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Directory:Perendev Permanent Magnet Patent Application ...

Patent Application

Download Patent WO2006045333A1 (PDF, 23 pp.)

Not Awarded

Note by Mark Goldes of Directory:Magnetic Power Inc, May 22, 2006

Patents are released by particular countries. The PCT is a approach of requesting to several countries during once.

All such patents are published 18 months following filing.

This is merely a announcement of his application.

There is no capitulation implied.

The papers during a finish prove his focus has been challenged as being a incessant suit machine, that no obvious bureau in a universe will patent.

The name of his organisation does not assistance his box in this regard.

I wish him any success. The universe needs this record urgently.


The invention provides a captivating repellant engine that comprises: a missile (26) rotatable about a longitudinal axis, a initial set (16) of magnetics (14) organised about a missile (26) in a rotor (10) for revolution with a missile (26), and a second set (42) of magnets (40) organised in a stator (32) surrounding a rotor (10), wherein a second set (42) of magnetics (40) is in communication with a initial set (16) of magnetics (14), wherein a magnetics (14,40) of a initial and second sets (16,42) of magnetics are during slightest partially magnetically screened so as to combine their captivating margin strength in a instruction of a opening between rotor (10) and stator (32).

Patent Figures

Image:Perendev obvious fig1 300.gif



Image:Perendev obvious fig2 3rotor.gif

Three rotors equivalent from any other on a common shaft.


Image:Perendev obvious fig3 stator.gif

One stator arm.


Image:Perendev obvious fig4 stator.gif

The other stator arm.


Image:Perendev obvious fig5 3stator.gif

Combined stator assembly, with 3 sets opening on a clam-shell arrangement.


Image:Perendev obvious fig6 magnet holder.gif

“Perspective perspective display a hollow backing of a stator or a rotor.”


Image:Perendev obvious fig7 magnet shielding.gif

“Perspecive perspective display a captivating source.”


Image:Perendev obvious fig9 full assembly.gif

Full assembly, with magnet engine trustworthy to electric generator by belts.

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