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Perpetual Motion was started in 2002 by Dave Kelly as a approach to classify an Ultimate Frisbee League for his friends and other people around a community. The initial joining started with dual divisions, and 16 teams. In 2003, Perpetual Motion combined Beach Volleyball with 16 teams, separate between rival and recreational divisions. By 2006, Flag Football, 6 vs. 6 Soccer, Disc Golf and Dodgeball had been combined to a list of sports. Perpetual Motion is now in a 14th year, with over 450 teams personification opposite 28 opposite leagues during a Summer season.

Perpetual Motion offers leagues during varying degrees of skill, from recreational to competitive. While a turn of foe is different, a turn of sportsmanship, fun, and ubiquitous intercourse stays high in all leagues. In addition, all of a sports are self-refereed, not usually to keep costs low, though since we trust in you, a participant, to play fairly, honestly, and with consistent courtesy for your teammates and a other team.

In further to a leagues, Perpetual Motion runs several tournaments via a year including Disc Golf’s ‘Spring Fling’, Beach Volleyball’s ‘King of a Castle’ and ‘Where’s a Beach?’, Dodgeball, Ultimate’s ‘Stall Fall Classic’, Soccer’s ‘World Cup’, and Flag Football’s ‘Beaver Bowl’.

If you’re looking for something to do after a games, Perpetual Motion has determined a tie with a vast series of restaurants and bars around a city of Guelph. This is to safeguard that we have somewhere circuitously to eat, drink, and consort with your teammates and other members of a league. Information on restaurants, their locations, and deals can be found here.

We demeanour brazen to carrying we join a leagues and we will see we during a game!         
                                                                                                       The Perpetual Motion Team        


                                                       Dave Kelly, President League Convener


                                                                   Terry Pham, IT Manager


                                                             Nick Froese, Marketing Manager



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