Perendev magnet engine contriver arrested for embezzlement

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News April
24, 2010

After dogmatic failure in Germany, Mike Brady rented a residence during Lake Zurich
in Switzerland and leased a swift of Maserati and several Range Rovers.  He
was arrested on Mar 29 and extradited to Germany where 61 business wanted
their income behind ($1 million Euros+) for non-delivered 100 and 300-kw
electromagnetic motors.  Patent pirated?

by Sterling
D. Allan

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MUNICH, GERMANY — After reporting
on Apr 14th that Perendev, famous for a all-magnet engine explain and viral
video, had sealed a doors, we beheld a integrate of comments observant that the
inventor and CEO, Michael J. Brady, had been arrested.

Finally today, we was forked to dual German journal articles that confirmed
that he was indeed arrested in Zurich on Mar 29 and extradited to Germany in
answer to a ask done by a Public Prosecutor of Munich.  He now sits
in a jail in Stadelheim.  I’ve posted a interpretation of these articles over
at PESWiki.

Embezzling 61 German Customers

Three years ago Michael Brady changed to Switzerland, renting a residence during posh Lake Zurich, and leasing a
fleet of Maseratis and several Range Rovers. And Brady’s association in Gruenwald, Germany filed for failure early this year.

This is frequency a approaching lifestyle of someone who should have been working
diligently to flue all accessible supports into bringing a long-promised devices
into production.

That was after holding income from 61 German customers, many of whom paid half
down on a squeeze cost of 20,000 to 40,000 Euros for a generator.  The
total volume embezzled is estimated to be 1 million Euros — and that is just
from German customers.  He was pre-selling these worldwide.

The German papers news that a betrothed engine was never delivered. 
Neither have we ever been means to determine any business that indeed received

Brady has claimed
since 2006 to have accessible for sale both a 100 kilowatt and a 300 kw
electromagnetic engine (EMM) — a giveaway appetite generator that requires no
fuel.  He told me this was a movement of his purported all-magnet motor
which millions have seen in online videos,
the strange of that we posted on a web in and with a demonstration
that he was scheduled
to do in Germany in 2004, nonetheless that did not materialize.

In further to a captivating and electromagnetic motors, Brady also claimed to
have a 60 kW nitrogen
for non-polluting appetite for engine boats.  One chairman reported:
“His nitrogen engine works, nonetheless a expenditure of nitrogen is excessively high, and a opening outlay is not
good — not matched for any engine vehicle.”  He was also operative on
a hydroxy
, that had some of a same elements as above: explain of unprecedented
output from his special electrolysis, nonetheless yet substantiation.  For a
few years, he was offered a captivating ring a patron was to wear to boost

No Endorsement from Me

For those who are new to this saga, we should make it transparent that for several
years we have been vouchsafing my doubt be famous about Brady.  we have
expressed my faith that a magnet engine was substantially real, nonetheless that Brady’s
business practices are not something we would be gentle endorsing.  I
have hung onto a domain name,,
forwarding it to a PESWiki page, in hopes that anyone acid a subject
would find a cautionary statements.  Brady has threatened to sue
me several times over a years given of my disastrous statements that turned
potential business and licensees away.


Over a years, there have been several favoured replications
reported that have tighten similarities to a Perendev magnet motor, nonetheless we’ve
not been means to determine any of these.  we currently know of someone who
claims to have replicated Brady’s magnet engine design, and claims to have been
powering a residence for scarcely 7 months with it, in a load-following manner,
running radically flawlessly.  we have not nonetheless accurate that claim, but
have many reasons to not boot it.  We’ll be stating some-more on that in
the entrance months.

In response to skeptics who contend receiving appetite from magnets alone is
impossible, we would respond: “Where’s your imagination? Just given we can’t see where a appetite is entrance from doesn’t meant it couldn’t be entrance from somewhere not nonetheless understood. The magnet
motor could be environment adult a internal spiral in a captivating margin that is vast and inexhaustible.”

Dreaming Big

When we met with Brady in Johannesburg for a week in Dec 2002, he dreamed of
the day he’d be means to live large, on an island, with a yacht, and nice
cars.  He was already vital flattering comfortably, only a retard or so away
from where Nielson Mandela lived during a time.  One of a things that drove
me divided from him behind afterwards was his greed.  He wanted $500 million dollars
for a permit to make and marketplace a record in a U.S.; nonetheless he could
not even furnish a patent, nonetheless he claimed to have one, and betrothed dozens of
times to get us a information about it.  we found out a integrate of years
later that his general PTO
was not awarded.

Pirated Patent

It turns out that he substantially pirated a record from a South American
inventor who law a scarcely matching judgment prolonged before, in 1990 (of which
I have a copy).  That contriver remembers removing visit calls from a man in Johannesburg
asking in-depth questions about how a magnet engine worked.  That inventor
went on to other things, overpowering of a continued doubt about it, and
discouraged by a degaussing of a costly ceramic magnets that he used in his
design.  (The hit in S. America requested not to be identified or

S. American magnet engine obvious awarded in 1990; now

What’s Next for Brady?

Now it’s Brady’s spin to go on to other things, such as substantially scheming
ways to get smokes in his jail cell.  When we knew him, he was a chain
smoker.  He will have to come adult with some crafty approach to keep adult that habit
in a place where such things are taboo.  He competence have to examination to smoking
dried banana peels, that inmates ready behind a urinals, out of perspective of
their keepers.  The dreams of yacht vital on an
island will have to be cramped to his sleep.

# # #


Wrong Career

On Apr. 23, 2010, Pres wrote:

Brady seemed to have a right objective… only in a wrong business. 

Had he worked for a Wall St business afterwards he could get handsomely rewarded for such tactics. 🙂

* * * *

On Apr. 23, 2010, Ken Rasmussen wrote:

Kind of tiny potatoes to Goldman Sachs. Brady never got a dime from me. But
Goldman has income from ALL of us, and we was never given a choice either or not
to give it to them.

* * * *

Previous Coverage

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    closes a doors
    – Over a years, a term
    “Perendev” has turn scarcely synonymous with a thought of
    all-magnet motors. Citing a need for solitary director, Michael Brady,
    to take caring of serious authorised record abroad opposite his person,
    Perendev Power Holding AG is observant that he will not be means to attend
    to Perendev tasks, that might lead to a insolvency. Their website is
    gone. (PESN; April 14, 2010) (Comment)

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