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e5f20 technologies Technologies | Free EnergyThe meridian is changing when it comes to people’s seductiveness in choice appetite technologies. A multiple of persisting wars in a Middle East, vacillating fuel prices, and rising wickedness levels are waking people adult to a need for new appetite solutions.  While everybody agrees that locally assembled appetite reserve are desirable, many “experts” still say that they are not unsentimental when it comes to provision a poignant share of society’s appetite needs.  But other experts trust that inner appetite prolongation on a supply side and effective appetite charge on a expenditure side can simply revoke a appetite indispensable to appetite a civilization by 50%, RIGHT NOW!  So, what is a truth?

The law is that multitude is a difficult phenomena and that record is usually partial of a equation.  There are dozens of technical solutions accessible that use appetite from a inner sourroundings or charge methods to furnish all of a appetite advantages we are used to enjoying during a many revoke cost.  The genuine doubt is “why don’t we use them?”  The genuine answer to this doubt is that a increase from regulating appetite like that would go to a conflicting zone of society.  To learn some-more about this side of a story, revisit my Energy Philosophy page.

There are dozens of new, and not so new, inventions that furnish useful appetite in new ways and therefore can minister to stretching or replacing a reserve of required fuels.  If we variegate and decentralize appetite production, National and Regional confidence will be severely enhanced, and appetite prices can stabilise again, or even dump permanently.

The following is a brief list of technologies that multitude should implement.  Some of these technologies still need some-more investigate and development, though many of them could be implemented now, or during slightest soon.  A few of these technologies indeed furnish some-more appetite than they consume. The common underline joining all of these discoveries is that they use a tiny volume of one form of appetite to control a recover of a incomparable volume of a different, environmentally accessible energy.  This appetite benefit is referred to as a COP, or a Co-efficient of Performance.  As an example, your fridge has a COP of 3. It uses one volume of electricity to pierce 3 amounts of feverishness out of a insulated box. So, technologies that furnish a net appetite benefit are no some-more surprising than your refrigerator.

Here is a brief list of other technologies that daub a Natural Source of appetite and broach it in a useful form.

AMBIENT HEAT: Heat is accessible for giveaway from environmental sources like a Sun for heating water, building materials, or air. Heat can also be stored, or conserved, by regulating insulation methods. So, it can be collected when it is openly accessible and used when it is needed. But Ambient Heat can also be used as an appetite source. In 1900, Nikola Tesla described an invention to use a feverishness in a ambient atmosphere to expostulate an engine to furnish automatic appetite and refrigerated atmosphere as a by-product. On a warming planet, this is a ideal appetite source. Methods to accomplish this have also been demonstrated regulating dense air, such as a work of Bob Neal and John Houston. But even some-more extraordinary methods of drumming appetite from ambient feverishness have been grown regulating Carbon dioxide as a operative fluid.  There are also a series of solid-state methods that modify feverishness directly into electricity, like a nano-diode arrays of Charles Brown that redress Infrared Radiation, and a Mono-thermal connection of Walter Lovell that translates feverishness directly into electricity.

CENTRIFUGAL FORCE: Centrifugal force is generally not believed to be a source of energy. It is simply a FORCE that acts internally on all rotating objects, and therefore can't be harnessed for a prolongation of energy. Recently, this problem has been overcome. Very elementary apparatus with overhanging pendulums and levers have demonstrated that appetite CAN be extracted from centrifugal force, when an lunatic fluctuation between centrifugal force and sobriety is created. The Two-stage Mechanical Oscillator of Veljko Milkovic is usually such a machine. In a 1970s and 1980s, Bruce DePalma did endless investigate into a characteristics of Centrifugal force, and detected it was a phenomenon of variations in INERTIA itself. In a 1970s, a Syrian rancher detected that centrifugal force could be used to lift H2O conflicting gravity, regulating his Messias Machine. There is also endless ancestral justification that Johann Bessler assembled a mechanically powered engine, approach behind in 1712. At this point, a justification is intensely strong, that with a right automatic arrangement, an engine powered by centrifugal force can be built.

CONSERVATION: Currently, a US electrical grid loses about 50% of all a electricity generated during a appetite plants before it reaches any customers. These waste are due to normal operations of a several transformers during sub-stations, and ubiquitous “line loss” in a prolonged stretch delivery lines. Add to that, a outrageous appetite waste due to under-insulated homes and businesses, as good as all of a under-insulated refrigerators and H2O heaters, and another 50% of appetite reaching a consumer is squandered before use.

