WEIRD SCIENCE: ‘Free Energy’ Articles

نوشته شده در موضوع تولید انرژی رایگان در 15 نوامبر 2016
  • You risk being labeled as a “Scoffer” or “Government Spy.”
    Some scammers manipulate their assembly regulating a following ploy: “If
    you’re not fighting for me, afterwards apparently we must be
    against me.”   The scammer won’t let we sojourn uncertain about
    their invention. Instead he pressures and manipulates we to turn his
    supporter. In other words, if we brave to demeanour for flaws, or brave insist
    on transparent and elementary evidence, and if we exclude to burst on a scammer’s
    bandwagon, you’ll be pounded by a scammer and his supporters. They’ll
    try to allegation we with labels: “Nasty Skeptic,” “Oil Company Shill,” “CIA
    infiltrator.” Even worse, other uncertain people will see this happen.
    Those others might jump on a bandwagon out of fear; to equivocate being Accused
    Of Witchcraft as we were. (In some online communities, only one
    accusation of Skepticism will get we henceforth banished, so it’s no
    small thing.) If we see this ploy in use, afterwards you’re positively dealing
    with a seasoned consultant in con-artist tactics.

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