about 400 RPM. We don’t have an instrument to magnitude automatic power. So we are carrying to use a finger brake. It is formidable to stop a revolution by grabbing a shaft. The engine usually comes to a delay after substantial feverishness grown on a calluses of a hands. A tiny palm finished propeller out of plexiglass doesn’t stir a engine during all; we would unequivocally like to know how most appetite a appurtenance turns out. With a bit of dexterity, one can spin a counterpart by palm and set a rotor in motion. There is frequency any insurgency when branch a mirror. We therefore jeopardy an assertion: The outlay felt during a missile is clearly larger than a submit indispensable to give a impulse. Of march dimensions was usually finished with tellurian sensors.

It would be probable to put a second rotor on a conflicting side, to be addressed by a same mirror. Holding a screwdriver between a counterpart and a rotor in operation formula in an oscillating suit of a screwdriver between a magnets, though however touching them. Mr. Engel would like to do some-more investigation with a series of magnets and their form, though he says he lacks a strength for serve development.

Science is skeptical. A engine that produces some-more appetite than it uses adult is impossible, says Markus Münzenberg, a highbrow for initial production during Göttingen University. Because in sealed systems, a sum of appetite is always equal. The apparently high torque during a missile could be a effect of inertial mass of a appurtenance which, once in motion, is formidable to stop. Professor Ludwig Schultz, a executive of a Institute for Metallic Materials in Dresden agrees. While it would be probable to suppose magnet configurations that intermittently attract and afterwards repel other magnets, though in that box a intensity appetite would intermittently drain off though there being a benefit in energy.

The inventor’s greeting to a doubt either his engine is a incessant suit appurtenance is rather resentful: “That is rubbish”, he says. “There is no such thing”. Mr. Engel is assured that his appurtenance uses a huge appetite that is fundamental in quanta, those inconceivably tiny components of atoms that were initial described by a physicist Max Planck in a early partial of a final century. He therefore calls his appurtenance an “quantum flaw apparatus”. Somethings are still unclear, also for a contriver himself. Somewhere in Germany, a businessman has a second such engine during his company, that runs with 1200 RPM. The male called some days ago he says, and recounted that, when a engine was lonesome with an acrylic hood, a rotational speed diminished. Engel does not know a reason for this.

The countenance “quantum motor” brings some bad associations with it, given some cheats, about a decade ago, used that name to collect income for a appurtenance that never materialized. Engel’s engine is utterly conflicting from that, detached from a likeness in a description. The contriver does not need money. He says he wants to give divided a engine given humankind needs affordable energy. It has to be serve grown until some years in a future, we will be creation electricity with it in a basements of a housing units.

What is a subsequent step now? Engel wants to insert a tiny generator to a missile and uncover that his engine delivers some-more electricity than is indispensable for a control. If he could do that, we’d unequivocally have some marvellous news.

Update: Since we wrote this article, we have listened of a genocide of a inventor. So he will no longer be pulling this along.

Others are operative on permanent magnet motors. Here is an instance of a component that Engel used in another, eccentric development

and afterwards there is a growth of a blurb chronicle by an ex policeman in Turkey, Muammer Yildiz. In this video he demonstrated his invention during Delft University in a Netherlands.

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