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نوشته شده در موضوع تولید انرژی رایگان در 11 سپتامبر 2016

Hi Butch,
I played around a bit with a rascal complement final night, and here is what we came adult with:
For all unsentimental functions we substantially dont need correctness larger than 1/1000 as it gets formidable to magnitude and even things like aspect finish and slight oddity are starting to turn poignant factors, a transition of a ratio by Phi happens with an equivalent only over .508 inches.
Here is a work up:
To a nearest 1/1000 ..
Using magnets 1.000 inches in hole with a core equivalent stretch of .508 inches
The Crescent moon figure is 0.4852 block inches
the Cats eye figure is 0.3002 block inches
For a ratio of 1.61626
Going for another decimal place we see a transition function like this:

Extending a equivalent stretch to .5081 gives
Crescent moon figure is 0.4853 block inches
Cats eye figure is 0.3001 block inches
For a ratio of 1.61713

Phi = 1.6180339887499…

Extending a equivalent stretch to .5082 gives us
Crescent moon figure is 0.4854 block inches
Cats eye figure is 0.2999 block inches
For a ratio of 1.61887

I am certain we wouldnt remember me from years ago, though we was one of a people who assimilated your organisation about 4 years ago. we told we during that time we expected removing some good program and we would do some 3D work for we when we got it. Things didnt work out utterly as we designed and we didnt get a program compartment a few months ago.
But we now have a duplicate of SolidWorks 2004 and it is all we had hoped for and more!
If we are meddlesome in pity your insights we would adore to know where we are going with a Phi relationship. As we consider about it, this would be really tighten to a segment where we would get limit captivate or abhorrence in a craft 90 degrees to a magnet faces, and we might be onto something utterly critical here.

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