Free Energy Magnetic Motor: Alsetalokin’s Version Filmed …

نوشته شده در موضوع تولید انرژی رایگان در 23 اکتبر 2016

Magnetic motors have preoccupied me since of their statement: appetite is all around, and should be giveaway of charge.

Many have attempted to build captivating motors, though it’s difficult, and a problem comes from a fact that we somehow have to besiege and lamp a captivating margin into usually one direction, so it can repel a stator magnet scrupulously and a following magnet would not attract or repel a stator until it reaches a position that would pull it in a same transformation direction.

Or, during least, that’s how we see things.

Anyway, here is another experimenter that uses rotating magnets on a stator, that if aligned scrupulously to a certain settlement that he tries to find each time a engine starts, produces a transformation of a rotor, and so energy.

The thought is that a magnet doesn’t furnish appetite by itself, though a arrangement and a captivating motion unequivocally do. And, if we find a right fixing pattern, we see no reason because it shouldn’t. Just watch a video and share your opinion with us.



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