The Howard Johnson’s permanent captivating motor

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The Howard Johnson’s
permanent captivating motor

created on 03/04/98 – JLN Labs
last refurbish on 01-02-01

The Johnson’s permanent magnetic
uses a element of a constant
imbalance of a captivating army between a rotor and a stator.
This permanent imbalance of a army contingency be
maintained in a same direction
during the
complete series of a rotor (0 to 360 degres). By this way,
the usually source of appetite will be a captivating appetite from the

I have done a sealed loop simulation
with a QuickField software, though it is not required in this
case because, as we can see in a QuickField pattern below, the
magnetic pattern is periodic. The captivating pattern is
reproduced each 45 degres.
I have beheld in my pattern that a figure of a small curved
magnet (the magnet actuator) is really critical and also a gap
between a rotor and a stator. In many cases of configuration
(shape and gap), a revolution stops, since a magnet actuator
blocks on a topsy-turvy captivating margin density. we have checked this
with a QuickField simulator, and this causes to me some
difficulties to find a scold setup. Today, we consider that I
have accepted how to balance a Johnson’s motor.

In this pattern below, we see a tellurian setup of this permanent
magnetic motor.

You will find next an instance of the
magnetic motion firmness around a actuator magnet ( a small
boomerang). This is a many critical thing to understand.

In a captivating motion firmness bend we will see dual troughs in
the curve, a initial is a motion firmness above and a second is
flux firmness underneath a actuator. You will notice 3 peaks :
the initial and a final are a south stick of a magnet and the
middle rise is a north pole.
The MOST IMPORTANT THING for receiving a continual revolution of
the PMM is that a motion firmness of a north stick MUST BE ALWAYS
LOWER than a motion firmness of a south pole. If this condition
is always obtained, for EVERY ANGLE of rotation, a PMM can turn
continuously. 🙂

If unfortunately, for usually one angle, the
flux firmness slope reverses, afterwards a PMM will stop….. 🙁
Today we have found a scold setup for receiving this condition
for all a angles….

You see below, a initial decisive
document about a Johnson PMM, as we can see in a main
picture of a motor, a magnet actuator rotates around the
magnets ( a reciprocal is probable ). The geometric
configuration is steady each 45 degres, so this is the
period. In my make-believe we have enclosed 12 magnets with a step
angle of 30 degres. Also a make-believe includes a COMPLETE
SETUP of a final pattern since a categorical problem of all PMM is
the sealed loop, this is a reason since we have used a complete
configutation. You notice that a 0 margin corner is placed far
around a PMM and it is CIRCLE SHAPED for avoiding all
interferences with a PMM simulation.

In a striking next we see three
curves, this is a many wilful part…..
– a
curve represents a motion firmness during a South stick of a magnet
– a
curve represents a motion firmness during a North stick of a magnet
– a
curve represents a ensuing motion firmness between these two
poles, this is really important, and we notice that a resultant
flux firmness is ALWAYS POSITIVE, a continual rotating
condition is now performed with this setup, since a resulting
force is always oriented in a same direction, so a PMM can

The final striking shows a curves of the
magnetic motion firmness for a finish spin of 360 degres. As I
have pronounced before a duration is 45 degres and we can see for each
45 degres a “magnetic spike”, this is a
We have an incremental periodic and asymetric intensity (4 bumps),
the 4th strike is a regauging bump. This is a many difficult
part to tune, since in this area a motion firmness can be
reversed and this would stop a PMM.
If a Johnson is rightly built and finely tuned, we have the
possibility to violate a second law of a thermodynamics by
the use of a Rachet potentials.
(see a request from
Dieter Bauer at:

This engine has already been law : US4151431 : Permanent magnet
motor by H.R.Johnson

See also : The Johnson PM – Magnetic simulation

All comments and suggestions are welcome,

Jean-Louis Naudin

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