Blueprints of a Perendev Magnet Motor

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Sterling’s July  31, 2010 Disclosure

  • Introduction
  • Blueprints that Brady conveyed, along with some records we took about
    them in a phone conversations.

    • new:
      (6.5 Mb download) – Brady’s AutoCAD files? [posted Dec. 8, 2010]
    • new:
      (5 Mb jpg download) – photographs of a plans printouts we had on
      record [posted Dec. 8, 2010]
  • PHOTOS we took while in Johannesburg, display a engine from
    several angles and in routine of being assembled.

    • Assembly
    • Around
      – including a appurtenance emporium we went to to collect up
      a newly built engine components (rotors and stators); neighbor
      Nielson Mandela’s home; opulence/poverty contrast; travel vendors
    • Brady’s
      – including a shot of a kitchen list we was sitting at
      when a declare reliable he had seen a engine running
    • History Snapshots
      – of several iterations also attempted and claimed to work
    • Aluminum
      (pre-dated a polypropylene chronicle seen in a video)
  • Plans for a 1/4-scale
    by Doug Furr

    • new:
      (23 Mb download) – AutoCAD files by Doug Furr of his 1/4-scale replica
      [posted Dec. 8, 2010]
  • Pre-Perendev
    Patent (Expired)
    – many expected pirated by Brady, with no credit
  • Witnesses
    – 3 people who pronounced they saw it running
  • Johannesburg
    Trip Report

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