Certainly, appetite assets like this make Conservation a many critical subject now being abandoned in a Alternative Energy conversation. But there is many some-more to a story of Conservation than elementary “energy savings.” Click HERE to learn more.

CONVENTIONAL ALTERNATIVES: When many people consider of Energy Alternatives, they consider about appetite from a Sun (Solar), appetite from a Wind, appetite from a Oceans, or appetite from a Earth (Geothermal).  For a many part, these sources of appetite from a Natural Environment have been diverted into large-scale projects, that have finished them costly and generally noncompetitive in a sell market. The one, totally accessible record in this category is a Heat Pump, that has uses that go distant over gripping your food cold.

FUEL-ON-DEMAND: History is installed with stories of people training how to run cars on “water fuel”, though a information never seems to make it out to a public. For a many part, a thought of regulating an inner explosion engine on Hydrogen finished from a electrolysis of H2O is a dead-end. But it is probable to furnish a suitable fuel for IC engines regulating electricity and components from both H2O and air. Stan Meyer worked out a routine to do this in a 1990s, and stays one of a many famous. More recently, Aaron Murakami has gathered a towering of investigate explanation that vital Universities, NASA, and even a US Navy are concerned in this field, that covers both ultra-high mileage systems and fuels grown totally from environmentally accessible components.

HEAT PUMPS: Heat siphon record is good determined in a blurb markets. Your fridge is a feverishness pump. Your air-conditioner is a feverishness pump. But there are many some-more uses for feverishness pumps, and many ways to make them some-more efficient. Heat pumps can be used to accumulate feverishness from a Sun, from a Earth and from a Ocean, as good as broach or mislay feverishness from buildings. Heat pumps are an determined record for entertainment feverishness from a sourroundings and putting it where we wish it during low cost.

IMPLOSION: Most appetite sources in use currently run on pressure. Like a steam engine, appetite is used to boil H2O to make steam during high pressure. Then, that steam is expelled by a steam engine to make automatic appetite to run electric generators. But Nature uses a conflicting process. It uses a feverishness dump to furnish a spinning low vigour resource to furnish a Tornado or a Hurricane. These storms recover extensive amounts of automatic appetite in a form of winds. Viktor Schauberger complicated these healthy army and grown operative models of Implosion Turbine Engines in a 1940’s. Few have followed adult on his work.

MAGNETISM: Magnetism is a mysterious, invisible force. Both a Sun and a Earth have healthy captivating fields. Humans detected healthy magnets (lodestone) in ancient times, and a Chinese were initial to use healthy magnets to emanate a captivating compass. Magnetism has always preoccupied people. In 1821, Joseph Henry detected how to make an synthetic captivating margin regulating electricity issuing by a curl of wire. In 1831, Michael Faraday detected electromagnetic induction, that is a basement of all commercially accessible electric motors and generators today.

Here are a few of a extraordinary discoveries about draw that have been finished in a final 40 years. Bruce DePalma detected electricity could be extracted from a rotating magnetized cylindrical. This combined a initial electric generator that had a rotor, though no stator. Bob Teal detected that unequivocally absolute electric motors could be built regulating electric solenoids pulling on a holder missile system. Robert Adams detected that outrageous amounts of feverishness could be generated by a captivating margin in what he called his “Thermo-motor.” John Bedini detected that electric motors could be designed that returned adult to 90% of a submit electricity though abating a automatic engine torque. Paul Babcock has grown ways to strap captivating fields in typical appliances to save adult to 50% in their regulating costs. Jim Murray has rediscovered Nikola Tesla’s routine of magnifying electric appetite by neutralizing a captivating counter-forces in an electric generator. And finally, a organisation of John Christie and Lou Brits of LUTEC have built operative models of machines that put a lot of these facilities together and furnish some-more electricity than they run on. All of these discoveries advise that there is still copiousness to learn about draw as a intensity source of energy.

MECHANICAL AMPLIFIERS: Mechanical amplifiers are a category of appurtenance that can take a tiny volume of automatic appetite and furnish a incomparable volume of automatic energy, typically by drumming sobriety or centrifugal force, and regulating them as a “force multiplier” in a machine. To see how this is done, revisit a pages for Veljko Milkovic and William Skinner for some-more information.

