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A solar energy complement is customized for your home, so pricing and assets change formed on location, complement size, supervision rebates and internal application rates. Savings on your sum electricity costs is not guaranteed. Financing terms change by plcae and are not accessible in all areas. $0 due on agreement signing. No confidence deposition required. A 3 kW complement starts during $25-$100 per month with an annual boost of 0-2.9% any year for 20-30 years, on authorized credit. SolarCity Corporation will correct or reinstate damaged fitting components. CA CSLB 888104, MA HIC 168572/EL-1136MR, other contractor licenses. All loans supposing by SolarCity Finance Company, LLC. CA Finance Lenders License 6054796. SolarCity Finance Company, LLC is protected by a Delaware State Bank Commissioner to rivet in business in Delaware underneath permit array 019422, MD Consumer Loan License 2241, NV Installment Loan License IL11023 / IL 11024, Rhode Island Licensed Lender #20153103LL, TX Registered Creditor 1400050963-202404, VT Lender License #6766.

Savings formed on SolarPPA and SolarLease business with during slightest twelve months of billing data. Savings Rate distributed by subtracting PPA or homogeneous franchise kWh rate from applicable application kWh rate. Savings distributed by augmenting tangible kWh granted by SolarCity in customers’ initial year times Savings Rate. Excludes entirely or partially prepaid contracts.

Solar Bonds are debt bonds released by SolarCity. As with any investment, purchasing Solar Bonds involves risk. You contingency make your possess preference about either and how most to deposit in Solar Bonds. SolarCity can't make any investment recommendations or differently yield any investment advice. SolarCity has filed a registration matter (including a prospectus) with a Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) for offerings to that information on this web site relates. Before we invest, we should review a handbill in that registration matter and other papers SolarCity has filed with a SEC for some-more finish information about SolarCity and a offerings. You might get these papers for giveaway by visiting EDGAR on a SEC web site during Alternatively, we might obtain a handbill relating to a Solar Bonds, and a pricing addition relating to a sold array of Solar Bonds, during

*Based on SolarCity normal complement distance of 6 kW and 8,418 kWh normal initial year prolongation degraded by .5% annually over 30 years. Environmental advantages formed on information collected from: Environmental Protection Agency, US Geological Survey, Global ReLeaf, and National Geographic Apr 2014.

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