Perendev Magnetic Motor

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Perendev Magnetic Motor
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Magnetic Motor
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Latest print of Mike Brady’s Perendev
Magnetic Motor

Shows new helmet and magnet shape. Nov. 18, 2004

Official Website


  • Perendev-Power
    Website Downgraded
    – Touting an all-magnet magnet engine nearby market
    willingness (for 3 years now), downgraded website now claims they are working
    in organisation with a European space agency. PerenTech mothballed. (PESN;
    Apr 23, 2005)
  • Perendev
    Soliciting Investment Licensing Payments (caution)
    – Magnet
    Motor claimant, Perendev Power International AG, has been distributing a
    minute mouth-watering people to deposit in chartering or stock.  A word of
    counsel formed on lane record. (FreeEnergyNews; Mar 12, 2004)
  • Perendev
    Power Taking Orders for Magnet Motors
    – Manufacturer wishes to gauge
    turn of interest.  No monies supposed until smoothness ready. (PESN
    exclusive; Dec. 10, 2004)
  • Perendev
    Magnetic Motor Analogue Winds Down
    – Kieth Anderson says he saw the
    Perendev engine running, and that his organisation has built dual opposite working
    captivating engine designs, including one that is equivalent to a Perendev, but
    that they all depleted their magnets underneath load.  Brady responds
    that he knows of no such exam in a states, and that his tests have shown
    no abating of a magnets
    . (FreeEnergyNews;
    Oct. 18, 2004)
  • Perendev
    Magnetic Motor to Debut on German TV
    – All-magnet motor
    rising from initial prolongation run set to be noticed by German
    radio audience. (PESN exclusive; Aug. 31, 2004)

    Note: It would seem during this indicate that this
    entrance is not going to occur for business plan reasons. 
    (Nov. 19, 2004)

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