Free energy

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Free energy might impute to:

In science:

  • Thermodynamic giveaway energy, a appetite in a earthy complement that can be converted to do work, in particular:
    • Helmholtz giveaway appetite (A=U–TS), a appetite that can be converted into work during a consistent heat and volume
      • Work content, a compared judgment used in chemistry
    • Gibbs giveaway appetite (G=H–TS), a appetite that can be converted into work during a consistent heat and vigour via a system
  • Variational giveaway energy, a erect from information speculation that is used in variational Bayesian methods

In economics:

  • Energy from sources that do not need an submit that has to be paid for, (usually a sub-set of renewable energy)

In pseudoscience:

  • Free appetite device, a suppositious incessant suit device that creates energy, thereby contradicting a laws of thermodynamics

In popular culture:

  • Free appetite suppression, a swindling speculation that modernized appetite technologies are being suppressed by governments and/or special seductiveness groups

In music:

  • Free Energy (band), a 5-piece stone rope on DFA Records

See also[edit]

  • Free-energy attribute – a propinquity between a greeting rate or balance constants of dual array of chemical reactions
  • Free appetite distress – a process formed on statistical mechanics that is used in computational chemistry for computing giveaway appetite differences
  • Free appetite element – a variational plan of self-organisation in biological systems, practical in sold to neuroscience
  • Principle of smallest appetite – a thermodynamic plan formed on a second law

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