NITINOL ENGINES: Nitinol is a figure memory steel amalgamate that allows automatic appetite to be grown from a Molecular Level of matter, rather than from a Atomic Level of matter.  Engines have been demonstrated that furnish poignant automatic appetite from intensely tiny thermal differences, creation them many some-more fit than exemplary feverishness engines. The initial Nitinol Engine was built in 1973 by Ridgway Banks, who stays one of a many inclusive researchers in this field.

RADIANT ENERGY: In 1875, Sir William Crookes detected a properties of Radiant Matter. His invention of a Radiometer was explanation that Radiant Matter was a basic of sunlight. Nikola Tesla, following adult on these discoveries, found that electrostatic charges could also be conveyed by Radiant Matter. He called it Radiant Energy. When Radiant Energy was transmitted from place to place, it behaved like “sound waves of electrified air.” By 1900, Tesla had grown lighting systems and electric motors that ran on Radiant Energy. By 1934, Thomas Henry Moray had demonstrated a tiny box that assembled 50,000 watts, regulating on Radiant Energy. In 1973, Edwin V. Gray started demonstrating his EMA motor, an 80hp electric engine able of gripping a possess batteries charged while delivering over-abundance automatic energy. And Paul Baumann built countless models of an startling self-running appurtenance called “Testatika” in Switzerland in a 1980’s. Much of John Bedini‘s work also falls into a margin of Radiant Energy. These developments are usually a tip of a iceberg in a believe of what is incorrectly referred to as “static electricity” though is unequivocally something many some-more astonishing.

SAFE NUCLEAR: Nuclear appetite is experiencing a reconstruction worldwide. Advanced third era appetite plants are being assembled in a series of countries, and fourth era appetite plants are on a sketch boards. These designs revoke a problems of weapons-grade element being assembled and sole illicitly. But there are a series of Safe Nuclear technologies that do not use a chief physics reactor to furnish feverishness to boil H2O to run a steam turbine to spin an electric generator. The simplest of these technologies is Radio-Luminescence. Until a 1970’s, a self-glowing paint with tiny amounts of Radium in it was accessible during hardware stores. It was used to make watch dials heat in a dark. This element could be embellished on photovoltaic panels (solar cells) to furnish electricity 24 hours a day for 15 years! Advances in Cold Fusion continue to progress, and even Hot Fusion by Electrostatic Containment, law and demonstrated in 1967 by Philo T. Farnsworth, sojourn earnest though neglected technologies. There is also a non-fission formed micro-reactor built by Hyperion Power Generation that utilizes Uranium Nitride.

Every one of these Natural Energy Sources is accessible today, and will sojourn accessible indefinitely into a future. The thought that amiability is singular to a use of Coal, Oil, Natural Gas, and Nuclear Fission to supply a appetite needs is a matter of POLICY, and not a matter of FACT. If we are meddlesome in a probable reasons because these choice technologies have not turn commercially accessible yet, greatfully review this article: The World of Free Energy

Within 10 years, 90% reductions in CO fuel use are possible, with no disruptions to a economy. What would change, however, are a channels by that a resources of a universe flows on a daily basis. Dramatically shortening a prolongation of “greenhouse gases” is technically possibly if usually a few of these technologies are implemented. If all of them were commercially developed, a totally purify sourroundings is probable with surpluses of energy, uninformed H2O and food on all continents. The predictions of shortages in energy, food and uninformed H2O in a destiny are unequivocally usually PLANS for a biggest genocide in a story of Planet Earth. These predictions will usually come loyal IF all of these technologies continue to be commercially ignored.

There are dozens of other systems that we have not listed; many of them are as viable and good tested as a ones we have usually recounted. But this brief list is sufficient to make my point: giveaway appetite record is here, now. It offers a universe pollution-free, appetite contentment for everyone, everywhere. It is now probable to start shortening a prolongation of “greenhouse gases” and eventually close down all of a chief appetite plants that furnish weapons class materials. It is now technically possibly to desalinate total amounts of seawater during an affordable price, and move adequate uninformed H2O to even a many remote habitats. Transportation costs and prolongation costs for usually about all can dump dramatically. Food can even be grown in exhilarated greenhouses in a winter, anywhere.

The people of this universe have to decide, as a group, if we wish to keep competing and fighting with any other, or start auxiliary and pity with any other. If we concur and share, there will always be abundance. If we keep competing and fighting, there will never be enough. The choice is clear. Am we going to be on “my side” or am we going to be on “our side”? Each one of us contingency choose, and act accordingly.

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